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Jeff Eats’ Food Blogger Qualifications

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* Jeff Eats’ Food a Blogger Qualification.

Recently received email from reader Mark Singer…


What qualifies you to be a food blogger whose taste should be followed?


Mark Singer:

Just had a chance to read your comment.

I was born in 1949.

For as long as I can remember-”THIS” was and still is -the best fast food restaurant in the United States…and that’s why I am qualified to be a food blogger whose taste should be followed.



PYT (Philadelphia)

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***** PYT, The Piazza At Schmidts, 1050 North Hancock Street, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania 19123, (215) 964-9003.

Unfortunately for us guys–PYT is located in Philadelphia and not South Florida. But what is, is!

Jeff Eats recently had a chance to “try” PYT and I gotta tell you that this wait-service/indoor seating/outdoor patio seating/full bar hamburger joint is absolutely positively off the chart.

No bs-ing here…PYT makes delicious hamburgers/fries/onion rings/shakes.

Take a look at the photos below. Trust Jeff Eats when I tell you, this joint “creates” some wild-wild burgers.

At this stage of the game you can check for menu/prices/photos/other info.

Like I said 9 seconds ago…PYT is in Philly so unless you are up for a nice long drive or a 2 1/2 hour flight…you’ll just have to use your imagination as- to how you would attack and eat those burgers.

PYT is open Monday-Friday 11:30am-2am, Saturday-Sunday 11am-2am.



The Livesays

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* The Livesays.

Sometimes “words” alone can’t describe how good or for that matter how bad something is!

With that in mind, go check-out the band The Livesays at for yourself.

This South Florida based-Rock n Roll covers/originals band is outrageously good. I’m talking “hit record recording” good.

If you want to see what a professional-top notch-band is suppose to sound, look and act like-then make it your business to catch The Livesays who play at bars/clubs/events/casinos all over South Florida.

Trust me on this, my words don’t even come close in describing how good The Livesays are.

Fast FoodItalian

Pasta Wow! (Margate)

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***** Pasta Wow!, 7372 West Atlantic Avenue, Margate, Florida 33063, (954) 532-3437.

Jeff Eats recently had a chance to try Pasta Wow! for lunch…

Real simple fast-food Italian concept going on here…order at the counter/delivered to your table.

The “formula” is printed below. Trust me nobody’s curing cancer here. That said, really enjoyed the penne/ala vodka/sesame battered chicken breast and the fettuccine/tomato basil/meatballs.

Now you know and Jeff Eats knows that Pasta Wow! is… a variation on a theme- make your own WHATEVER…

In any event,

Give the joint a try. The food was good. The portions large. Quick service. Good prices.

Pasta Wow! is open 7 days a week 11am-10pm.

For more info…
Step #1 – Select Your Pasta
*Penne $7.90
*Mafalda $7.90
*Pappardelle $7.90
*Rigatoni $7.90
*Fettuccine $7.90
*Spaghetti $7.90
*Bucatini $7.90
*Gnocchi $8.90
*No Pasta! $6.90
Seasonal Vegetables with sauce. (Low carb)
*Gluten Free $+1.00
Gluten Free, Whole Weat, Spinach, Tomato, And Semolina

Step #2 – Select Your Sauce
*Tomato Basil
*Ala Vodka
*Mushroom Ragu
*Basil Pesto
*Sun Dried Tomato Pesto
*Olive Pesto
*Cream Sauce
*Yellow Curry
*Green Curry
*Red Curry
*Stir Fry
*Additional Sauce Up $1.00

Step #3 – Select Your Protein
*Chicken Breast $2.90
Choose from pan seared, egg battered, or sesame battered.
*Meatballs $3.90
Beef or Turkey
*Shrimp $5.90
*Seafood Toss $5.90
*Tofu $2.90
*Seasonal Vegetables $2.00

*Creamy $5.00
Garden vegetable
*Gardener $5.00
Jerk Chicken & Veg

Wow Bites
*Fried Mac And Cheese $4.90
*Fried Mini Ravioli $4.90
Cheese Or Meat
*Gnocchi $4.90
*Mozzarella Stuffed Meatballs $5.90

*Ravioli $8.90
Cheese or Meat
*Lasagna $8.90
*Baked Mac & Cheese $8.90

*Nutty Ravioli $6.50
*Fruit & Cheese Ravioli $6.50
*Mid Earth Ravioli $6.50
*Chocolate Pasta $4.90
Dessert Sauces
*Dulce de Leche
*Creme Angles
*Infused Simple Syrup
*Fruit Coulis

Fast FoodJapanese

This Is Why They Almost Won The War!

