Fork & Knife (Boca Raton)

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***** Fork & Knife, 99 Southeast Mizner Boulevard, Boca Raton, Florida 33432, (561) 405-6542.

Back on November 28, 2013- Jeff Eats told you guys about Fork & Knife an “American-Style” joint which had just opened for business in Boca Raton. A copy of that story is reprinted below.

To make a long story short…

Last night Jeff Eats and Mrs. Jeff Eats did- our “second” Fork & Knife dinner and I gotta tell you, that my bacon cheeseburger and Mrs. Jeff Eats’ turkey burger were delicious. Both burgers came with real-good fresh handcut French fries–and we took advantage- of Fork & Knife’s “TUESDAY HALF-PRICED BURGERS” special.

Let’s talk turkey here–gobble, gobble, gobble…

No matter what anyone tells Jeff Eats, Fork & Knife’s location stinks. It’s a few blocks from Mizner Park, but those few blocks–really hurt. Now-not going into detail but I’ve “heard”–that Fork & Knife is just holding its own…which is really a shame- because it’s a great looking joint with some really solid food. If (long ago- Jeff Eats’ father told me to never use the word “if”) Fork & Knife was in Mizner Park- it would be a home-run…but it’s not, so what is, is!

Here’s a suggestion…

Give Fork & Knife a shot.

Jeff Eats really enjoyed the joint and I think you will too!

***** Fork & Knife, 99 Southeast Mizner Boulevard, Boca Raton, Florida 33432, (561) 405-6542.

Way-back on November 24th- Jeff Eats did a “story” on Fork & Knife…that story is reprinted below.

Here is an update for you guys…

Last night, Jeff Eats & Company (Mrs. Jeff Eats, Son Jeff Eats, Daughter Jeff Eats–everyone is home for Thanksgiving) ate dinner at Fork & Knife…

Let me start by saying, that Fork & Knife is a great looking restaurant. When you are there, you can’t help but notice the huge black/white photos of iconic American restaurants that decorate the walls. Last night, Lee Tushman the owner explained that the photos represented various regions/food styles in the United States— Carneige Deli (NYC-), Wolfie’s (Miami Beach), Roscoe’s House of Chicken & Waffles (Los Angeles), The Varsity (Atlanta)–there are several others and I’ll leave Mr. Tushman to give you book, chapter and verse as to what they all “mean.” Fork & Knife also has something real cool–a communal table, which seats up to 12 “strangers” if they would like to meet/eat with, well-total other strangers! Lee Tushman is an interesting guy and a realist to boot-”Look I’m not trying to reinvent the wheel, I’m just doing good solid food at reasonable prices.” When you try Fork & Knife, I think you’ll enjoy talking to Tushman and his managers. Unless I’m reading this all wrong, these guys-are trying to create a “Cheers” type-deal, you do remember that tv show don’tcha? I say this, based on having watched how Tushman and two floor managers greeted and engaged every person at the bar-tables-booths.


Items ordered…chopped salad, wedge salad, fried chicken and waffles, cheeseburger, hot dogs, chicken pot pie, french fries, sweet potato fries, french green beans–and I gotta tell you everything was right on the money. Are we talking food “like” Jeff Eats has never ever had before, nope!–but like I just said, right on the money. A special shout-out to Detroit born/bred Tushman’s “Detroit” hot dog–not exactly like the Sabretts, Hebrew Nationals, Nathans that I grew up with in Brooklyn. Fork & Knife’s version is 1/2 pork-1/2 beef in a natural casing–grilled and topped with chopped onions/mustard/chili on a steamed bun…tastes more like a sausage than a “frank” and it was absolutely dynamite-Fork & Knife serves 2-for 10 bucks and they come with a side of hand cut fresh french fries–don’t miss this one!

Jeff Eats just told you about the items that were ordered…after eating—the waiter delivered COMPLIMENTRY desserts…ice cream puffs, fried wonton apple fritters topped with cinnamon ice cream, Smore’s lollipops and crème brulee. On the dessert front–the verdict was unanimous (very rare in the Eats’ household) puffs, fritters and Smore’s delicious with the brulee a drop too sweet.

