The Michael Jackson Legacy Tour-starring William Hall (Pompano Beach Amphitheater- Pompano Beach)

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* The Michael Jackson Legacy Tour-starring William Hall.

Loved- Liked- Michael Jackson?…

Jeff Eats is telling you, YOU MUST SEE THIS SHOW!

You will swear that Michael Jackson is on that stage!

Saturday, November 21, 2015 (7:30pm)
The Amp (Pompano Beach Amphitheater)
1806 Northeast 6th Street
Pompano Beach, Florida 33060
(954) 519-5500
Tickets: $25-$65-

There is no doubt in Jeff Eats’ mind that The Michael Jackson Legacy Tour-is gonna be a SRO affair!

To see how good this show is-

Jeff Eats and Mrs. Jeff Eats are definitely down-for this one!

AmericanBreakfastDessertsFast Food

The Cop & The Baby!

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* The Cop & The Baby!

You guys know and Jeff Eats knows that the “officer” could definitely afford to lose a good 25 pounds…

We also know that this is what these men/women do each and every day!

cop and baby

On a lighter note…

You guys ever wonder “why” cops and donuts are associated with each other?



What Started the “Cops Eating Donuts” Stereotype

September 20, 2013

Dan asks: How did the running gag of police always eating donuts come about?

cop-donutMembers of law enforcement stuffing their faces full of donuts is one of the most enduring stereotypes about the boys and girls in blue. In virtually every media representation of the police that isn’t deadly serious, the stereotype is played out in some way- Police Academy, The Simpsons, Family Guy, hell, in Wreck-it Ralph the police officers are literally sentient donuts. So where and when did this stereotype start?

As to the “when”, that isn’t clear. However, I was able to find one person who said his grandfather, who had worked as a police officer starting in the early 1950s, told him donut shops were a hot spot for cops to stop at during certain times even then. So whether the general public picked up on it way back then, the practice goes back at least that far, and probably further.

As to why donut shops were so popular among the police, the answer is simple. Up until quite recently in history most food establishments, and also the majority of stores, closed fairly early in the evening and stayed closed all night.

There were basically two options for an officer working the graveyard shift who wanted a snack and a cup of fairly good quality coffee- diners and donut shops. Diners were generally out because their food took time to prepare and a police officer could get called away at any time. So that left the donut shops, which were often open throughout the night, or at least in the very early a.m. because they had to have fresh donuts baked and ready for the morning rush.

In addition to that, one officer stated that it isn’t just about the coffee and readily available snack either. There’s also the fact that most donut shops have a place to sit down. Particularly for officers in cities that walk the beat, instead of sitting in a climate controlled car, this is handy. It’s just nice to have a place out of the weather to take a load off on a break. The coffee and donuts are just a bonus. In addition to that, cops working the night shift who had patrol cars, also liked the well-lit place to sit down and do paperwork, which, as many police lament, is a huge part of their job.

Though today there are a multitude of places open 24 hours a day, it would seem donut shops are still the choice for a decent portion of officers. For example, during the Boston Marathon Bombings one of the only places that wasn’t completely locked down were several select Dunkin’ Donuts, that remained open to serve the police.

However, this donut/cop tradition is noted by some officers as a generational thing, when this website interviewed younger officers during national donut day (yes, that’s a thing), most were quick to point out that donuts were simply too sugary for the modern, trim, health conscious officer on the go. Citing bagels as a healthier alternative… (I just… hmmm)

Bottom line, even today if you’re a cop working at 3am and have a stack of paperwork to do, but have to be ready to get up and leave at a moment’s notice, your choices are typically fast food restaurants and donut shops, the latter of which generally have much better coffee, which for most police is probably a much bigger reason to hit the donut shop than the actual donuts. After all, you can pack your lunch, but unless you have a heating contraption in your car, hard to keep coffee hot for a full night shift, and certainly impossible if you’re walking the beat.

Now that it’s a running gag, confirmation bias makes sure even if it’s just a small percentage of police that hit up donut shops today, the stereotype will live on.


The Daily Meal- 35 Best Sushi Bars in America for 2015

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* The Daily Meal- 35 Best Sushi Bars in America for 2015.

Now just between you guys and Jeff Eats- we both know what “BEST” lists are worth! So you guys can do or not do what you want-with this one…to save you some time, #33, #28, #15, #10 may or may not be of interest to you!


