Valentine’s Day- February 14th, 2019!

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* Valentine’s Day- February 14th, 2019!

I know that many of you guys are dying to know- what Jeff Eats and Mrs. Jeff Eats are “doing” for Valentine’s Day- February 14th, 2019!

Well die no more…

We are doing- dinner at Matteo’s Restaurant, 1825 East Hallandale Boulevard, Hallandale, Florida 33009, (954) 455-4050.

Posted on May 6th, 2016
***** Matteo’s Restaurant, 233 South Federal Highway, Boca Raton, Florida 33432, (561) 392-0773 & 1825 East Hallandale Boulevard, Hallandale, Florida 33009, (954) 455-4050.
For our purposes we are gonna call this Matteo’s story “A Public Service Announcement”…it might be too late to use it – for Mother’s Day but Father’s Day (for the uninformed- Father’s Day is Mother’s Day without presents) is another story!


If you guys are looking for delicious Southern Italian food, great service, huge portions, reasonable prices- you gotta checkout Matteo’s which has a joint in Boca Raton and a joint in Hallandale!

Straight up, Matteo’s is handily one of Jeff Eats and Mrs. Jeff Eats’ favorite Florida- Italian restaurants. No bs- we’ve been eating at Matteo’s for years- and every meal- has been right on the money!

Printed down below are previous Jeff Eats’ Matteo’s stories…

Posted November 26, 2015
***** Matteo’s Restaurant, 233 South Federal Highway, Boca Raton Florida 33432, (561) 392-0773—&—1825 East Hallandale Boulevard, Hallandale, Florida 33009, (954) 455-4050.

A recent email received by Jeff Eats.

Hey Jeff,
Been reading you for years.
Love the site.
Great picks.
Just curious if you don’t mind, Where are you, Mrs. Jeff Eats and Family “eating” this coming Thanksgiving?
Once again, love the site.
Happy Holiday

Assuming that you aren’t gonna pull a Michael-Captain McCluskey-Sollozzo “scene”on me…

Jeff Eats and Mrs. Jeff Eats and Family- are “eating” at Matteo’s Restaurant in Boca Raton at 7pm. Nothing like good solid-Pilgrim food!-fried zucchini, penne ala vodka, chicken cacciatore, baked clams, linguine in white clam sauce, broiled pork chops, veal marsala- to help us remember Plymouth Rock and Tippecanoe & Tyler Too!

Just so you know, Matteo’s in Boca Raton is one of “our” favorite Italian joints in Florida. Matteo’s food kills and its service is about as good as it gets. If you wanna “see” what a top-shelf restaurant is suppose to be- you eat at Matteo’s in Boca Raton. By the way, “we” also-really enjoy Matteo’s Hallandale location, same great food and service- but Boca Raton is- the Eats’ neighborhood so the Boca Raton joint- is an easier and more convenient outing for us!

Happy Holiday to you and your family.

DISH OF THE WEEK (Sunday-8/24/14- Matteo’s- Boca Raton, Hallandale)
Posted on August 24th, 2014 · Boca Raton Dish Of The Week Hallandale Italian
***** DISH OF THE WEEK (Sunday-8/24/14).

One of Jeff Eats’ favorite menu items.

Broiled Pork Chop

233 South Federal Highway
Boca Raton
(561) 392-0773
1825 East Hallandale Boulevard
(954) 455-4050
Latest Review: 11/27/09

Trust Jeff Eats when I tell you that Matteo’s broiled pork chop “covered” with grilled onions/mushrooms/cherry peppers is absolutely off the chart. The chop is HUGE and every time I’ve had it, it was a challenge to finish the whole thing. I’m telling you, this chop is something very-very special.

Just so we are straight with each other, Matteo’s is one of the best Italian joints in South Florida. Jeff Eats has literally eaten there countless- times and the food and service are always top-shelf.

Matteo’s is an absolute must try!

Matteo’s Restaurant (Boca Raton, Hallandale)
Posted on November 27th, 2009

***** Matteo’s Restaurant, 233 South Federal Highway, Boca Raton Florida 33432, (561) 392-0773—&—1825 East Hallandale Boulevard, Hallandale, Florida 33009, (954) 455-4050.

Certain things in life bear repeating…

Matteo’s with locations in Boca Raton, Hallandale is one of the best Italian restaurants in South Florida.

If you check…Back on March 19, 2008, I did a writeup on Matteo’s. I absolutely love this joint.You can check Matteo’s menu/prices at

Matteo’s has 2 South Florida locations…Boca Raton, Hallandale…on average, I am probably in either the Boca or Hallandale joints at least once a month.

