D-Day, June 6th, 1944

Posted on June 6th, 2020 · Music/Events/Other

* D- Day, June 6th, 1944.

What would those 73,000 American troops think of America- June 6th, 2020?

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  1. Azureblue says...

    The vast majority of the 73,000 hero’s would be appalled and saddened at our countries current issues. Easier to burn down society instead of building it up for future generations. The Chinese Communists must be laughing at our stupidity. What made us the greatest nation this planet has ever known (cultural diversity) is now killing us…

  2. Carl H says...

    Let me get this straight, some of the protesters are demanding that we do away with police departments. Just curious, who’s gonna protect us against the looters and rioters and robbers and rapists and burglars.

    these people are out of their fu@king minds.

    The troops on D-Day would be shocked at what America is today.

  3. Vietnam Vet says...

    So if I’m following this story, because I’m white I have to give everything I worked 35 years for to some black hoodlum and then thank them for taking it from me.
    Now you know what I carry a semi automatic.
    I dare you to try and take something from me.

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