The Daily Meal ( one of America’s largest food/drink/lifestyle sites-just released…

The Daily Meal Announces the 35 Best Sushi Bars in America for 2015

NEW YORK – October 12, 2015 – The Daily Meal, the world’s largest food and drink lifestyle site, just unveiled its annual list of the 35 Best Sushi Bars in America. The top restaurants featured were spread throughout the country, with this year’s list featuring 12 states.

“It’s hard to believe that as recently as 25 years ago, sushi was still considered by many to be an exotic delicacy,” said Dan Myers, Senior Eat/Dine Editor at The Daily Meal. “Today, however, there are sushi restaurants across America of just about every stripe, from holes-in-the-wall turning out serviceable California rolls and tuna sashimi to sprawling emporiums run by internationally renowned chefs.”

To compile the list, The Daily Meal reached out to leading culinary authorities to identify their favorite sushi restaurants. Their suggestions were supplemented with sushi restaurants featured in local reviews and pre-existing regional and local rankings, as well as the many restaurants considered for last year’s ranking. The Daily Meal then graded more than 150 restaurants from across the country on qualities including freshness of fish, variety of offerings, reviews from both professionals and everyday diners, and level of recognition both local and national.

“Some of the top restaurants were easy to identify,” said Myers. “Temples to the craft like Matsuhisa, Sushi Yasuda, and Masa naturally rose to the top, but we were also able to feature some lesser-known places that have yet to be discovered by legions of sushi fans and that deserve attention.”

New York City took the lead with 10 restaurants included in the rankings this year, followed by Los Angeles with eight restaurants, Florida with four, and Hawaii with three. This year, the Western U.S. took the lead with 15 restaurants. Other leading regions included the Northeast (12), the South (six), and the Midwest (two).

The team at The Daily Meal encourages readers to provide feedback on this year’s list. Did your favorite sushi bar make the cut? You can let The Daily Meal know which restaurant on the list is your favorite — or if we missed one that you love — by tweeting @TheDailyMeal using the hashtag #35bestsushibars.

More details about the 35 Best Sushi Bars in America is available at


Name of Restaurant


35 Hide Sushi, Los Angeles, California
34 Sansei, Multiple Locations, Hawaii
33 Japanese Market, North Bay Village, Florida
32 Arami, Chicago
31 Sushi Paradise, Kihei, Hawaii
30 Sakedokoro Makoto, Washington, D.C.
29 Bamboo Sushi, Portland, Oregon
28 Zuma, Miami
27 Tomo, Atlanta
26 Arigato Santa Barbara, California
25 Sushi Sasabune, Honolulu
24 Shuko, New York City
23 Kabuto, Las Vegas
22 Uchi, Austin
21 Akiko’s, San Francisco
20 Sushi of Gari, New York City
19 Ichimura at Brushstroke, New York City
18 Matsuhisa, Los Angeles
17 15 East, New York City
16 Asanebo, Los Angeles
15 Makoto, Bal Harbour, Florida
14 Kiriko, Los Angeles
13 Nobu, New York City
12 Katsu, Chicago
11 Mori, Los Angeles
10 Naoe, Miami
9 Oishii, Boston
8 Sushi Zen, New York City
7 Sushi Zo, Los Angeles
6 Nobu, Las Vegas
5 Sushi Nakazawa, New York City
4 Urasawa, Los Angeles
3 O-Ya, Boston and New York City
2 Sushi Yasuda, New York City
1 Masa, New York City

About The Daily Meal

The Daily Meal covers all this food and drink, creating a complete epicurean experience for cooks, food lovers, wine, beer and spirit connoisseurs, discerning diners and everyone in-between. Comprised of original content and video from Award winning editors, industry insiders, tastemakers and the user community, features range across the site’s multiple channels: Cook, Eat/Dine, Drink, Travel, Entertain, Healthy Eating, Best Recipes, Holidays, and Lists. The Daily Meal also produces much anticipated annual reports including the 50 Most Powerful People in Food, America’s Most Successful Chefs, 101 Best Restaurants in America, and 150 Best Bars in America. Helmed by editorial director Colman Andrews, The Daily Meal is one of the largest food sites on the Web and the first property of Spanfeller Media Group, founded by Jim Spanfeller. Visit The Daily Meal on Facebook; follow us on Twitter.