For those of you guys who are now saying…Hey Jeff, the desserts were complementary blah blah blah.–I say, first-you don’t know how to spell complimentry and “No one told you not to have a food blog.”

Let me wrap this up this way…

I really enjoyed Fork & Knife…solid food, pleasant service, figure 25 bucks a head for dinner.

You can check for menu/prices/hours/other stuff.

American* Fork & Knife (Boca Raton)
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* Fork & Knife, 99 Southeast Mizner Boulevard, Boca Raton, Florida 33432, (561) 405-6542.

Let’s play a-little game… “How smart is Jeff Eats?”

This morning, a new American-Style joint Fork & Knife- opened in Boca Raton…

Jeff Eats is very familar with the 6,000 square-foot spot which Fork & Knife now occupies…as it has housed- God Only Knows how many failed restaurants.

Now for the game…Jeff Eats is willing to bet you a buck (I know, real big bet!) that Fork & Knife becomes a huge success. If you want to play, mail a buck or as many bucks that you want -to Post Office Box: I Got You, Boca Raton, Florida 33496…and yes I know that Soupy Sales first thought up this idea way back in the 1960s.


This afternoon, Jeff Eats and Mrs. Jeff Eats paid Fork & Knife a visit. We didn’t eat. What we did, was tour the restaurant with one of the owners- Lee Tushman–review its menu and “discuss” his background, plans and goals for this endeavor. Now I maybe going out on a limb here, because I know that you guys are gonna be sending a ton of one-dollar bills…but based on my outing, I really think that Tushman and his partner Scott Niskar- know exactly how to create and run a successful restaurant.

Now let me tell you what Jeff Eats and Mrs. Jeff Eats saw…Fork & Knife is a retro- throwback to the diners of the 1950s. The joint which has both indoor/outdoor patio seating (with a separate full-bar area) is an absolutely great looking restaurant. If Jeff Eats was even slightly computer literate, I’d have some photos for you to checkout, but I’m not, so you don’t. Trust me, this is one of the handsomest-coolest looking restaurants that I’ve seen in quite sometime. Just so you know, it isn’t faux black and white tiles with red leather stools and booths—think Houston’s, Cheesecake Factory, Morton’s but with a cool 50s vibe.

Now. let me tell you what Jeff Eats heard/read…the reasonably priced breakfast/lunch/dinner menu is jammed with stuff like burgers, hot dogs, mac & cheese, fried chicken & waffles–I do believe that many people call this “comfort food”…if Jeff Eats is wrong on that definition–so be it, but this type of food is sure comforting to me. Tushman and Niskar are planning on running a real family oriented/casual joint–so get your shorts/tee shirt ensemble ready to go.

Like I said at the top of this rant…the joint opened today for business. Its website is still under construction, but according to the owners should be fully operational tomorrow…so you can check menu/prices/photos, I guess- tomorrow.

Call it more than a gut feeling…but Jeff Eats’ bet is that 99 Southeast Mizner Boulevard has finally got itself a keeper.

Jeff Eats plans on trying Fork & Knife sometime in the 30 days or so. If you get there before I do, give me the skinny on your meal.

Finally, Fork & Knife recently put out a PR piece on its business. It’s printed below…it will give you a drop more color on the restaurant.

By the way to show you Jeff Eats’ “doubters” how smart Jeff Eats is…I’ll also go on record that Fork & Knife’s currently planned 7-days a week breakfast..will be quickly scrapped for a Saturday & Sunday only schedule. Real simple, the area’s population mix isn’t right for a 7 day operation.

Looking forward to receiving your dollars…no checks please!


House of Pang (Boynton Beach)

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***** House of Pang, 10114 South Military Trail, Boynton Beach, Florida 33436, (561) 734-6469.

House of Pang is a “take-out” Chinese joint in Boynton Beach.

A few weeks ago, friends brought Chinese food from House of Pang -over to the Eats’ house for dinner.