Matteo’s food is delicious. Matteo’s service is outstanding. Matteo’s prices are not-exactly “cheap,” but if you’re sensible when ordering, you won’t need a second job to pay the bill…Matteo’s features both family-style and individual portions. Matteo’s is a “white-tablecloth” joint, but your tee shirt/shorts ensemble will work.

Matteo’s started out as a Long Island joint…check the website for NY locations etc…Not exactly sure when its first S. Florida location (Boca Raton) opened, but from day-one Matteo’s has been a “homerun”…its enormous NY following, translated into an enormous South Florida following.

Look…I could go on and on about this joint…

I am telling you, that if you want terrific Italian food, served by a professional staff…with a management team that makes you feel like you are family…then you want to absolutely positively eat at Matteo’s.

You now know “again” about a sensational Italian joint that is not to be missed.


Matteo’s Restaurant (Boca Raton & Hallandale)
Posted on March 19th, 2008 · Boca Raton Hallandale Beach Italian

***** Matteo’s Restaurant, 233 South Federal Highway, Boca Raton Florida 33432, (561) 392-0773—&—1825 East Hallandale Boulevard, Hallandale, Florida 33009, (954) 455-4050.

Matteo’s is a Southern Italian Restaurant. Matteo’s has 2 South Florida locations. Matteo’s is not cheap, but you won’t go to the poor-house, if you order sensibly. Matteo’s serves both family-style and individual sized portions. Matteo’s food is absolutely sensational. Matteo’s wait-staff is probably the best in all of South Florida. Matteo’s is always jammed.

Check Matteo’s website for menu/pricing/details.

Matteo’s is one of my favorite Italian Restaurants.

End of story.


The Jewish Firetruck

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* The Jewish Firetruck.

A recent e-mail received from long time Jeff Eats’ reader, Norman Goldberg…


One night outside a small town, a fire started inside the local chemical plant. In the blink of an eye, it exploded into massive flames. The alarm went out to all fire departments for miles around. When the volunteer fire fighters appeared on the scene, the chemical company president rushed to the fire chief and said, “All our secret formulas are in the vault in the center of the plant. They must be saved. I’ll give $50,000 to the fire department that brings them out intact”.

But the roaring flames held the firefighters off. Soon more fire departments had to be called in as the situation became desperate. As the firemen arrived, the president shouted out that the offer was now $100,000 to the fire department who could save the company’s secret files.

From the distance, a lone siren was heard as another fire truck came into sight. It was the area’s Chasidic Township Volunteer Fire Company composed mainly of Jewish, ultra-orthodox men over the age of 65.

To everyone’s amazement, that little broken-down fire engine roared right past all the sleek newer engines that were parked outside the plant. Without even slowing down, it drove straight into the middle of the inferno.

Outside, the other firemen watched in amazement and disbelief as the Chasidic old timers jumped off right in the middle of the fire and fought it back on all sides. It was a performance and effort never seen before.

Within a short time, the Chasidic old timers had extinguished the fire and saved the secret formulas.

The grateful chemical company president announced that for such a superhuman feat he was upping the reward to $200,000 and walked over to thank each of the brave Jewish fire fighters personally. The local TV news reporter rushed in to capture the event on film, asking their chief “What are you going to do with all that money?”

“Vell,” said Moishe Epstein, the 70-year-old fire chief,

“Da foist ting ve gonna do is fix da brakes on dis fucking truck.”


Did You See This Guy Howard Schultz Last Night On CNN?

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* Did You See This Guy Howard Schultz On Last Night On CNN?

Well I did- and I gotta tell you that billionaire Schultz (who by the way is the founder and former CEO of Starbucks Coffee) ought to forget about running for President in 2020- the man sounded like a confused bumbling moron! After listening to this guy for over an hour, I can’t figure-out how he’s made so much money!

Here’s what put out this morning…

13 strange and awkward lines from Howard Schultz’s CNN town hall
Chris Cillizza
Analysis by Chris Cillizza, CNN Editor-at-large
Updated 10:15 AM ET, Wed February 13, 2019

(CNN)Not-yet-announced-but-almost-certain-to-run-as-an-independent-presidential-candidate Howard Schultz shared a town hall stage with CNN’s Poppy Harlow in Houston on Tuesday night, fielding questions from voters about his time as the founder of Starbucks, his views on issues like taxes and health care and whether he would keep running if it looked liked he might hand President Donald Trump a second term.