The Sarge Chanukah Chutzpah Tour (Coral Springs Center for the Arts- Coral Springs)

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* This article first appeared on August 17, 2015. Trust Jeff Eats, I know funny- and this guy Sarge is FUNNY! Sarge has been working South Florida for years- and seemingly every show that he does is a SRO affair! The way I figure it- Sarge knows exactly “what” his audience wants to hear- and delivers! If you haven’t yet-seen him GO!- I am telling you, you will laugh your ass off! Sarge is a real-busy guy, so check for his full schedule which includes The Sarge Chanukah Chutzpah Tour and his “regular” standup show…

Posted August 17, 2015
* The Sarge Chanukah Chutzpah Tour.

Tickets just went on sale!

Go see Sarge, a very funny clean comedian!


The Sarge Chanukah Chutzpah Tour.
Event Date: Saturday, December 5, 2015 at 8:00 pm

sarge logo

By the way, if Coral Spring Center’s date doesn’t work for you, Sarge has a whole bunch of other- South Florida dates/venues for both his Chanukah and standup shows!

You can check for schedule/info.

Like Jeff Eats said a few seconds ago, a very funny clean comic!


Billy Joel To Ring In 2016 At BB&T Center (Sunrise)

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billy joel

* Billy Joel To Ring In 2016 At BB&T Center.

Not really a huge fan!


If you want to be one of 21,371 there- and you got an American Express Card:

BB&T Center
Sunrise, FL
December 31, 2015

American Express® Early On Sale for Billy Joel
American Express® Card Member Exclusive
American Express® Card Members can purchase tickets before the general public now through this exclusive presale to see Billy Joel
Exclusive presale ends on Thursday, October 15 at 10PM Eastern
For those of you who want to be one of 21,371 there- and don’t have- an American Express Card- you can buy tickets starting on October 16th-10am-


Russian Chocolate Coffee Cake (The Boys Farmers Market- Delray Beach)

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***** Russian Chocolate Coffee Cake.

Thanks to The Boys Farmers Market’s Bakery Counter-this coming Saturday Night -Jeff Eats won’t even come close to fitting into his tuxedo for my next door neighbor -Tyler Field’s Bar Mitzvah Party at the Woodfield Country Club in Boca Raton.

Somehow, three months ago this amazingly delicious $5.99lb Russian Chocolate Coffee Cake- managed to hook Jeff Eats and as the the old adage goes “yea reap what yea sow.”


Long story short, you guys gotta try this Russian Chocolate Coffee Cake- it’s absolute dynamite! I found -that the best way to enjoy the cake is by eating a “huge slice” with a piping-hot cup of black coffee around 7:30am and repeating the exercise later in the day- around 7:30pm! For maximum results, throw in a slice around 2:30pm- but that’s just for you guys- looking for maximum results!

You can buy this absolutely delicious Russian Chocolate Coffee Cake at:

The Boys Farmers Market
14378 South Military Trail
Delray Beach, Florida 33484
(561) 496-0810
Open 7 days a week- 8:30am-5:30pm

By the way, if you are into a bit more chocolate- The Boys’ chocolate cake- can be substituted for the Russian Chocolate Coffee Cake- with no problem whatsoever!



“The Bitch is Back!” Joe Posa as Joan Rivers, A Loving Tribute (Boca Black Box- Boca Raton)

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* “The Bitch is Back!” Joe Posa as Joan Rivers, A Loving Tribute.

Jeff Eats and Mrs. Jeff Eats have seen impersonator- Joe Posa as Liza Minelli and Barbara Streisand…the guy absolutely killed!

Looking forward to seeing Posa as Joan Rivers.

Posa is in for 2- nights… Tuesday 10/27/15 & Wednesday 10/28/15 at 8pm…

Boca Black Box, 8221 Glades Road, Boca Raton, Florida 33434, (561) 483-9036



“Joan lives! What an amazing tribute to Joan Rivers! Joe Posa really nails his performance. I got completely lost in the show — Mr. Posa had the right tone, the right outfitxxx, and the right movements to capture all of Joan’s mannerisms and especially her humor!!!! Wildly entertaining! I feel lucky to have seen it”.