The order:
wonton soup,
egg drop soup,
bbq ribs,
fried dumplings,
egg rolls,
honey garlic chicken,
shrimp with lobster sauce,
sweet & sour pork,
beef egg foo young,
General Taos chicken,
white rice,
brown rice,
roast pork fried rice,
fortune cookies,

Just so you know, prior to this “delivery” Jeff Eats had never heard of House of Pang.

Now, putting aside the fact that Jeff Eats didn’t have to pay for the food–I gotta tell you that House of Pang’s stuff was real good.

I think-you guys know, that Jeff Eats really- isn’t into “pecking orders” but the General Taos chicken, beef egg foo young, fried dumplings, egg rolls were definite keepers.

Let me wrap this up- you guys in Boynton Beach now know about a really good Chinese take-out joint.

House of Pang is open Sunday-Monday 3pm-9:30pm, Tuesday-Saturday 11am-9:30pm.


Meatball Room–Legends Show (Boca Raton)0

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* Meatball Room-Legends Show.

Take a look at the FLYER attached to this story…

On Saturday Night, April 26th–the Meatball Room in Boca Raton is “staging” an outdoor –Legends Show featuring tribute artists doing- Paul McCartney, Elvis, Barry Manilow, Louie Armstrong and Rod Stewart…talk about an eclectic group–guess Cher was busy!


Jeff Eats and Mrs. Jeff Eats just booked a table for-6.

For 35 bucks a head (plus tax-tip) three-couples are going to catch what should be a real- entertaining show (Jeff Eats has seen all 5-artists) and a delicious Italian meal for what amounts to “cheap money.” By the way, the flyer has the wrong price listed–it’s $34.95 a person not $44.95.

If this Legends’ type stuff interests you…check for details/reservations.

Finally, if you aren’t familiar with Meatball Room- Jeff Eats has a few Meatball “stories” that will give you some “color” on the restaurant.

One final thought, awhile back, Meatball Room did a Beatles Show that musically was nothing short of terrific…Jeff Eats was there and the head count was close to 700–trust me, that’s a ton of folks. Now, you know that I call it as I see it–that night, Meatball’s food was delicious–but service was WEAK! The reason it was weak- Meatball Room had no business letting-700 people “order off” the menu at the same time-talk about a kitchen getting slammed!


The Legends Show is a $34.95 price fixed show/dinner-deal. Not exactly sure what the menu is, but something like 3 appetizers/3 salads/5 entrees to chose from. Glad to see that the guys running Meatball Room learned from their mistakes. By the way, I just checked with Meatball Room and it already has 290 reservations for the-show…that number and the huge turnout for The Beatles Show tells Jeff Eats, that there are a lot of people out there who enjoy this dinner/show concept. For those of you who didn’t catch The Beatles Show–it was held on an outside patio with a professional sound/lighting/stage setup–and featured the band Across The Universe who absolutely killed it!

To wrap this up…

This coming Saturday Night–I’m looking forward to a great show, delicious food and good service.



Mundi’s Italian Restaurant (Dania Beach)

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Mundi’s Italian Restaurant, 330 East Dania Beach Boulevard, Dania Beach, Florida 33004, (954) 927-1127.

Got a real good “mom & pop” red sauce-Italian joint for you…Mundi’s Italian Restaurant in Dania Beach.

If pizza is your game–Mundi’s ain’t for you…no pizza.

I’m thinking maybe 12 tables.

A recent dinner had Jeff Eats, Mrs. Jeff Eats and another couple doing…fried calamari, penne ala vodka, spaghetti with meatballs, veal parmigiana, zuppa di pesce, shrimp scampi and I gotta tell you–we all thought that Mundi’s food was delicious. Now no fooling here…Mundi’s stuff was right up there with some of the best Italian food that Jeff Eats has had in South Florida.

Let me add a drop more color…the husband and wife who own Mundi’s seemed to be all over the joint… greeting/meeting/serving/cooking/cleaning and God only knows what else! Talk about giving 1000 percent.

Real simple call–delicious food, large portions, real pleasant service, reasonable prices…makes Mundi’s a huge winner.

