Win A $25 Zinger’s Delicatessen Gift Card (Boca Raton)

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* Win A $25 Zinger’s Delicatessen Gift Card.

Jeff Eats got a $25 Zinger’s Delicatessen Gift Card for one of you guys!

The game- the first 20 “reader-comments” received – will be entered in a “blind hat pick”! You can submit as many comments as you’d like but- Please, only 1- reader comment – per day…play fair!

The $25 Gift Card is good at Zinger’s Delicatessen, 7132 Beracasa Way, Boca Raton, Florida 33433, (561) 826-7323. Check for menu/prices/info.

Posted on August 26th, 2012

* “Zinger’s Delicatessen–1 Year Anniversay”

About a year-ago, I told you guys about Zinger’s Delicatessen which had just opened in Boca Raton. One year later–some things bear repeating…

Zinger’s Delicatessen is one of the best, if not the best–New York Kosher Style Deli in South Florida.

I have “reprinted” Jeff Eats’ August 18, 2011 review…and it needs “only” three minor changes:
1: Zinger’s is open 7 days a week for lunch/dinner and for breakfast on Saturday-Sunday,
2: Zinger’s “current” potato knishes are as good as the pushcart-ones I mentioned.
3: Zinger’s website is up and running.

If real New York Kosher Style deli is you game, you gotta try Zinger’s Delicatessen!

***** Zinger’s Delicatessen, 7132 Beracasa Way, Boca Raton, Florida 33433, (561) 826-7323.

If, delicious- New York Kosher Style Deli is your game—you absolutely, positively have to give Zinger’s Delicatessen in Boca Raton a try.

For you fressers out there…Zinger’s in a “former” life, was Pastrami Queen (see 9/12/08 writeup)…to make a long story short, family “matters” resulted in Pastrami Queen closing in late 2010. This past Tuesday, Zinger’s opened for business—for our purposes, SAME OWNER!–NEW “NYC” DECOR!–SAME TERRIFIC FOOD!

Last night I ate dinner at Zinger’s.

Zinger’s is located in the exact-spot where Pastrami Queen was. Gary Zinger who owned Pastrami Queen is Zinger’s owner. The restaurant’s layout hasn’t changed, but the decor has…let’s just say, that stainless steel walls/ceiling and art-deco signage rival the best-deli decor here and in NYC. The joint has 3-flat screen tvs and a takeout counter that will make you want to quit Weight Watchers.

Let’s talk food…

To be perfectly honest with you, I seriously doubt that there is a better New York Kosher Style Deli down here in South Florida. I’ll even go so-far as to say, Zinger’s Delicatessen can easily hold its own with legendary players like NYC’s- Carneige, Stage, 2nd Avenue and Katz’s delis…if you aren’t a native Nooo Yoorker, please feel free to insert your hometown favorite delis’ names.

Just so you know, I was a Pastrami Queen “regular”…so, it was absolutely impossible to eat-at Zinger’s, shall we say incognito. The meal was “on the arm” with Gary Zinger literally having me “try” everything in the joint. Take it for what it’s worth, the pastrami, corned beef, brisket, turkey off the bone are as good as it gets. The joint also makes- delicious, potato pancakes-chopped liver-tuna salad-chicken salad-matzoh ball soup-smashed French fries-Italian beef sub.

Just so we are straight…don’t want you to think that I’m a Zinger’s shill—I’ve eaten better potato knishes—like the ones my father, brother Andy and I use to get in 1958 from the pushcart stationed right outside of Fortunoff on Livonia Avenue in Brooklyn while waiting for my mother to finish shopping.

Trust me on this…Zinger’s is a homerun.

Like I said before, I tried a load of stuff. I will tell you, that the sandwiches being delivered to the tables were nice-sized… I didn’t see one group leave without a doggy bag… and no one bitched to Gary about the service/prices.

Zinger’s website is www.zingersdelicom. The site is currently under construction, so give it some-time to get up and running.

Zinger’s does breakfast, lunch and dinner…The joint is open 7 days a week 7am-10pm.

21 Comments to “Win A $25 Zinger’s Delicatessen Gift Card (Boca Raton)”

  1. Andy Gold says...

    Hands down the best NY Kosher Style Deli in Florida.

  2. Ken Hefner says...

    They make the best pastrami on rye in Florida.

  3. Carol says...


  4. Don Fein says...

    This deli is terrific.

  5. Mark Hayward says...

    i need a good take out place please pick me

  6. Tracey says...

    I love Zinger’s! Best pastrami and corned beef around. But don’t overlook their Mish Mosh soup, which is their homemade chicken soup with a matzoh ball, kreplach and kasha varnishkas all mixed in! With Passover a few days away, I would love to win this gift card to treat my parents to a home-based seder filled with Zinger’s fabulous brisket and tzimmes! Thanks for your generosity, Jeff, and keep doing the great job you do!

  7. Jason M. says...

    Pastrami would make everything better right now.

  8. Scott A. says...


  9. George Stutman says...

    They make the most delicious pastrami.

  10. Mark Hayward says...

    do they have good pickles?

  11. Tracey says...

    My family loves Zinger’s and I would love to win this gift card to treat my parents to a beautiful Passover at home full of all of their Zinger’s favorites! Thanks you for this generous contest, Jeff, and for keeping all of us smiling!

  12. Jason M. says...

    Thanks for the opportunity to win, Jeff.

  13. Don Fein says...

    Zinger’s food i outstanding.

  14. Andy Gold says...

    I love their corned beef.

  15. Joe Wasserman says...

    This is the best NY Kosher Style Deli in Florida.I and my family eat there at least once a month and the food is the real deal.

  16. Abe Rosen says...

    Zinger’s is a terrific restaurant.
    Its food is delicious.
    If you can tell me the name of a better deli, tell me!

  17. Jason M. says...

    Happy Passover to all!

  18. Mark Hayward says...

    Happy Pesach

  19. Dan Fein says...

    This is by far and away the best NY KOSHER STYLE DELI in South Florida.

  20. Andy Gold says...

    Please pick me.

  21. Best pastrami on rye and french fries.

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