John Offerdahl’s Broward Health Gridiron Grill-Off Food, Wine & Tailgate Festival (November 8th-Pompano Beach)


* John Offerdahl’s Broward Health Gridiron Grill-Off Food & Tailgate Festival.

Just a quick observation,

The older Jeff Eats gets, the more-I become just like my Great Uncle Sammy Ginsberg (on my mother’s side)–for some reason, I find myself REPEATING-and- REPEATING and REPEATING things.

With that in mind, back on June 4, 2014 I told you guys about- Gridiron Grill-Off set for November 8, 2014…rather than repeating what I told you back on June 4, 2014- all I can tell you is that this charity event is going to be off-the shelf! Celebrities, Sports Stars, Great Food, Great Music, Great Drink–all I can tell you is that this charity event is going to be off- the shelf!

Jeff Eats and Mrs. Jeff Eats will be there, will be there, will be there-and you should be there too, and you should be there too!-I know, enough already with the repeating bit! ok-ok-ok.

Finally, you can buy tickets/other info at
*John Offerdahl’s Broward Health Gridiron Grill-Off Food, Wine & Tailgate Festival.
June 4, 2014
Just got the first “official” PR piece for John Offerdahl’s “big” annual charity event.

You can read the details below.

If you are/were a Dolphin’s fan and have 85 bucks to spend–you would be “silly” not to go this 1pm-4pm outdoor PARTY!

Jeff Eats has been to past John Offerdahl’s Gridiron Grillers and the food, drink, entertainment–were as good as it gets!

POMPANO BEACH, FL (June 4, 2014) – “John Offerdahl’s Broward Health® Gridiron Grill-Off Food, Wine & Tailgate Festival” will score big when it returns on Sat., Nov. 8 from 1 p.m. to 4 p.m. at the Pompano Beach Amphitheater, 1806 N.E. 6th Street, Pompano Beach. The 5th annual culinary showdown benefitting recognized charities will pair Miami Dolphins legends with top local chefs to prepare signature dishes, plus feature the best in food, wine, music and more.
“We are thrilled to bring this exciting showcase of food and fun to South Florida once again,” said John Offerdahl, event founder and former Miami Dolphins All-Pro Linebacker. “This will be the fifth year in a row that fans can enjoy this charitable event where football, food and charity collide to feed the needs of kids in crisis.”
Part of the success of this event is the fan interaction with Miami Dolphins legends paired with South Florida’s top chefs. These teams will create winning dishes for all to sample, such as last year’s “Judge’s Choice” recipe, Santorini Grilled Octopus, prepared by Miami Dolphins “Undefeated Team” Guard #64 Ed Newman and Chef Peter Boulukus of YOLO and “People’s Choice” award-winning dish, Bacon and Bleu Rib-Eye, created by Dolphins legend Safety #47 Glenn Blackwood and Chef Victor Franco of Oceans 234. Grill-Off attendees will taste these culinary masterpieces paired with a selection of Gallo wines, vote for their favorite grill recipe and look on as judges select the winning team. This year’s participating Dolphins players and chefs will be announced at a later date.
100% of event net proceeds will benefit Offerdahl’s Hand-Off Foundation, which directs funds to agencies that “Feed the Needs of Kids in Crisis,” including 4KIDS of South Florida, HOPE South Florida, Here’s Help, Florida Restaurant & Lodging Association, Miami Dolphins Foundation and Taste of the NFL.
Tickets for the Gridiron Grill-Off are $85 each, which includes access to Jack Daniel’s Tennessee Honey Tailgate Zone and the Southeast Toyota Cornhole Stadium. Tickets go on sale Tuesday, July 15 and can be purchased at
This tribute to football, food and charity is sponsored by Broward Health and in part by Walgreens.

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How Come No Starbucks In Israel?

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* How Come No Starbucks In Israel?

Bahrain, Egypt, Jordan, Kuwatt, Lebanon, Morocco, Oman, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, United Arab Emigrates- they all got Starbucks stores…

How come there are no Starbucks in Israel?

Jeff Eats thinks…

Starbucks is scared sh@tless of an Arab Boycott of its Mideast stores.

Just so we are straight, Starbucks had 7-stores in Israel but closed them in 2003. The Company’s position on those closings was- that it was purely a business decision based on its inability to successfully work with its Israeli based business partner. My “call” is just my opinion, but my business contacts in Israel told me that back in 2003 Starbucks conveniently found a way to exit the market. These same sources said to check the “people” who own the Arab operation. The sources said that the Arab-operator is super powerful/connected and Starbucks just played it safe by abandoning the Israeli market.