Just a quick thought…I got friends who tell me -that this restaurant or that restaurant was like eating in someone’s home. I don’t know about you, but I’ve eaten in people’s homes where the home cooked food was disgusting. As a kid, I had a friend named Jimmy Esposito-whose mother made nightmarishly bad meat lasagna-but it was home-cooked! I also had a friend named William Chen whose mother made fabulous black & white cookies-but her wonton soup tasted like dirty dish water-go figure!


You can check Mundi’s menu/prices at

To wrap this thing up…if Wil & Joyce Imondo (they are the mom & pop and husband & wife in this story) ask you over to their house for dinner-GO!

Mundi’s Italian Restaurant is open Tuesday-Sunday 5pm-10pm, closed on Monday.

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Pompano Beach 30th Annual Seafood Festival (Pompano Beach)

2013IMG_9542 2013

* Pompano Beach 30th Annual Seafood Festival (at the Pompano Beach Pier).

Got something terrific for you guys who like…great food, great music, great vibe…

Pompano Beach 30th Annual Seafood Festival which is scheduled for Friday-April 25th, Saturday-April 26th, Sunday-April 27, 2014

Over the years, Jeff Eats and Mrs. Jeff Eats have been to something like 10 Pompano Beach Seafood Festivals and everyone of them was an absolute blast.

Take a look at for full details/schedule of activities/admission charges.

In a nutshell, 3-all day “affairs”– “FUN, FOOD AND MUSIC ON THE BEACH”…loads of craft merchants, loads of food vendors, great local musicians and bands…this year’s headliners–Grand Funk Railroad and Iron Butterfly’s Mike Pinera and Blues Image.

Like I said 3-seconds ago, Jeff Eats and Mrs. Jeff Eats have been to something like 10 of “them”–and we’ll be there on Saturday for number 11 (or whatever number it is).

Trust Jeff Eats on this one, if you like great food, great music, great vibe–you will absolutely love the Pompano Beach Seafood Festival.

Don’t miss this one! This is- why you live in Sunny South Florida and not Kew Gardens, New York.



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Got a real-good 5-piece 50s-60s-70s Rock n Roll cover band for you guys…BANDANA which predominantly works clubs/bars/restaurants/festivals in the Venice/Englewood/North Port area.

BANDANA has been around since 1990 and is fronted by lead singer Butch Gerace. Just so you know, in recent years -Jeff Eats has seen BANDANA something like 4-times and no question in my mind-that Butch Gerace is right up there with the best “rock” leads down here in Florida. I have taken the liberty and re-printed Gerace’s bio from the band’s website I’m telling you, Gerace- can sing! No slight intended, the other 4 guys in the band are also dynamite, but Gerace is the show.

By the way, the group’s website also has pictures/videos/members bios/schedule.