It was, by turns, weird, awkward and difficult to watch — at the same time, oddly, being hard to turn away from, sort of like when you see someone slip on a banana peel and can’t help but watch the inevitable fall that ensues. He criticized both parties for their extremism but offered almost no solutions of his own. He tried to paint himself as a straight-talker but repeatedly equivocated and defected when asked hard questions.
Not, uh, good. Don’t believe me? Check out some of these klunkers offered up by Schultz on Tuesday.
1. “My business experience is not qualification to run for president.”
His business experience running a massive international company is literally his only qualification for running for president. If Howard Schultz had not started Starbucks and built it into what it is now, he wouldn’t have ANY case to make that he could effectively run the country. He also wouldn’t have the hundreds of millions in personal money to spend on an independent candidacy to make himself viable.
2. “The question about immigration today, for me, is not a question about the wall, it’s not a question about ICE, it’s not even a question about the Dreamers and the 11 to 12 million people who are here unauthorized. It’s a question about humanity.”
This sounds good, right? We need to remember our common humanity in all facets of public life. I agree! But, our common humanity is not a policy position. Not even close. The reason that solving our immigration problems have proved so difficult is that there are credible and serious arguments on both sides — and no one has yet been able to thread the needle with a policy solution. Remembering that we are talking about human beings here is a good place to start. But it’s far from a policy. And Schultz offered nothing more.
3. “Let’s not just throw stuff against a wall because it’s a good slogan or we get a press release. Let’s be truthful.”
This was Schultz’s answer to how he would address climate change. He went on an extended attack on the “Green New Deal” and how it won’t work. Which is a fine point to make! But it’s not an answer to how you plan to address the warming of the planet. Time and again in this town hall, Schultz answered policy questions by condemning the “extreme” right and left. But condemning one party or the other (or both) isn’t a policy.
4. “I think what I’m saying is, we need comprehensive tax reform.”
Like, no duh. But every president for the last, well, forever, has said we need to transform and overhaul the too complicated tax code. WHAT would you do? And even on a simple question like what the top tax rate should be on individuals — a sort of sine qua non of saying you want to overhaul the tax code, Schultz had zero answers — other than to say that the tax rate proposed by some liberals is too high. “I think is what being proposed at 70% is a punitive number,” Schultz told Harlow. “And I think there are better ways to do this.” LIKE WHAT?
5. “First off, the issue of being a spoiler, how can you spoil a system that is already broken? It’s just not working? So it’s not — it’s not a — it’s not the right word.”
How can you spoil milk that’s already spoiled! So, so deep. But by trying to go philosophical here, Schultz is purposely avoiding the central question: As a lifelong Democrat, would you get out of the race in the fall of 2020 if polling demonstrated you could hand Donald Trump a second term? When pressed on this by Harlow, Schultz simply kept repeating that he wouldn’t run if he didn’t think he could win. Which is, of course, not answering the question.
6. “It’s a lot less about me than giving the American people a voice that they don’t have.”
7. “If I run for president, one of the first things I would do is I would visit every world leader that this president has damaged in terms of our relationship and restore the trust and confidence in America, because we need them to go forward to establish America’s leadership, economically and in the world order today.”
This makes for a decent sound bite, but can you imagine Schultz traveling to meet with a slew of world leaders as just a candidate for president? It would be a major break in protocol with the president sitting in the White House.
8. “Well, I think we’re getting way premature.”
This was Schultz’s response to Harlow’s question of whether he would sell his shares in Starbucks if he runs for president. It also came after a long-winded answer about how important transparency is — and how Trump has trampled all over it. So transparency is good in theory, but doesn’t necessarily need to apply to Schultz? The mind boggles.
9. “I think the best way to say that is that I will do nothing whatsoever to have any conflict of interest between my investments overall or my interest in the company that I love, because I will put the role and responsibility and the accountability for results first, if I run for president and I’m fortunate enough to win. And that is a promise I make to the American people.”
Shorter Schultz on potential conflicts of interest: Just trust me. I’ve got this. Uh huh.
10. “I will fix the VA, because it’s about leadership, it’s about character, and it’s also about the temperament of humility to listen to people who are smarter than you, who have more experience than you, to help solve this problem.”
I know I sound like a broken record, but leadership isn’t a policy solution. Neither is a “temperament of humility.” These are just words. Words that a lot of, uh, politicians have said for eons. If my wife asks me how I am going to fix the broken garage door and I say “it’s about leadership, it’s about character, and it’s also about the temperament of humility,” the damn garage door still isn’t fixed.
11. “I would just say, as somebody who grew up in a very diverse background as a young boy in the projects, I didn’t color as a young boy, and I honestly don’t see color now.”
This is BY FAR his worst answer of the night. The way in which we will address systemic racial issues — not to mention issues of gender, etc. — is not to suggest that they don’t exist. But rather to acknowledge that we come from disparate backgrounds and experience life in different ways — and that we need to understand that before we start making hard and fast judgments about people and groups. Either that or just elect a guy who from a very young age has never seen color.
12. “I think this gives me another opportunity to talk about the extreme left and the extreme right.”
This was in response to a question about Schultz’s policy proposals to address issues in the health care system. And in case you are wondering, he didn’t offer any specifics of how he would go about it. But politics are broken! And the extreme right and left are to blame!
13. “The far right, once again, doesn’t want to do anything on this issue. And the far left wants to do everything possible to remove guns completely. I am in the middle. I am a centrist. And I think there’s a sensible approach to this.”
But what is it??? Schultz didn’t say.


