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Mom’s New York Pizza (Miami Beach)

Posted on November 10th, 2021 · Fast Food Italian Miami Beach Pizza

***** Mom’s New York Pizza,1059 Collins Avenue #106, Miami Beach, Florida 33139, (305) 397-8844.

Got a real good pizza joint for you guys to checkout, Mom’s New York Pizza in Miami Beach.

Real simple tale to tell, hole in the wall takeout pizza joint- pizza by the slice/ calzones/ strombolis/ chicken wings-tenders/ garlic knots menu, order/pickup at counter, handful of inside window counter seats/outside counter-railing, “Covid” hours- open 7 days a week 12pm-12am, “normal” hours- open Monday-Wednesday 12pm—12am/ Thursday12pm-4am/ Friday-Saturday 12pm-6am/ Sunday 12pm-4am.

Last night Jeff Eats and Mrs. Jeff Eats “discovered” Mom’s New York Pizza and I gotta tell you guys- the joint’s New York Style Pizza (thin/crispy/sweet sauce/foldable/nice oil drip) was off the chart delicious!

No fancy schmancy outing- just 2 slices of cheese pizza and 2 cans of Coca Cola!

If you’re looking for quintessential NY Style Pizza… momsnypizzacom for menu/ prices/ info.

14 Comments to “Mom’s New York Pizza (Miami Beach)”

  1. Anna Bender says...

    Amazing pizza. Thin, crispy slices. A huge favorite with the late night crowd.

  2. John Gore says...

    The joint right near the beach has been around for something like 25 years. The listed hours tell the story, slices for the late night crowd. Sort of like Joe’s in Manhattan. And you are right delicious NY Style Pizza.

  3. Good no make that a Great recommendation.
    Love the slices.
    Natives and tourists lineup every night for the slices.

  4. Larry Vance says...

    Over the years I’ve eaten a ton and I do mean a ton of its slices. You are right, a real NY Slice.

  5. Peter Diaz says...

    43 years old.
    Born and bred in Miami.
    Can’t begin to count the number of Mom’s slices I’ve devoured in the early morning hours.
    I “think” they were terrific slices.

  6. Ben Lee says...

    My favorite pizza in Florida.
    Take it from this former NYer this pizza is good stuff.
    Caters to the late night crowd with humongous $6.99 slices. The math says to order a whole pie than by the slice.
    They also have daily deals like $6.99 which includes a slice and a soda.

  7. Mianny Castro says...

    After a night of drinking and partying Mom’s is the place to start the morning at.
    Been a regular for years and love the pizza.

  8. Doug Bostwick says...

    Love its pizza.
    Ive been there many times and never even once saw anyone eating anything but pizza.

  9. I have to rate its pizza as one of the best in south Florida.

  10. Delicious pizza.

  11. Dean Evans says...

    Big fan of this joint since my days at University of Miami 20 years ago.
    Love its pizza especially around 3am.

  12. Jeff,
    Can’t say for sure if its pizza is good or bad. I was so wasted back then 2001-2004 late at night that I didn’t know the difference. My friends back then loved the pizza but most of them were in the same condition as I was.

    Looking forward to getting a chance to return to the scene of the crime so to speak and give you an updated opinion.

    By the way, your Tucci recommendation of a few years ago hooked me beyond belief. Best coal oven pizza I’ve ever tasted.

  13. Marty Taub says...

    Great call here.
    Tried last night and the cheese slice and pepperoni slice that I had were delicious. Have to agree a real Ny slice. Originally from Queens, moved to Dania in 2016 and must say best Ny slice I’ve had since arriving.

  14. Danny Forte says...

    Had a slice there 2 nights ago.
    The slice was delicious.
    The joint reminds me of pizza slice joint Joe’s in NYC on East 14th Street.

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