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0ld School Philly (Boca Raton)

Posted on October 7th, 2019 · American Boca Raton Fast Food Subs/Salads

***** Old School Philly, 20642 State Road 7, Boca Raton, Florida 33498, (561) 488-9606.

Got an absolutely dynamite Philly Cheesesteak joint for you guys to checkout- Old School Philly in Boca Raton.

Real simple tale to tell- Old School Philly opened something like 3 weeks ago, order at counter/food delivered to- handful of inside tables/2 outside tables, steak & chicken Philly cheesesteaks/ hand cut fresh French fries menu, 3 large flat screen tvs showing sports events, modern stainless steel decor.

Yesterday afternoon- Jeff Eats and 3 old Ithaca College buddies discovered Old School Philly and I gotta tell you guys that all 4 of us rated the joint’s cheesesteaks and fries- absolutely delicious!

Now, you guys and Jeff Eats both know that many “people” are extremly finicky as to what is and what isn’t a top-notch Philly Cheesesteak! With that in mind, I gotta tell you that Brooklyn born and bred Jeff Eats and Ithaca College buddies, Asbury Park born and bred Paul and Allen rated the steak and chicken cheesesteaks we had- off the chart dynamite! Philly born and bred Ithaca College buddy Len the “self proclaimed Philly cheesesteak expert” said and I quote…”Old School Philly’s cheesesteaks were delicious and better than, Pat’s, Geno’s, Woodrow’s, Dalessandro’s, Tony Luke’s and Steve’s- and almost as good as Barry’s, Jim’s and Philip’s cheesesteaks.”

Let me wrap Old School Philly up by saying- this joint is an absolute must try!

Old School Philly is open 7 days a week 11am-7pm.

You can check menu/prices/info at

11 Comments to “0ld School Philly (Boca Raton)”

  1. Danny O says...

    If their cheesesteaks are better than Dalessandro’s I’m definitely trying Old School Philly because Dalessandro’s are amazing.

  2. Ron Costello says...

    I heard that Steve Rao the guy who owned Direct From Philly which was located in a chevron gas staton on Hillsboro in deerfield Beach is involved with Old School Philly. If he is the cheesesteaks are going to be terrific.

  3. Carlo V says...

    Picked up a Steak Old School with ff.
    One of the best Philly cheesesteaks Ive ever eaten.
    Great recommendation.

  4. Tom Esposito says...

    If this joint’s cheesesteaks are better than Tony Luke’s I’m going to try it. I love Tony Luke’s food.

  5. Jason M. says...

    You introduced me to Direct From Philly. Now, you’ve introduced me to what seems like another winner. Can’t wait to try this place.
    And I’m with Tom Esposito: Tony Luke’s is the gold standard for cheesesteaks in Philly. Used to stop there every time I visited Philly.

  6. Ralph Kramer says...

    Your buddy has been to some of Philly’s joints.
    If he rate Old School Philly better than Tony Luke’s, that says a lot. Going to try Old School this week.

  7. Andy Gold says...

    I had a Chicken Bacon Ranch and Loaded Fries for lunch and both were delicious.

  8. Marc V says...

    I had The Rocky and my gf had the Fast Filly and both sandwiches were amazing. We actually took home 2 halves as te sandwiches were too big to finish in the restaurant. We also shares the ff which were also delicious.

  9. Young Court says...

    Outrageously delicious philly cheeesesteaks.
    Great recommendation.

  10. Ron Gold says...

    Their Philly cheesesteaks ar amazing. My buddies I ate there yesterday and the food was terrific.

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