Surf Party (Delray Marketplace Amphitheater- Delray Beach)

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* Surf Party.

Surf Party is an absolutely dynamite Beach Boys’ tribute band.

If you’re into The Beach Boys- this complementary show is an absolute must see!

The Skinny:


Tomorrow Night
February 13th, 2019 (6pm-8pm)


Delray Marketplace Amphitheater
9025 West Atlantic Avenue
(561) 865-4613)
Bring folding chairs & blankets


AmericanFast FoodMusic/Events/Other

Harrison Greenbaum: What Just Happened? A Comedy + Magic Show (Mizner Park Cultural Center- Boca Raton)

Posted on February 11th, 2019 · American Boca Raton Fast Food Music/Events/Other · 1 Comment »

First told you guys about Harrison Greenbaum’s upcoming (Friday, 2/15 & 2/16- 7:30pm) shows at the Mizner Cultural Center in Boca Raton on 2/5/19. Just checked the box-office and (discount tickets) and both shows have a small handful of tickets still available. I’m telling you guys- you don’t want to miss Harrison Greenbaum: What Just Happened? A Comedy + Magic Show.

Posted on February 5th, 2019
* Harrison Greenbaum: What Just Happened? A Comedy + Magic Show.


Just announced…

Harrison Greenbaum: What Just Happened? A Comedy+ Magic Show

Friday, February 15th, 2019 (7:30pm)
Saturday, February 16th, 2019 (7:30pm)

Mizner Park Cultural Center
201 Plaza Real
Boca Raton, Florida 33432
Box Office: (844)-672-2849
Tickets: $29/$34/$39 check (discount tickets)


February 15th, 16th @ 7:30 pm
Mizner Park Cultural Center

Don’t miss award-winning magician and comedian, Harrison Greenbaum, who has been featured on ABC’s “America’s Got Talent,” NBC’s “Last Comic Standing,” National Geographic’s “Brain Games,” and more – as he brings us on a gut-busting, jaw-dropping ride through the amazing, hilarious and the unusual!

Experience a theatrical magic and comedy extravaganza that deftly combines “smart, witty, and lightning quick punchlines” (SceneTracker) with jaw dropping, cutting-edge illusions, mind reading and legerdemain. This show is a unique blend of Harrison’s award-winning comedy, which he has performed at comedy clubs and festivals around the world, with original magic, much of it invented specifically for this show and never before seen.

*Admission is restricted to those age 16 and over.

“Funny man Harrison Greenbaum, brimming over with crazy, frenetic energy, blew audiences away!” -Genii: The Conjurors’ Magazine

“A favorite young star on the comedy scene.” -The New York Times

“One of standup’s hottest rising stars, this artist is, without a doubt, one of the most unique acts you’ll ever see.” -am New York

Dish Of The WeekFast FoodMediterranean/Greek

DISH OF THE WEEK (Sunday- 2/10/19- Greek Spice Grill- Fort Lauderdale)

***** DISH OF THE WEEK (Sunday- 2/10/19- Greek Spice Grill).

One of Jeff Eats’ favorite menu items…

FALAFEL PITA WRAP (w/french fries)

Greek Spice Grill
2103 East Commercial Boulevard
Fort Lauderdale
(954) 900-4773
Lates Review: 4/6/17

This fast food joint’s stuff is off the chart delicious!

