Win A $20 Applebee’s Grill + Bar Gift Card

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This contest started on 10/11/21. This contest has a winner.

* Win A $20 Applebee’s Grill + Bar Gift Card.

Real simple story, Jeff Eats got a $20 Applebee’s Grill + Bar Gift Card to give to one of you guys…

The game- the first 20 “reader-comments” received – will be entered in a “blind hat pick”! You can submit as many comments as you’d like but- Please, only 1- reader comment – per day…play fair!

The $20 Gift Card is good at any Applebee’s location ( for locations, menu, info).

Curious? There are currently 1,602 Applebee’s in the United States (94 Applebee’s in Florida).



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Our teacher asked what my favorite animal was and I said, “Fried Chicken.”

She said I wasn’t funny but she couldn’t have been right because everyone else laughed.

My parents told me to always tell the truth. I did. Fried chicken is my favourite animal.

I told my dad what happened and he said that she was probably a member of PETA. He said they love animals very much.

I do too, especially chicken, pork and beef.

Anyway, my teacher sent me to the principal’s office. I told him what happened and he laughed to. Then he told me not to do it again.

The next day in class the teacher asked me what my favorite LIVE animal was. I told her it was chicken. She asked me why, so I told her it was because you could make them into fried chicken.

She sent me back to the principal’s office. He laughed and told me not to do it again.

I don’t understand. My parents taught me to be honest but my teacher doesn’t like it when I am.

Today she asked me what famous military person I admired the most and I said, “Colonel Saunders”.

Guess where I am right now….

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Jackie “The Joke Man” Martling (Mizner Park Cultural Center- Boca Raton)

Originally posted on 9/30/21.

* Jackie “The Joke Man” Martling.

Just picked-up 2 tickets…

The Skinny:

Jackie “The Joke Man” Martling.

Friday, April 8th, 2022 (7:30pm)

Mizner Park Cultural Center
201 Plaza Real
Boca Raton, Florida 33432
Box Office: (844)-672-2849


Jackie “The Joke Man” Martling has traveled the world making people laugh. He is a stand-up comedian, writer, radio personality, author and actor, best known for his eighteen years on The Howard Stern Show, where he was an on-air comic as well as head writer. Jackie has appeared at comedy clubs, casinos, and theaters across the globe, has had several best-selling CD’s and books, hosted a Sirius XM Radio show from 2006 to 2014, and has been in a dozen of films, including The Aristocrats.


Happy Columbus Day

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* Happy Columbus Day.


Win A $10 Chick-fil-A Gift Card

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This contest started on 10/9/21. This contest has a winner.

* Win A $10 Chick-fil-A Gift Card.

Jeff Eats got a $10 Chick-fil-A Gift Card to give to one of you guys…

The game- the first 10 “reader-comments” received – will be entered in a “blind hat pick”! You can submit as many comments as you’d like but- Please, only 1- reader comment – per day…play fair!

The $10 Gift Card is good at any Chick-fil-A location ( for locations, menus, prices, info).

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An Intimate Evening with ORLEANS-Special Guest John Ford Coley (Sport of Kings Theater at Gulfstream Park Racing and Casino- Hallandale Beach)

Originally posted on August 31, 2021.

* An Intimate Evening with ORLEANS- Special Guest John Ford Coley.

Tickets Just Went On Sale!

Just between you guys and Jeff Eats, I went to college with Orleans’ legendary lead singer Larry Hoppen…


An Intimate Evening with ORLEANS- Special Guest John Ford Coley

Saturday, November 6th, 2021 (7pm)

Sport of Kings Theater at Gulfstream Park Racing and Casino
901 Federal Highway, Hallandale Beach, Florida 33009

Tickets Online: ($35, $45, $65, $75)

About this event

From their earliest days as a favorite at colleges and clubs in the Northeast US; to studio and live collaborations with industry greats Bonnie Raitt, Jackson Browne, Little Feat and others; , Orleans has continually demonstrated musical depth and a true mastery of live performance.

Continuing the tradition of bringing dynamic performances to the band’s many loyal fans, Orleans does it the old-fashioned way – they sing and play their own stuff – with one hundred percent commitment, one hundred percent of the time. Their oldest fans are amazed that they still sound and perform as well – or better- than ever. Younger fans are simply blown away. Either way, everyone agrees – Orleans is “still the one.”