Trust Jeff Eats on this one, if you want to see and party with one of Florida’s best 50s-60s-70s cover bands–then you gotta catch BANDANA in action.
Tony “Butch” Gerace
Formerly of Sam the Sham and the Pharaohs Tony “Butch” Gerace is the leader, and founding member of BANDANA. His credits include radio, television, and recording, as only a part of this, dynamic performers past. Butch started performing to live audiences at age 5 in his hometown, of Haverstraw, New York. He attended vocal training classes at Startime Studios while making weekly appearances on the Horn & Hardart’s Children’s Hour, a television show out of New York City, where he sang, danced, and acted out skits with other young entertainers on live T.V.
This T.V. show opened doors for Butch at age 12, to record with the Mitch Miller’s Sandpiper Boys chorus, which released Boy Scout recordings in the mid 1950’s.
Early in 1960 he joined forces with a very popular dance band as featured vocalist. The band was Steve Frank’s Blue Devils. Although Butch was only 15 years old, he sang popular standards from Moon River to Sweet Georgia Brown at weddings, corporate functions, and various parties all around Rockland County, N.Y., and neighboring North Jersey. Appearances with this band, gained Butch a great deal of notoriety, and publicity. He was being billed as Mr. Melody. After two years of performing as Steve Franks’ featured vocalist, Butch decided he wanted to start his own band. He got together with a few schoolmates, and formed his very first rock and roll band, playing school dances, teenage night clubs, and benefits with giant names, Helen Hayes, Don Cornell, and Gene Krupa just to name a few.
Tony Gerace & The Timelighters, from Haverstraw, N.Y., won first place prize, in the Battle of the Bands Contest, at the Broadway Theatre, in Haverstraw, beating out bands from Rockland, Bergen, Westchester, and The Bronx. First place winners won a gig at the very popular hot spot, The Peppermint Lounge in New York City. This was the beginning of his life long professional career. In 1963 Butch recorded a single pop ballad for Fleetwood Records in New York, which received local airplay. During his latter teenage years, Butch formed a band called Tony Gee & the Gypsy’s. This band performed in the world famous Metropole Café in Times Square, New York City for 18 months, and also other hot night spots, like The Peppermint Lounge, and Trudy Heller’s in Greenwich Village, prior to being discovered by Leonard Stogal & Associates, business manager of Sam the Sham.
Tony Gee & the Gypsy’s were transformed into The Pharaohs, and went on to record “Lil Red Riding Hood” for MGM records in 1966, which soared to the number 1 record in the world for most of the summer of 1966. Other hits include “Wooly Bully”, “Red Hot”, “Oh that’s good”, “How do you catch a girl”, all from Sam the Sham and the Pharaohs. During the years from late 1965 through 1969, Butch was bass player, and vocalist for this mega hit M.G.M. recording group. Sam the Sham & The Pharaohs, was listed as one of the top 13 groups on the planet, at that time. Butch, has shared the stage
In 1969, Sam the Sham and The Pharaohs broke up, after a few months at home Butch formed a Las Vegas type show band called LEMON TREE. This band performed in upscale show lounges across the country including Las Vegas, New York, Chicago, St. Louis, New Orleans, and many more. Lemon Tree was a high energy all male show band that was booked by Norby Walters & Assoc., one of the top booking agencies, in New York City. The band, was favorably written up, by Peter Benchley. At that time, he was working with Paramount Pictures.
In 1977 Norby Walters and record producer, Meco Manardo transformed Lemon Tree into The Meco Cantina Band of STAR WARS fame. The #1 record, “Theme from STAR WARS” disco version took Butch on his 2nd world tour with a giant hit, playing Europe, Asia, South America, and cities all over the United States, and Canada.
During the world tour of the Meco Cantina Band, Butch’s young cousin, Jeff Frasco, was their Special Effects Technician. Today, Jeff Frasco is with Creative Artist Agency, one of the most successful booking agencies in Hollywood, CA.
Butch settled down in Venice, Florida in 1978 after traveling for 13 years on tour. He met and married Shannon Davidson his present day wife of 29 years. After all 4 children were raised, he decided to form a local band, “BANDANA”. When asked where the name “BANDANA” comes from, Butch always replies, “I got that name off the top of my head!”
In the Beginning…
Butch Gerace started his career performing in front of live audiences at age 5 in his hometown of Haverstraw, New York, where he attended vocal training classes at Startime Studios while making weekly appearances on the Horn & Hardart’s Children’s Hour, a New York City television show. There he sang, danced and acted in skits with other young entertainers on live TV and doors started to open.
At age 12, Butch joined Mitch Miller’s Sandpiper Boys chorus, which released Boy Scout recordings in the mid 1950’s. In the early 60’s, he recorded a single pop ballad for Fleetwood Records in New York, which received local airplay. During his latter teenage years, Butch formed a band called Tony Gee & the Gypsys. Performing at the world famous Metropole Café in Times Square, New York City for 18 months, along with other hot night spots like The Peppermint Lounge and Trudy Heller’s in Greenwich Village, this band was discovered by Leonard Stogal & Associates, business manager of Sam the Sham, and was transformed into The Pharaohs. They went on to record “Li’l Red Riding Hood” for MGM records in 1966, a recording that soared to #1 in the world for most of the summer of 1966. Other hits included “Wooly Bully,” “Red Hot,” “Oh That’s Good” and “How Do You Catch a Girl” — all from Sam the Sham and the Pharaohs.
In 1969, Sam the Sham and The Pharaohs broke up. After a few months at home, Butch formed a Las Vegas type show band called Lemon Tree. This band performed in upscale show lounges in major cities all across the country including Las Vegas, New York, Chicago, St. Louis, New Orleans and others. In 1977, Lemon Tree was transformed into The Meco Cantina Band of Star Wars fame. Their #1 record, “Theme from Star Wars” disco version took Butch on his 2nd world tour with this giant hit playing Europe, Asia, South America and cities all over the United States and Canada.
Now Butch Gerace brings his incredible talent, all those years of experience and an amazing level of energy and vitality to every BANDANA performance. Don’t miss your chance to see Butch and his talented band mates perform!