Posted on April 6th, 2017

***** Greek Spice Grill, 2103 East Commercial Boulevard, Fort Lauderdale, 33308, (954) 900-4773.

Got a real good fast food- order/pickup at the counter, Greek joint for you guys- Greek Spice Grill in Fort Lauderdale.

You guys and Jeff Eats both know that down here in sunny Florida- fast food gyro joints are literally a dime a dozen- with something like every eigth strip center having one! Some are real good, some are good, some are just ok and some just plain out suck! With that in mind, I’m telling you guys, that Greek Spice Grill is real good. If you’re looking for delicious food, big portions for cheap money and super pleasant service- this joint is definitely gonna work for you!

Yesterday, four business associates (who swear by Greek Spice Grill) told Jeff Eats about the joint and treated me to lunch- and like I just said, delicious food, big portions for cheap money and super pleasant service!

To wrap (pun intended) things up for you guys, Greek Spice Grill is open 7 days a week 11am-10pm, it’s in a strip center and you can check menu/prices/info at


Today- Saturday, February 9th, 2019 Is Both National Bagel Day & National Pizza Day!

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* Today- Saturday, February 9th, 2019 Is Both National Bagel Day & National Pizza Day!

As far as Jeff Eats is concerned, every day is National Bagel Day and National Pizza Day.

Where will you guys be celebrating?


China Gardens Restaurant (Delray Beach)

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***** China Gardens Restaurant, 14400 Military Trail, Delray Beach, Florida 33484 (561) 498-5226.

A recent e-mail received by Jeff Eats…

Hey Jeff,
You beat me and my husband down to Florida from Brooklyn by 27 years. We just moved into the Saint Andrews Country Club in Boca Raton. We are looking for a really good Chinese joint in the area that serves up delicious (as you call it) Brooklyn Jewish American Chinese Food. How about a name or two? By the way I’m a graduate of Midwood HS class of 67 and my husband graduated from Lincoln High School in 1964.
Laura Solomon

Laura Solomon,
Welcome to sunny south Florida.
China Gardens
(561) 498-5226

Thanks for reading…
Jeff Eats

Posted on March 17th, 2009

***** China Gardens Restaurant, 14400 Military Trail, Delray Beach, Florida 33484 (561) 498-5226.

A number of you guys e-mailed about a “mom & pop Chinese” joint…China Gardens Restaurant, telling me about how good the food was, blah, blah blah. Anyway… last night I gave this joint a shot and “right-you-were”…the food is absolutely delicious.

China Gardens Restaurant is as you would expect, a “hole in the wall” located in a non-descript small South Florida shopping center. Guaranteed (unless you are a recent arrival from Mars) you know exactly what the decor is…what the menu is…and what the price-points and “specials” are.

Now let’s talk food…like I said before, DELICIOUS. Now for the official-results of my “taste test”….wonton soup (A), egg drop soup (A), hot & sour soup (A), egg roll (B+), pan fried dumplings (B+), sweet & sour pork (A+), chicken egg foo young (A), sizzling steak (A), shrimp with vegetables (A), shrimp with lobster sauce (A), roast pork fried rice (B+)…

Now I may-be going out on a limb here, but…my money says that China Gardens Restaurant is probably better than your favorite neighborhood-Chinese joint. Let me go one step further, China Gardens could “make it” in New York City’s Chinatown.

Based on my first outing, I will definitely be back for a second round.

China Gardens Restaurant is open Monday-Saturday 11am-10pm and Sunday 2pm-10pm.

AmericanBreakfastContestsDealsFast FoodMusic/Events/Other

Win A $10 McDonald’s Gift Card

This contest started on 2/5/19. This contest has a winner.

* Win A $10 McDonald’s Gift Card.

Real simple story, Jeff Eats got a $10 McDonald’s Gift Card to give to one of you guys!

The game- the first 20 “reader-comments” received – will be entered in a “blind hat pick”! You can submit as many comments as you’d like but- Please, only 1- reader comment – per day…play fair!

The $10 Gift Card is good at any McDonald’s location ( for locations, menu, info).


The Mersey Beatles (Crest Theatre @ Old School Square- Delray Beach)

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* The Mersey Beatles.

Saw this advertisement this morning- in the Sun Sentinel.

Jeff Eats and Mrs. Jeff Eats caught The Mersey Beatles on 2/17/16 at the Crest Theatre @ Old School Square and I gotta tell you guys- that this Liverpool based group was one of the best Beatles’ tribute bands that we’ve ever seen.

If the Crest Theatre date doesn’t work for you, check for the band’s upcoming Florida tour schedule.