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Jeff Eats knows- that people love pizza, but I kinda think that this is carrying things just a smidgen-too far!

pizza bed


Jay & The Americans, Drifters, Tokens, Belmonts, Chiffons (Peabody Auditorium- Daytona Beach)

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* Jay & The American, Drifters, Tokens, Belmonts, Chiffons.

You Daytona Beach- “oldies” fans got a real- good show coming your way…

You can catch tickets at…


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Carnival Fun! (Mardi Gras Casino- Hallandale Beach)

* Carnival Fun!

For some reason, I always found that Nathan’s hot dogs and french fries- tasted better at Nathan’s original Coney Island joint- than at any other Nathan’s location;

For some reason, I always find that “carnival” food tastes better at a carnival than at any other location.




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* Latkes.

I’m not sure, but you probably got a friend-like my friend Jimmy M…who seemingly all day long e-mails me all kinds of crap. Being a good friend- Jeff Eats opens these e-mails, and most of the time-as expected, crap…

With the above in mind, a cute piece of crap that I just got from my friend Jimmy M.-is down below…

One final thought, if you enjoy getting an endless stream of e-mails that contain pictures of naked terrorist women, clowns with no noses, chickens that weigh 247 pounds and stories proving that Obama is the son of Alfred E. Newman, let me know and I’ll pass your e-mail address onto my friend Jimmy M.

Before you get to Jimmy’s e-mail, whatcha think?

My contention is that more Jewish men have been killed by potato latkes than in all the wars and by automobiles. Emergency rooms at this time of the year are filled with Semitic-looking men with clogged arteries, serious acid reflux, etc. It is not clear if the Jewish wives are well aware of this phenomenon or if it just important to adhere to this strange ritual.

Jewish Weapon of Mass Destruction

A pancake-like structure, not to be confused with anything a first-class health restaurant would put out. In a latke the oil remains inside the pancake. It is made with potatoes, onions, eggs and matzo meal. Latkes can be eaten with applesauce but COULD also be used to comb your hair, shine your shoes or lubricate your automobile. There is a rumor that in the time of the Maccabees, they lit a latke by mistake and it burned for eight days. What is certain is that you will have heartburn for the same amount of time. It tastes GREAT but will stop your heart if the grease gets cold.



Party City Miami Heat Tickets Contest (Boca Raton)

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* Party City Miami Heat Tickets Contest.

Seems like a pretty straight forward-offer!


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Rugelach & Knishes (Pompano Beach)

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***** Rugelach & Knishes.

A recent e-mail from reader Lynn R…

Hey Jeff,

My husband and I love your blog. You’re tastebuds are very similar to ours.
This may sound like a crazy request, but can you tell us where we can find delicious rugelach and knishes?
Both of us were born and bred in Baltimore and have lived in Margate for the past 7 months. We’ve tried a number of places in the area for both but so far just nothing out of the ordinary. Attached is a list of places we have been to.
Thanks in advance,
Lynn R

Lynn R:

Took a look at your knish and rugelach list and to be honest with you, Jeff Eats would have thought that a few of the joints listed would have fared-better in your knish-rugelach quest.


Right off the top of my head, I’m thinking that Pita Nosh (knishes) and S & I Bakery (rugelach) both of which are located in the Festival Flea Market Mall in Pompano Beach-should get the job done for you. What I really like about Pita Nosh and S & I-is that the knishes and rugelach are made in-house…

Good luck and may the force be with you…


Harbor Cafe (Fort Lauderdale)

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***** Harbor Café, 1396 Southeast 17th Street, Fort Lauderdale, Florida 33316, (954) 467-0363.

Got a good breakfast-lunch joint for you…Harbor Café in Fort Lauderdale. Absolutely nothing fancy going on here. Inside counter/table/booth seating & outside table seating…it’s located in the prerequisite strip center. For those into math, 76 seats inside, 22 outside.

Not the biggest menu in the diner-world, but enough breakfast stuff, salads, burgers, sandwiches, meat/chicken/seafood entrees, Greek stuff, desserts- so everybody (except your picky- “kids”) are gonna find what to eat.