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Bobby’s Burger Palace (Miami/Kendall)

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***** Bobby’s Burger Palace, 7535 North Kendall Drive, Miami, Florida 33156, (305) 667-4817.

Bobby’s Burger Palace is a fast food- burger joint owned by celebrity tv chef/personality Bobby Flay. Order at the counter/food delivered by “runners.”

You can check menu/prices at

Jeff Eats tried the Bobby’s Burger Palace located in the Dadeland Mall in Kendall. Just so you know, Bobby’s Burger Palace is a chain-operation–its website has a complete list of locations.

The best way to describe Bobby’s décor–a “modern” 1950′s counter/table seating diner look–trust Jeff Eats, it’s real-cool looking!

Real simple menu… grilled burgers (beef/chicken/turkey), milkshakes, beer/wine, fries/onion rings, 2-grilled cheese sandwiches, 2-salads.

A recent outing had Jeff Eats “doing”– cheeseburger, French fries, onion rings, chocolate milkshake.

Real simple review…every thing was A-OK, but nothing real-special going on here.

Not going to name names, but Bobby’s Burger Palace won’t be be putting guys like- Five Guys, Shake Shack or BurgerFi out of business real soon.

You maybe wondering on price-points…give or take a buck here and there, like the guys I “didn’t name above.

Bobby’s Burger Palace is a good joint to know about- when you aren’t in the mood for the food court’s bourbon chicken.

Bobby’s Burger Palace is open Monday-Saturday 11am-10pm, Sunday 11am-9pm.

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Cups Frozen Yogurt (Wellington)

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***** Cups Frozen Yogurt, 2605 South State Road 7, Wellington, Florida 33414, (561) 333-3134.

Cups Frozen Yogurt is a franchise “self serve” frozen yogurt chain…for our purposes there is currently 1-Florida location in Wellington. When you check menu/prices/other info at you will find that it also has stores in New York-New Jersey-Virgina-California.

Cups Frozen Yogurt advertises itself as “Frozen Yogurt-that’s hot.”

Like others in the space, Cups-is self serve frozen yogurt by the ounce/all kinds of toppings. From what Jeff Eats can “tell” Cups’ game-plan is to be a cool (pun intended) joint…electronic dance music blasting away in an upscale South Beach Dance Club type setting.

Let me wrap this up for you…

Forty-five years ago, Jeff Eats father told-him (that’s me)-”If you take a monkey and put him in a $1,000 suit (that was a load of money for a suit back then) he’s still just a monkey.”

With that monkey-story in mind, Cups Frozen Yogurt is just a run of the mill-self serve frozen yogurt joint that its owners have “dressed up.”

Just so you know, Jeff Eats tried a handful of Cups’ yogurt-flavors…all of them were just-fine, but “nothing” that you couldn’t get in a ton of other South Florida yogurt stores.

In closing, Cups Frozen Yogurt is a small chain. It currently has 1 Florida outpost and another under construction in Boca Raton. Personally, Jeff Eats thinks that- Cups is coming to Florida’s self serve frozen yogurt party way too late…the loud music and fancy decor won’t make the chain a winner. Now, all this is just one man’s opinion…all I can say is-potential franchisees BE CAREFUL!