Like I said 2 seconds ago, Jeff Eats doesn’t “buy” Starbucks’ reason…

Anyone care to discuss?


Burgers & Suds (Pompano Beach)

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***** Burgers & Suds, 360 East McNab Road, Pompano Beach, Florida 33060, (954) 586-4258.

Received the following email last night…
My wife and I recently moved because of business from Atlanta to Pompano Beach.
Simply put, we are real foodies. We love to try all types of restaurants and foods.
We are huge Guy Fieri and Adam Richman fans. Like Guy and Adam we are really into what Guy would call DIVES.
Read about you and JEFFEATS.COM in Boca Life Magazine.
Your site seems to have loads of DIVES. You seem like our type of guy.
How about starting us new Floridians off with a great DIVE that does burgers, wings, fries, onion rings and sandwiches?
Tom L:

Welcome to South Florida.

Give Burgers & Suds a shot.

For what it’s worth Guy Fieri calls them DIVES…Jeff Eats calls them JOINTS! You know- I say TOMATO and you say tomato!

For your reference, I have reprinted previous Jeff Eats’ Burger & Suds “stories.”

Trust me, you’re not the first “foodies” that I have recommended this joint to.

Just so you know, Jeff Eats loves Burgers & Suds…the food is- as Guy Fieri would say, OFF THE CHART!

Let me know what you guys think-of this DIVE- I mean JOINT!!!!!

May 10, 2014…
Burgers & Suds, 360 East McNab Road, Pompano Beach, Florida 33060, (954) 586-4258.

There are only 3 things in life that are certain…

1. Death
2. Taxes.
3. After Jeff Eats buys a stock it goes down.


In past stories (Rev. 7/13/13 & 2/21/14) Jeff Eats told you guys about Burgers & Suds- a terrific full service burger joint that made absolutely delicious burgers/hot dogs/flat breads/wings/salads/sandwiches–back then, Burgers & Suds was a hole-in-the-wall on Commercial Boulevard in Fort Lauderdale.

To make a long story short,

Three days ago, Burgers & Suds moved to a new location, 360 East McNab Road, Pompano Beach, (954) 586-4258. The new spot seats something like 110 inside and 20 outside…it has a small beer/wine bar that seats maybe 10.

Now please pay close attention…

Last night Jeff Eats and Mrs. Jeff Eats ate at Burgers & Suds and I am telling you–this joint is going to be a HOME RUN…actually, make that a GRAND SLAM. The cheeseburger/char-grilled hot dog/french fries/sweet potato fries/grilled chicken wrap/bacon wrapped chicken wings–were terrific. Trust Jeff Eats, the stuff coming out of Burgers & Suds’ kitchen is in a whole ‘nother league from what most South Florida burger/American Style restaurants are serving. Just that simple.

Try Burger & Suds…my money says that you’ll love it!

Jeff Eats’ articles dated 7/13/13 and 2/21/14 are reprinted below.

Burgers & Suds is open 7 days a week 10am-10pm.

You can check menu/prices at
“…Finding the best joints in South Florida”
AmericanBreakfast* Burger & Suds (Fort Lauderdale)
Posted on February 21st, 2014 · American Breakfast Fort Lauderdale · [edit]
lburger suds

* Burger & Suds.

The other day Jeff Eats received the following e-mail…

Hey Jeff,
My wife and I recently moved to Fort Lauderdale and came across your site when we were looking for restaurants to try.
You really have a load of reviews and we enjoyed reading about many of your picks.
We are very new to the area so we are just getting our feet wet in finding places to go and could use some help.
For starters, what in your opinion is the best relatively unknown ‘hole in the wall’ that does salads, burgers, sandwiches?

Printed below is a July 13, 2013 story that Jeff Eats did on Burgers & Suds located in Fort Lauderdale. You can check menu/prices at

Jeff Eats absolutely loves this joint.

No question in my mind, that Burger & Suds is one of the best “hole in the walls” in South Florida.