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DISH OF THE WEEK (Sunday- 10/10/21 Grandma’s Brooklyn Pizza- Royal Palm Beach)

***** DISH OF THE WEEK (Sunday- 10/10/21 Grandma’s Brooklyn Pizza).

One of Jeff Eats’ favorite menu items…

(6 Rolls- $5.99)

Grandma’s Brooklyn Pizza
10045 Belvedere Road
Royal Palm Beach
(561) 793-3323
Latest Review: 12/7/16

Whether you call them rolls or knots, Grandma’s are absolute dynamite!

Posted on December 7th, 2016

***** Grandma’s Brooklyn Pizza, 10045 Belvedere Road, Royal Palm Beach, Florida 33411, (561) 793-3323.

For our purposes let’s call Grandma’s Brooklyn Pizza in Royal Palm Beach “an out of sight, out of mind” hole in the wall, mom & pop, red sauce Italian joint!

Jeff Eats first told you guys about this joint on 12/12/14- truth be told, hadn’t been back until yesterday’s lunch with Mrs. Jeff Eats!

Real simple tale, loved the food in 2014, loved the food in 2016!

Let’s rate this one- a must try!

Posted on December 12th, 2014

***** Grandma’s Brooklyn Pizza, 10045 Belvedere Road, Royal Palm Beach, Florida 33411, (561) 793-3323.

Got a terrific “mom & pop” red sauce Italian joint for you guys…Grandma’s Brooklyn Pizza in Royal Palm Beach. Real tiny joint, with just a handful of tables-so don’t be planning no big high school graduation parties or nothing!

You can check menu/prices at

Just so you know, the joint has the full boat of expected appetizers, salads, pizzas, pastas, subs, meat/chicken/seafood entrees, desserts. For those of you who might be wondering, yes- entrees come with soup or salad, garlic rolls and a pasta side.

The other night Jeff Eats, Mrs. Jeff Eats and another couple gave Grandma’s a shot…large cheese pizza (16″-$12.99), chicken parmigiana sub ($8.59), eggplant parmigiana sub ($8.59), shrimp scampi over pasta ($19.19), meat lasagna ($13.09)- and I gotta tell you everything and I do mean everything was delicious. You guys know that Jeff Eats isn’t a big proponent of pecking-order lists-but I must tell you that the pizza (thin, crisp, sweet sauce) was terrific and the eggplant parmigiana sub alone- was worth the drive-up-to Royal Palm Beach.

Trust Jeff Eats on this one, this hole in the wall is a dynamite joint.

Grandma’s Brooklyn Pizza is open Monday-Saturday 11am-10pm, Sunday noon-10pm.

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Shake Baby Shake (Arts Garage- Delray Beach)

* Shake Baby Shake.

Got something absolutely dynamite for you 50’s-60’s Rock N Roll guys…

Tickets just went on sale for Shake Baby Shake starring- Lance Lipinsky & the Lovers.

Trust Jeff Eats on this one, you- don’t want to miss this show!

The Skinny:

Shake Baby Shake starring- Lance Lipinsky & the Lovers

Sunday, January 9, 2022 @ 7:00 pm – 9:30 pm $40 – $45


94 NE 2nd Ave.
Delray Beach, FL 33444
Box Office: 561-450-6357
Tickets Online:


Performing the hits of the major artists of the 1950’s and 60’s, Lance & his band the Lovers tell the story behind the music as the audience is encouraged to dance and request songs in a casual family friendly atmosphere. Preserving the original authentic sound of the music combined with high energy showmanship, Lance explores the melting pot of styles that created pop music’s most innovative decade. Half concert, and half history lesson, fans of the Atomic era of music will hear the eclectic genres that contributed to the birth of Rock & Roll in chronological order from the late 1940’s to mid-1960’s such as: Big Band, Rhythm & Blues, Western Swing, Rockabilly, Doo Wop, the Teen Idol influence, Soul, Surf, the British Invasion, Motown & more. Shake Baby Shake also features the charming Lovettes honoring the girl groups and major female artist of the 1950’s & 60’s such as the Andrew Sisters, the McGuire Sisters, Lavern Baker, Connie Francis, The Ronettes, The Supremes, Etta James & more…

The Lovers:
Nate Adams – Lead guitar
John Perrin – Drums
Zach Lentino – Bass
Aaron Getsug- baritone sax
Derrell Lowe – percussion
The Lovettes:
Darcy Jo Wood – backup vocals
Jessy James Lyons – backup vocals
Tameka Estes – backup vocals