~ Lisa Bacon, E Network, Executive Producer, Fashion Police

Fast FoodItalianPizzaSubs/Salads

Jet’s Pizza (Boca Raton)

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***** Jet’s Pizza, 8903 Glades Road, Boca Raton, Florida 33434, (561) 852-5700.

A recent Jeff Eats’ e-mail.


Not to get personal but I know that you live in Boca Raton. I mention that because I also live in Boca Raton at the Broken Sound Country Club.

I was thinking that maybe you could help me out with a little football party I’m having next Sunday at my home for about 35 people. I’m thinking salads, pizzas, subs, calzones, wings and fruit/desserts. Definitely using The Boys Farmers Market for fruits/desserts. What’s your best call on the the other items? It goes without saying, looking for delicious food, good prices, reliable, close by and delivery service if possible.


Terri W.


Terri W.:

Got the perfect joint for you, Jet’s Pizza in Boca Raton.

Just a heads-up, don’t be a-scared (afraid) that Jet’s Pizza is a -takeout only- national pizza chain…

Over the past few weeks, Jeff Eats has “taken-out” something like 5 times from the Jet’s Pizza in Boca Raton-and I gotta tell you, that all the-stuff (pizzas/calzones/subs/salads/wings/breads) ordered was right on the money! My last- outing just 3- days ago, netted me Jet’s bread, Caesar salad, a calzone (marinara sauce/mozzarella cheese/pepperoni/sausage) and an 8 corner pepperoni pizza- all of which I would highly recommend being in your party order! Trust Jeff Eats when I tell you, that all of Jet’s Pizza’s food is delicious…it’s just a question of the menu you want to put together!

By the way, there are currently 27-Jet’s Pizzas in Florida ( based on your “address” the Boca Raton store is the closest to your home.

pizza bread


No question in my mind…Jet’s Pizza is perfect for your party! By the way, your- Boys’ pick for fruits/desserts is absolutely the way to go!


Thanks for reading…and as of right now-Jeff Eats and Mrs. Jeff Eats have no real plans for next Sunday!


Posted on September 6, 2015
DISH OF THE WEEK (Sunday- 9/6/15- Jet’s Pizza- Boca Raton)
***** DISH OF THE WEEK (Sunday- 9/6/15).

One (actually I should say two) of Jeff Eats’ favorite menu items…


Jet’s Pizza
8903 Glades Road
Boca Raton
(561) 852-5700
Latest Review: 9/6/15

Jet’s Pizza is a national “takeout” pizza chain. I’m thinking that it currently has something like 350 stores in 17 maybe 18 states.

Last week, Jeff Eats “tried for the first time and took-out twice” from the Jet’s Pizza which opened in Boca Raton-3/15. Night #1 it was the Signature 8 Corner Pizza, Night #2 it was the Signature 8 Corner Pizza with pepperoni and a Jet’s Boat (think calzone and you’ll be thinking right- stuffed with mozzarella cheese, pizza sauce, sausage, pepperoni and topped with butter/Romano cheese- $8.99) and I gotta tell you, the pizza and boat blew me away. No ifs, ands, or buts-one of the best “calzones” that I’ve ever had- as for the pizza, think Sicilian/deep dish and it was absolute dynamite. Just between you guys and Jeff Eats, if Mrs. Jeff Eats let me-do this joint twice in one week, the food had to have killed! Trust me, the lady…before I get in trouble here, let’s just leave it- that the food killed!



Like I said, Jet’s is a national takeout pizza chain. Some stores have seating, the one in Boca Raton -no seating. By the way, there are a ton of Jet’s Pizza joints in Florida- you can check for locations/menu/info. Just between you guys and Jeff Eats- this Jet’s Pizza is one-hot franchise with a huge number of stores currently In development!

Let me wrap this up for you, that Signature 8 Corner Pizza and Jet’s Boat were terrific. Jet’s also has other types of pizzas, salads, wings, subs- so there is plenty of stuff to choose from.


Jeff Eats knows his crowd- and right about now, some of you guys must be saying…Hey Jeff, you-losing your freaking mind or what? This Jet’s is a takeout chain and these kind of joints make cheap garbage-so you been smoking or something?

Putting the “smoking” aside for the moment,

Jeff Eats and Mrs. Jeff Eats LOVED the pizza and the boat…

I’m telling you guys, give this chain a shot!