The food is amazing.
Burgers & Suds (Fort Lauderdale)
Posted on July 13th, 2013 · American Breakfast Fort Lauderdale Pizza
***** Burgers & Suds, 261 East Commercial Boulevard, Fort Lauderdale, Florida 33334, (954) 772-8007.
You guys can thank me later!
Last night, Jeff Eats ate at Burgers & Suds…for our purposes- let’s call it an “American-Style” hole-in-the-wall that serves salads, burgers, wings, pizzas, sandwiches/wraps, tacos/burritos, Saturday-Sunday breakfast. The name Burgers & Suds is a bit deceiving…for sure, the joints- got 13 different burgers and something like 10 different bottled beer brands—but as I mentioned 2 seconds ago, there is a load of other “items” to stuff your face with.
Before I get into what I “tried”—let me tell, if you want to eat some outrageously good food—then you gotta go to Burgers & Suds. By the way, the joint has only been open…5-months.
I think you guys know by now, that Jeff Eats has eaten in his fair share of South Florida restaurants. Trust me on this, Burgers & Suds’ food is heads and shoulders better than most of the joints that I have been to.
Just so you know, Burgers & Suds looks like an absolute “dump” inside and outside…the inside has a bar that seats maybe 6 and 3 hi-tops that seat 9—the awning covered outside patio has a handful of tables with seating for 24…do the math—we are talking a total of 39 seats for the whole joint.
Before Jeff Eats goes any further, let me tell you that Burgers & Suds is my kinda of a joint or shall I say dump? I seriously doubt that most people looking at Burgers & Suds for the first time-would even consider eating there…
I’m sure, that you-know the old saying…”Don’t judge a book by its cover”—well, Burgers & Suds could be the poster-child for that famous line.
Last night, Jeff Eats’ party of-4 “had”…honey garlic wings (10 wings $8.95), Greek salad ($5.95), 1/2lb cheeseburger with onion rings ($8.95), chicken wrap with sweet potato fries ($7.95), 10″ margarita pizza ($7.95), lamb burger with French fries ($10.95) and the food was amazingly good. No fooling around here, I would rate the cheeseburger right up there with the best that I’ve had ANYWHERE. Let me go as far and say—every item that we had was terrific and could hold its own against South Florida’s best of breed.
Burgers & Suds was a rare find. This joint isn’t some-guy throwing pre-formed frozen burger patties on a grill…the joint is supplied daily by a local butcher shop…hamburgers are charbroiled while lamb burgers are flat-top grilled—salad dressings are made in-house. The back-of-the-house really knows how to “cook” and portion size/price points tells me that a real “pro” is running Burger & Suds.
For right now, I’m thinking-that not too many people know about this joint- but, I’m willing to bet you a breakfast/lunch/or dinner–your choice, that this anonymity won’t last too much longer. There is no way that food like this—doesn’t find a gigantic audience.
For you “drinkers”–in addition to 10 bottled beer-brands, Burgers & Suds has a handful of wines by the glass/bottle…
For you “sports people”– there are 2 big flat screen tvs inside and 1 big flat screen outside.
Not to be too repetitious or nothing—but I’m telling you, you gotta try this joint!
You can check for menu/prices.
Burgers & Suds is open for lunch/dinner Monday-Friday 10am-9pm, Saturday-Sunday 8am-9pm (breakfast 8am-noon).


Miami Mediterranean Cuisine (Miami Beach)

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***** Miami Mediterranean Cuisine, 209 11th Street, Miami, Beach, Florida 33139, (305) 674-8384.

Let me start off by saying that Jeff Eats LOVED-Miami Mediterranean Cuisine. The joint is a mom & pop “hole in the wall”-deal that does delicious Mediterranean stuff. Just so you know, maybe a handful of tables-so don’t plan on holding a Confirmation Party or nothing there. Jeff Eats was in there the other day for lunch-big-big-big takeout business (if I’m not mistaken, big-big-big = huge).

Miami Mediterranean’s menu isn’t gigantic, but trust me you’ll find what to eat…handful of appetizers, salads, sandwiches, entrees. For complete menu/prices check

Jeff Eats “tried” gyro ($6.50), chicken shish kebab ($6.50), Greek salad ($7.50), tzatziki ($4.00), babaghonush ($4.00) and really enjoyed everything.

Look! You guys know that Jeff Eats really isn’t into rankings and other such nonsense…I just love people who say- “That was the best pizza I ever ate.”- or “That was the best grilled cheese sandwich I ever had.” For crying out-loud, I can’t even remember what I ate for breakfast this morning. Hopefully you guys get Jeff Eats’ point!