For those of you up -for giving Cups a try- if necessary, there is an Arthur Murray Dance Studio in Boca Raton where you can polish-your foot work up!

Cups Frozen Yogurt is open 7 days a week 11am-10pm.


Know Nothings!

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Pete Best on drums

* Know Nothings!

Ever wonder why Condo Associations, Home Owner Associations, Country Club Boards, Condo Boards–seem to always get into jams with contractors, vendors and many times with residents of their respective communities?

Jeff Eats thinks that the main reason is that a good number of the people who “join” these governing bodies–have absolutely no experience or knowledge concerning the issues/business that they have to make decisions about. Think about it, just because you owned and operated a 50 store chain of dry cleaners in Vermont, doesn’t mean that you know a damn thing about how to build a guard house or run a catering facility–Capice!

This morning Jeff Eats got a dose of Know Nothings!

A guy who lives in my neighborhood says to me and I paraphrase…The band you picked for so and so’s party wasn’t very good…how can a rock n roll band be good when all they had were 3 guitar players and a drummer- you need a keyboard player in a rock n roll band.


Jeff Eats replied to the guy and said, “What was the name of The Beatles’ keyboard player?”

As they say in the legal-business…I rest my case.

So the next time you’re thinking of joining or running for some board seat or whatever, ask yourself…Do I really know anything or am I just a bored Know Nothing?

Thanks for listening…

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Insane Cookies (Pembroke Pines)

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***** Insane Cookies, 9924 Pines Boulevard, Pembroke Pines, Florida 33024, (954) 800-0350.

Back on March 25, 2014 Jeff Eats told you guys about Insane Cookies in Pembroke Pines…

In a nutshell, Insane Cookies custom bakes cookies–you name it and it will bake it for you. In addition it has a huge “playlist” of some really wild/cool cookie-combinations. Cookies can be ordered online at or by phone at (954) 800-0350.


On March 25, 2014 Jeff Eats placed a phone order with Brandy Cohen- the owner of Insane Cookies. Printed below is Jeff Eats’ original Insane Cookies write-up. No fooling around here, but I ordered… every “flavor” listed on Insane Cookies’ A-V List. I also ordered a cookie cake–two 9″ chocolate chip cookies (1-on top, 1-on bottom)-I’ll leave you guys to check as to “what” each cookie and the cake consisted of. On pricing…figure 15 bucks for a dozen cookies-the cake was on-special for 29 bucks but usually fetches $36.99. Just so you know, you can have the cookies delivered to your home/office/or wherever for an extra charge…I picked-up my order at Masters Bakery which was mentioned in the original article.

Now for the verdict on the cookies/cake…

Jeff Eats, Mrs. Jeff Eats, Daughter Jeff Eats, Son Jeff Eats really enjoyed the cookies and cake. For sure, some of the cookie combinations were better than others…but that’s a subjective call. Nothing for nothing, all of the aforementioned Eats-couldn’t agree on which cookie was the best–but thought that the cookie cake was dynamite-and that Insane Cookies were top stuff.

Before I let you run, just wanted to tell you- that this “Family Polling” stuff may have worked for Ward Cleaver and Ozzie Nelson- but Jeff Eats knows that cookie “B”-hands down was the best!

March 25, 2014

Real fast…

Mrs. Jeff Eats has a real-good friend (let’s call her Mrs. Baker) who is an absolutely phenomenal “home” baker…over the years, Mrs. Baker has baked pies, breads, cakes, cookies–that rival some of the best stuff that I’ve eaten/gotten in South Florida’s best bakeries/restaurants.

The other day Mrs. Baker told me that I had to check out–Insane Cookies in Pembroke Pines. Insane’s story…it’s a “fresh baked” cookie business (owned by Brandy Cohen) that shares space with a kosher/retail bakery- Master Cake Bakery in Pembroke Pines. You can order cookies 1 of 3 ways, place the order at the store, order online (, or call the store ((954) 800-0350). All of the cookies are baked to order-and Insane Cookies usually needs 48 hours lead-time. Mrs. Baker told me that Insane Cookies were absolutely incredible. Mrs. Baker also told me, that Insane Cookies will “bake” any combination–that your mind can conjure up. On the delivery front, Insane Cookies–pickup at the store, or Insane for a fee will have the cookies delivered to you.