By the way the joint is open Monday-Saturday 6:30am-3pm, Sunday 6:30am-2pm (I guess the staff wants to get home in time to watch the Dolphins lose another game-sheesh).

Jeff Eats recently did a lunch with a couple of buddies…bacon cheeseburger (with French fries/tomato/cole slaw $7.20), chicken salad on- Kaiser roll ($5.10), grilled cheese & bacon on rye ($4.50), Greek salad ($7.95)- everything was A-OK! Just so we are straight with each other, Harbor Café is your basic neighborhood diner- Jeff Eats loves “diner” food-and that’s exactly what this joint serves-up. Like I said a few seconds ago, absolutely nothing fancy going on here…hopefully you guys get my drift, grilled top stuff galore!

One other observation, from what I “saw” Harbor Café does a nice locals’ business and-catches some nice action from the hotels-in the area.

To wrap it up for you…good food, reasonable prices, very pleasant wait-staff.



Diana Ross (Hard Rock Live- Hollywood)

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* Diana Ross.

The legendary performer is set for the Hard Rock Live in Hollywood, Florida- on Thursday Night, February 19, 2015 at 8pm…

Your call on this one!

Jeff Eats is going to pass…Ross’ 4/1/14 concert at Boca West Country Club in Boca Raton, wasn’t-shall we say-one of her better outings! For $150 a ticket- pop, a legendary diva is suppose to show up with an orchestra and not some backing-tracks!



Getting Some Gas!

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* Getting Some Gas!

Yesterday, Jeff Eats overheard- Mrs. Jeff Eats talking to her friend Debbie on the phone…the gist of the conservation, the fact that Mrs. Jeff Eats had just paid $2.459 for a gallon of regular gas at a Walmart in Delray Beach. No fooling here, from the tone of the conversation, you would have sworn that the woman had just found The Fountain Of Youth, not to mention The Cure For Cancer!

Now, this phone conversation got me to thinking…

When I was a kid growing up in Brooklyn in the 1950s-1960s- I can’t recall even one time- my father or for that matter my mother- shopping for gas based on price…they either bought Texaco or Amoco and that was that…

Today, unless I’m sadly mistaken… Jeff Eats, Mrs. Jeff Eats and everyone that I know, ONLY BUY GAS based on price. Name brands mean absolutely nothing. For love or money- Jeff Eats can’t recall the last time that someone said to me…”I’m going over to the “Mobil”- “Sunoco”- “Texaco”- “Amoco” station to fill-up…Now, it’s- I’m going to Costco, Walmart…The crazy part of the story, is when you really think about it- “we” really are – “still” buying name brands-they are just named Walmart and Costco…

Just so we are straight, Jeff Eats knows that not everybody-buys at Costco and Walmart-I’m just making conversation…that said, if you were right next to a BP Amoco station selling gas for $2.459 and right across the street a RaceTrac was getting $2.449 a gallon-(be honest now)-you’d swing the car into the RaceTrac, wouldn’t you!

Like I said 4.5 seconds ago, today- BRANDS mean nothing…PRICE IS THE ONLY GAME!

Just amazing how Getting Some Gas–has changed!

One final thought… “regular” gas here in Palm Beach County is currently running something like $2.46 a gallon-what’s with the stations that I see here and there (and I’m sure you’ve seen them too) that are looking for $3.30+ a gallon?


Doors Alive (Meatball Room- Boca Raton)

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* Doors Alive.

Jeff Eats has seen this South Florida based- Doors’ tribute band…you’ll enjoy them!

Now, you know and I know, that there was/is (for those of you who think that he’s still alive) only one Jim Morrison…but like I just said, you’ll enjoy these guys. By the way, Doors Alive- there were only 4 Doors- Morrison/Manzarek/Densmore/Krieger and you are 5 Doors, but who’s counting?

Free show, terrific outdoor patio, good food, well stocked bar- and if the weather cooperates what’s bad! Keep in mind, that although Meatball Room stages the show, you are under no obligation to eat/drink there…but we all know that Meatball Room’s ultimate goal is for you to spend some cash at its restaurant.