With the above in mind, I gotta tell you that the everything I ate was delicious and the gyro-if memory serves me correctly, was one of the best that I’ve ever eaten…hey, I’m only human!

Let’s wrap this one up for you,

Miami Mediterranean Cuisine makes terrific stuff.

Jeff Eats highly recommends that you give it a shot.

The joint is open 7 days a week 11am-2am.


Gold Star Events (

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* Gold Star Events (

I don’t know about you guys, but every day Jeff Eats gets bombarded with all kinds of “internet” discount-deals…restaurants, manicures, movie tickets, cosmetics, facials, hotels, foot massages, acne treatments, nose hair clippers, parachute jumping lessons, toenail fungus removal treatment…there is literally a “deal” for everything and anything out there in Internet Land. Now don’t get me wrong, Jeff Eats likes to save money- but I gotta tell you, most of the deals “presented” are of absolutely no interest to me whatsoever…

Anyway, to make a long story short…

About a month ago, Jeff Eats started getting emails from a company named Goldstar Events, Inc. (–which features “deals” on Florida-EVENTS that I (and I emphasize the word I) would actually buy and use…concert tickets, show tickets, theater tickets, comedy club tickets, food event tickets, sporting event tickets, tours, expos…at 50% off face-value!…and every so often- “comp” tickets.

Just so you know, I “used” Goldstar and got exactly what was advertised.

Let me wrap this up for you,

If you want to save some bucks (and who doesn’t!-other than my good friend Nick who for some unknown reason-thinks he is above all this “bargain” stuff) you gotta checkout this site-which services major cities all over the United States.

Printed below is Goldstar’s “description” from its website.

One last piece of business. The nose hair clipper that I got through was a pretty decent buy!


Goldstar is the place to find half-price tickets to theater, concerts, sports and a ton of other great events near you.
Making it easy for people to go out more by providing fun ideas, half-price tickets, member reviews and everything you need for a great time out.
Company Overview
Goldstar is the first place people go to find something great to do. We have half-price tickets to all sorts of live entertainment — everything from theater, music, comedy and sports to walking tours, festivals and even dance and sushi-making classes.

You’ll find us in Atlanta, Austin, Baltimore, Boston, Chicago, Cincinnati, Dallas, Denver, Houston, Inland Empire, Las Vegas, Los Angeles, Miami, Milwaukee, Minneapolis-St. Paul, National, New York, Oakland/East Bay, Orange County, Philadelphia, Phoenix, Portland, Sacramento, San Antonio, San Diego, San Francisco, San Jose, Seattle and Washington, D.C.


Universal Orlando Halloween Horror Nights 24 (Orlando)


* Universal Orlando Halloween Horror Nights 24.

Call Jeff Eats a wild and crazy guy…but I got something for you guys-that I seriously doubt you would have ever considered on your own…UNIVERSAL ORLANDO HALLOWEEN HORROR NIGHTS 24.

Real simple concept,

On select nights, September 19- November 1, 2014…Universal Orlando stages a gigantic Halloween Horror Night. The full boat of haunted houses, “scary” characters, decorations, shows, rides, food, merchandise.

Nothing for nothing, Jeff Eats has been to 14 of these Horror Nights and I had an absolute blast at each and every one of them. Truth be told, I only had a blast at 13 of them…one Halloween Horror Night was-9 days after I had cataract surgery–the haunted houses’ lights/mirrors really threw me for a loop–then again, no one ever said that Jeff Eats was the brightest goblin in the barrel. So, be smart-think twice about “doing” Halloween Horror Night 9 days after cataract surgery.

As you can see from the event’s title–this is Universal Orlando’s 24th year-trust me on this, Universal Orlando is an absolute expert on staging this-thing.

Just so you know, the way I- played attending in the past…Jeff Eats caught a room at one of Universal Orlando Resort Hotels (Hard Rock Hotel, Loews Portofino Bay Hotel, Loews Royal Pacific Resort) on a Friday-did Horror Night and headed home late on Saturday night. For what it’s worth, all three listed hotels were dynamite, with my pecking order being the Royal Pacific, Hard Rock, Portofino. Just so you know, last year Universal added another hotel to the mix-Universal’s Cabana Bay Beach Resort-so you now got 4 hotels-should you want to stay on “property.”

Rather than my going into detail about Halloween Horror Night, let’s just say that my having done 14 of them should speak volumes.

On- tickets/info, check Also check for tickets/hotels/info.