Dish Of The WeekItalian

DISH OF THE WEEK (Sunday- 10/11/15- Rocky’s Italian Bistro- Delray Beach )

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***** DISH OF THE WEEK (Sunday- 10/11/15)

One of Jeff Eats’ favorite menu items…


Rocky’s Italian Bistro
20 Southeast 5th Avenue
Delray Beach
(561) 276-8703
Latest Review: 4/8/09

You guys and Jeff Eats both know that “mom & pop red sauce” Italian joints are a dime a dozen down here in South Florida.

The way I’m thinking, for the same money- why shouldn’t I eat in a joint- that looks good, smells good, treats customers good and serves an outrageously delicious chicken parmigiana!

So there you go!

Rocky’s reminds me of the Italian joints that dotted- Bay Ridge, Brooklyn 35-40 years ago! For you guys who don’t “know” Bay Ridge, for starters go watch “Saturday Night Fever” -think Tony Manero (John Travolta played the part)- and you’ll know Rocky’s Italian Bistro’s -vibe!

Try Rocky’s Italian Bistro…it does things right!

Posted on April 8th, 2009 · Delray Beach Italian

***** Rocky’s Italian Bistro, 20 Southeast 5th Avenue, Delray Beach, Florida 33483 (561) 276-8703.

Last Sunday night…around 6:30pm my wife and I were strolling around the Atlantic Avenue -area in Delray Beach. For sure, a handful of restaurants in this “faux-trendy” neighborhood have good-reasonably priced food, but there are also a number of joints, that are dishing out mediocre- overpriced stuff.

Now for the good news…Rocky’s Italian Bistro is one of the “good guys”…good food, good looking semi-upscale decor (but your tee shirst/shorts will work), good prices, good service.

Now don’t get wise (we had plenty of leftovers to take home)…a taste-test of clams orgenatta, veal parmigiana, chicken piccata, penne alla vodka and linguine with clams in a white sauce, was right-on-the money. The food is as good, if not better than your favorite neighborhood Italian-joint-hangout.

So…the next time you need a good Italian joint to eat in while strolling Atlantic Avenue…Rocky’s is the place for you. By the way, the joint is open 7-days a week for dinner

Fast FoodMediterranean/Greek

It’s Greek To Me! (Pompano Beach)

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***** It’s Greek To Me!, 17 South Pompano Parkway Pompano Beach, Florida 33069, (954) 973-4655.

Got a real- good fast food Greek joint for you guys…It’s Greek To Me! in Pompano Beach. Just between us- this It’s Greek To Me! is what I call- “an out of sight, out of mind” joint -Jeff Eats first told you about it on December 25, 2010- hadn’t been back until a few days ago!


Real easy concept going on here…order & pickup at the counter/good handful of tables inside/a couple outside. Nice-reasonably priced menu!

Last week Jeff Eats and Mrs. Jeff Eats gave the joint a shot for lunch- and I gotta tell you, that the gyro pita, chicken pita and Greek salad that we had- were right on the money!


Now, not to sound conceited or nothing, but Jeff Eats knows his stuff when it comes to Greek! Hey! I’ve seen every Kojak episode at least twice and I love Tootsie Roll Lollipops…and I’m telling you guys that this joint is a winner. The food is solid. The prices are reasonable. Fast and super pleasant counter-folk. AND Mrs. Jeff Eats said to tell you, that the Ladies Room was A-OK!

It’s Greek To Me! is open Monday-Saturday 11am-9pm, closed Sunday.

If for some reason you need more info…itsallgreektome-grill.

Posted December 25, 2010

***** It’s All Greek To Me!, 17 South Pompano Parkway, Pompano Beach, Florida 33069, (954) 973-4655.

It’s All Greek To Me!…pretty original name, NOT! Right up there with, Jimmy The Greek—there must be 10,000,022 joints in North America using that one.

Anyway, if you want some absolutely delcious–very reasonably priced–order at the counter Greek food…give, It’s All Greek To Me! a shot. You can check menu/prices/photos at

A recent outing had me “sampling”- pork souvlaki pita ($4.99), gyro pita ($4.99), grilled lamb chops ($16.99), mousaka (9.95)…like I said before, delicious stuff. A special shoutout to that gyro!

It’s All Greek To Me! is open Monday-Saturday 11am-9pm. The joint is closed on Sunday.