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DISH OF THE WEEK (Sunday- 2/8/15- Kings County Pizza- North Miami Beach)


DISH OF ThE WEEK (Sunday- 2/8/15)


Kings County Pizza
18228 West Dixie Highway
North Miami Beach
(305) 792-9455
Latest Review: 3/24/14

Real simple story here, Kings County makes one of the best NY-style pizzas down here in sunny South Florida. Just so you know, this joint is basically a take-out, so don’t be planning on making a 63-person high school graduation party there. The beautiful thing about Kings County is that in addition to that thin/crisp/sweet sauce slice that drips the “requisite” oil when folded-and pointed down, the joint makes terrific garlic rolls and its subs are also right on the money. All in all, Jeff Eats gotta rate Kings County Pizza a homerun!

4 Comments to “DISH OF THE WEEK (Sunday- 2/8/15- Kings County Pizza- North Miami Beach)”

  1. Thechowfather says...

    One of the best NYvpies in town. Real deal. Grandma pie is great. Also highly recommend the baked ziti & the chicken parm hero.

  2. Jon G says...

    Sorry guys like I told you both before Steve’s runs circles around this place. Went there twice 1st time I got sick the slice I had must have been sitting out for hour’s. At Steve’s the pie doesn’t last out for more than 15 minutes. Second time it was just an OK slice.

    • Joey Adams says...

      Have gotten pizza 3 times from Kings County. Always delicious.

  3. The Chowfather says...

    Jon G, my last two visits to Steve’s were awful Huge downhill alert

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