Just a heads up, be smart and “search” around-Coca Cola has a ticket promo-deal working…there is also a Florida Resident deal floating around. On hotels, the smart move is to stay at one of Universal’s joints…you can walk to the “park”–real easy!

Like I said before, I love- this Halloween Horror Nights’ thing.

Universal recommends 13+ on age…trust me, you’ll be more scared than your 8 year old kid or grandchild is…Capice!

Kids or no kids,

I’m telling you…DO THIS THING! It’s fabulous.


Genco Old World Italian Sandwiches (Lauderdale-by-the-Sea)


***** Genco Old World Italian Sandwiches, 257-B Commercial Boulevard, Lauderdale-by-the-Sea, Florida
33308, (954) 689-6630.

Like Chins in a Chinese phonebook-there are a ton of sub joints in South Florida…

The other day Jeff Eats had lunch at Genco Old World Italian Sandwiches and I gotta tell you-this joint makes awesome sandwiches. Real fast, Godfather posters/pictures decor–order at/pickup at the counter–handful of tables.

Genco’s “decor” got me to thinking, that if Sonny had-had an EasyPass- he’d still be with us, today. I was also thinking…How was Barzini able to perfectly time the ambush at the toll booth?


Back to Genco…that recent lunch had Jeff Eats “trying” Michael, Tom Hagen, Moe Greene and every sub was dynamite.

When you check you’ll find menu/prices–and should be able to figure out as to exactly what was in-Michael-Tom Hagen-Moe Greene subs (for you smart guys, the menu/prices are printed above-but that’s for you smart guys!).

Let me wrap Genco up for you…but before I do -do you remember the Luca Braci wrapped fish scene!


Jeff Eats loved Genco.

No fooling around, the subs were terrific-and the joint is right up there with the best of breed–you do remember the horse scene, don’t’cha!

Genco Old World Italian Sandwiches is open Monday-Saturday 11am-8pm, closed on Sunday.


Remy Connor’s “Confessions of the Inebriated” (Empire Stage-Fort Lauderdale)

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* Remy Connor’s “Confessions of the Inebriated.”

I don’t know about you, but Jeff Eats loves watching a good magician in action…I especially enjoy top notch close up magic.

With the above in mind,

If you’re like me, you gotta go see magician Remy Connor.

Houdini Jeff Eats- has seen Remy several times and the guy is amazing. I’m still trying to figure out how those dollar bills changed into 100s. Not to give the guy’s act away or nothing, but he’ll have you laughing so hard that you won’t even notice that he has “stolen” your_______.

To the point,

On Monday, October 6, 2014 at 8pm/at the Edge Stage (maybe 50 seats) in Fort Lauderdale-Remy Connor is appearing in a rare one- man show which he describes as…

“Remy Connor’s “Confession’s of the Inebriated”
Voted in the top 20 Magicians in the country;you’ve seen him on USA’s “Graceland” and NBC’s “Phenomenon.” Witness the magic of Remy Connor. Get a look into the everyday life of a magician and join Remy behind his bar for a night of magic, story telling, and comedy! Learn how to win free drinks, see the most unique card trick in the world, and much, much more!”

Jeff Eats and Mrs. Jeff Eats plan to be there.

For tickets/info-


School Photograph

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* School Photograph.

Thought I would share this email received from reader Jack Cohen.

Jeff Eats is “working” on a tie-in “with” food…in the meantime, enjoy!

One final thought, if “you” just happen to be offended by this email- tough noogies!
From: Jack Cohen
Date: August 24, 2014 at 2:25:33 PM EDT
Subject: School photo
Reply-To: “Jack Cohen.”

I just love school photographs.

It must be wonderful to look back in years to come and recognize all your old classmates
and the memories of all the fun times you had together.


Dish Of The WeekItalian

DISH OF THE WEEK (Sunday-8/24/14)

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***** DISH OF THE WEEK (Sunday-8/24/14).

One of Jeff Eats’ favorite menu items.

Broiled Pork Chop
233 South Federal Highway
Boca Raton (also-Hallandale)
(561) 392-0773
Latest Review: 11/27/09

Trust Jeff Eats when I tell you that Matteo’s broiled pork chop “covered” with grilled onions/mushrooms/cherry peppers is absolutely off the chart. The chop is HUGE and every time I’ve had it, it was a challenge to finish the whole thing. I’m telling you, this chop is something very=very special.