Influenced by the mid-century birth of Rock & Roll era of the 1950’s and 60’s, Wimberley, Texas born Lipinsky preserves the timeless tradition of the Rockabilly subculture in both his songwriting and his live power house, piano stage show antics.
Accompanied by his authentic Chicago based group The Lovers, Lipinsky’s driving Jerry Lee Lewis piano rhythms and Presley inspired swagger in his own persona has lead him to appear on both the David Letterman Show and at the Ryman Auditorium in Nashville, TN. Recently he was featured in the new HBO series “Vinyl” directed by Mick Jagger and Martin Scorsese.
After headlining over 2500 action packed shows at the Apollo Theatre in the TONY award winning Broadway musical “Million Dollar Quartet,” Lipinsky’s debut album “Roll” was recorded in Memphis’ historic Sun Studios using all original, vintage analog equipment.
“What’s good doesn’t die,” is a birthright motto Lipinsky displayed since childhood. With no formal training, his dad’s lifelong vinyl record collection contributed to a self-taught education on piano and guitar and he was instantly possessed by music before his time.
As a new sound emerged in the mid 1950’s, flocks of guitar marketed themed singers dominated the scene. In this new arena called Rock & Roll, only a hand few of front men in mainstream pop music history stood behind a piano.
Not much has changed almost 60 years later as Lipinsky himself is part of this rare breed as a new age early Rock & Roll piano-based entertainer and songwriter.
These influences can be heard in his debut album Roll, filled with the romance, and fine line between danger and innocence that defined early Rock.
Lipinsky’s songwriting and live showmanship can be described as a continuation – a much awaited novel sequel to a style born in the Atomic age of the 50’s. Some would label it and dismiss it as “oldies” or “nostalgia,” but artists like Lance devoted to the Roots music movement remind us that this style is not just a mere trend from the past, but rather its own genre that is still alive and well and standing the test of time.

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The 5th Dimension (Boca Black Box- Boca Raton)

Originally posted on July 27th, 2021.

* The 5th Dimension.

Tickets just went on sale…

Trust Jeff Eats on this one, I’ve seen- original Dimension, Florence LaRue and her crew- and they put on an absolutely terrific show…

The Skinny:

The 5th Dimension

Sunday, October 10th, 2021 (4pm & 7pm)

Boca Black Box
8221 Glades Road Suite #10,
Boca Raton, Florida 33434
Box Office: 483.9036
Tickets: – also check for discount tickets


In 1967, a little-known vocal group called the 5th Dimension recorded the song “Up, Up and Away” which catapulted the group to instant stardom. Countless magazine covers, world tours and several Grammys later, the 5th Dimension is recognized as one of the most prolific soul, R&B groups in musical history.

The 5th Dimension has made over 25 million in sales with 22 Top 40 hits and five No.1 songs, including “Up, Up and Away,” “Wedding Bell Blues,” “One Less Bell to Answer,” “Last Night I Didn’t Get to Sleep At All,” and the iconic “Aquarius/ Let the Sunshine In”. They have performed on the world’s most famous stages, including Radio City Music Hall alongside Frank Sinatra and the Hollywood Bowl, and delivered unforgettable television performances on the Ed Sullivan Show, Soul Train and The Tonight Show with Johnny Carson. The 5th Dimension has secured its position in the Grammy Hall of Fame, with 14 gold records, six platinum records and six Grammy Awards.

In 2015, The 5th Dimension celebrated 50 years of extraordinary entertainment. Original member Florence LaRue and company continue to deliver dynamic performances that stand the test of time and captivate audiences from Las Vegas to Manila, Philippines.

While remaining true to their original, five-part harmonic sound, The 5th Dimension remains versatile, attracting audiences of all ages and nationalities. Within the last decade, The 5th Dimension has taken the stage with several prestigious symphony orchestras, entertained at the White House and performed for families at Disneyland in California and Disney World in Florida, demonstrating the groups diverse appeal. The iconic group continues to sell out venues across the United States, Europe and Asia.

According to a recent review by White Plains Citizens, ”[The 5th Dimensions’] voices and harmony are stronger, more emotional and as meaningful, perhaps more meaningful than when they first became hits in the 1965-1975 era. Today’s Dimensions deliver a tight, personal show, as crisp as old top 40 Radio.”



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* Humor!

A lady was walking down the street to work and she saw a parrot on a perch in front of a pet store. The parrot said to her, “Hey lady, you are really ugly.” Well, the lady is furious! She stormed past the store to her work. On the way home she saw the same parrot and it said to her,”Hey lady, you are really ugly.”

She was incredibly ticked now. The next day the same parrot again said to her, “Hey lady, you are really ugly.”

The lady was so ticked that she went into the store and said that she would sue the store and kill the bird. The store manager replied, “That’s not good,” and promised that the parrot wouldn’t say it again.

When the lady walked past the store that day after work the parrot called to her, “Hey lady.”

She paused and said, “Yes?”

The bird said, “You know.”