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* This Is Why They Almost Won The War!

Watch this video…


Jack’s Hollywood Diner (Hollywood)

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***** Jack’s Hollywood Diner, 1031 North Federal Highway, Hollywood, Florida 33020, (954) 929-2888.

A recent email from reader Marc G.

Recently got hooked on
My wife and I eat out about three times a week.
We recently moved to Hallandale Beach from Bonita Springs.
Didn’t know about Jeff Eats until I read Boca Life’s story about you.
Your tastes seem similar to ours.
We also are in the same age bracket as you are.
We are originally from Queens with a 16 year stop over in fort Lee.
Just wondering, is there a really good 24 diner in the area?
We are often out late and really would appreciate someplace to go.
We tried Lester’s and found it just so so.
Thanks and keep up the great site.

Marc G.:

I’ll tell-if you promise to keep it a secret!

On average you will find Jeff Eats and Mrs. Jeff Eats at Jack’s Hollywood Diner something like twice a month.

Check Jeff Eats on April 18, 2011- nice story (if I do say so myself) about Jack’s which was originally named Freddie’s Diner when it first opened for business in 1953.



Fotoboyz Events (Boynton Beach)

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* Fotoboyz Events.

You guys do know that Jeff Eats and Mrs. Jeff Eats are very social animals…nothing for nothing, but we get invited to- way too many weddings, bar/mat mitzvahs, country club functions, anniversary parties, birthday parties, charity events, holiday parties but what is, is-so we dress up -go and “party” with people we basically don’t even know! Trust me, when you get into that 60ish age group, you’ll be invited to more “celebrations and parties” than you’ll know what to do with.


Some events are better than others-now to the point of this rant…

Jeff Eats recently came across Fotoboyz Events- a Boynton Beach based event planning company that has some of the most innovative ideas, decorations and equipment that I’ve seen down here in South Florida. In the past year or so- I’ve “seen” these guys at four different events and I gotta tell you that Fotoboyz ran a great casino, made amazing videos, did great airbrush tattoos and had me shooting basketball as if I were Lebron Who!


If the need ever arises for an event planner…

Fotoboyz Events (
Boynton Beach Mall
801 North Congress Avenue
boynton Beach, Florida 33426
(561) 756-0663.


Justin Willman (Palm Beach IMPROV-West Palm Beach)

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* Justin Willman.

Trust Jeff Eats on this one, magician/comedian Justin Willman will amaze and crack you up-all at the same time!

I’ve seen him-and he blew me away.

Loved this guy.

Just an idea…

You guys who live in “communities” with Social Directors- turn them onto Justin Willman- he is an absolute killer act!

Comedy/Magician Justin Willman
Friday, August 22-24
Palm Beach Improv, West Palm Beach, FL
21 & over
Two drink minimum
General Admission
$20.00 Tickets

Checkout his videos at


Rob Schneider (IMPOV-Fort Lauderdale)

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* Rob Schneider.

Go see this guy…he is really-really good!

You can catch tickets at


The Greatest Show!

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* The Greatest Show!

Jeff Eats recently received the following email.

I am a junior at FAU. Have been reading you for years. I am currently majoring in creative writing and like your style.
On a totally different topic I see that you have an extensive entertainment industry background. Just curious is there one show, concert or performance that stands out over all the others?



Interesting question.

As crazy as it may sound for a guy who has seen Elvis, Frank Sinatra, Queen, Ramones-there is one show that still amazes me and none of the above names were part of the show.

Don’t recall the exact date but it was definitely in the early 1970′s-and it was at the Improv in NYC. On that night I and the future Mrs. Jeff Eats saw comedians…Steve Landsberg, Robert Klein, Freddie Prinze, Jimmy JJ Walker, Franken & Davis (that’s Franken as in Senator Al Franken of Minnesota), David Brenner and Andy Kaufman. I will tell you that Kaufman came on last around 3am and performed a weird Elvis impression-by the way at that time he was a relative unknown…and most in the audience including Jeff Eats didn’t “know” that we we were watching the birth of a comic genius.

Thanks for asking…