Based on the “source” and some “internets” checking, Jeff Eats-placed a phone order with Brandy Cohen. I’ll have the cookies in a day or so–so I’ll let you guys know if Mrs. Baker came-up with a winner for us.

One final thought, just so you know- Jeff Eats “knows” his cookies…not to be a name dropper-or nothing, but in my day I’ve gotten from the best-like, Sutter’s Bakery, Glaser Bake Shop and William Greenberg Desserts–so I’m qualified to make the call-here!

In the meantime, take a look at the “list” of cookies- Insane Cookies has:

Cookie Flavors:
A – Cannibal – Classic Cookie with Mini Oreos
B – Chocoholic/PMS* – Chocolate Brownie Dough with Dark Chocolate Chips
C – Daddy Issues* – Chocolate Chips with Pecans
D – Day Dreamer (Piña Colada)*- Rum, Coconut Flakes & Pineapple Chunks
E – Delusions of Grandeur*- White Chocolate Chips, Macadamia Nuts & Caramel Bits
F – Exhibitionist* – White Chocolate Chips, Cranberries & Pistachio Nuts
✩ – Family Dysfunction*- Pumpkin Spice Dough with Creamy White Chocolate Chips (Seasonal Cookie)
G – Feeling Blue* – Lemon Dough with White Chocolate Chips & Blueberries
H – Homesick*- French Toast Dough topped with Cinnamon Sugar
I – Identity Crisis*- Peanut Butter Dough with Chocolate Chips, Peanut Butter Chips & Mini Reese’s Cups
J – Imposter* – Chocolate Brownie Dough with Raspberry Filling
K – Insomniac* – Coffee Flavored Dough with Extra Espresso Powder & Jumbo Dark Chocolate Chips (Mocha Espresso)
L – Martian Abduction* – Red Velvet Dough with White Chocolate Chips
M – Masochist * – Spicy Chocolate Brownie Dough with Chocolate Chips (Crushed Red Pepper added for “inferno hot”)
N – Mommy Issues* – Classic Chocolate Chip
✩ – Narcissist *- COMPLETELY CUSTOM- Choose Your Dough and Up To Any 3 Add-Ins
O – Peter Pan Complex* – Mini M&Ms & Sprinkles
P – Procrastinator* – Coffee Flavored Dough with White Chocolate Chips (Caffé Latte)
R – Shopaholic* – Classic Dough with four kinds of chips: Chocolate, Butterscotch, White Chocolate & Peanut Butter
S – Simply Nuts* – Peanut Butter Dough with Macadamia Nuts, Unsalted Peanuts & Walnuts
T – Sunshine Addiction – Butterscotch Chips & Pretzel Sticks
U – Thrill Seeker – Chocolate Brownie Dough with Green Mint M&Ms & Chocolate Covered Mint Pretzels
V – Wallflower – Cinnamon Oatmeal Dough with Raisins & Walnuts

Custom Assortment* – Choose any three cookie flavors per dozen
Sol’s Crazy Assortment – 2 dozen cookies, which includes 4 of each of these flavors: Cannibal, Chocoholic/PMS, Delusions of Grandeur, Identity Crisis, Mommy Issues and Procrastinator
Sol’s Kooky Assortment – 2 dozen cookies, which includes 4 of each of these flavors: Day Dreamer, Family Dysfunction, Feeling Blue, Homesick, Thrill Seeker and Wallflower
Sol’s Wacky Assortment *- 2 dozen cookies, which includes 4 of each of these flavors: Daddy Issues, Exhibitionist, Insomniac, Martian Abduction, Peter Pan Complex and Simply Nuts
Marta’s Loco Assortment *- 3 dozen cookies, which includes 36 of the most popular flavors