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DISH OF THE WEEK (Sunday- 9/8/19- China Hollywood- Hollywood)

Posted on September 8th, 2019 · Chinese Dish Of The Week

***** DISH OF THE WEEK (Sunday- 9/8/19- China Hollywood).

One of Jeff Eats’ favorite menu items…


China Hollywood
3605 Hollywood Boulevard
(954) 966-9600.
Latest Review: 4/13/11

Definitely one of the best Brooklyn Jewish American Chinese Restaurants circa 1957 in South Florida. If this joint was a drop closer to Jeff Eats and Mrs. Jeff Eats’ Boca Raton abode- we would definitely be real steady customers. That said, since 2011 we’ve still managed to get to China Hollywood on average something like 6 times a year!

Posted on April 13th, 2011

***** China Hollywood, 3605 Hollywood Boulevard, Hollywood, Florida 33021, (954) 966-9600.

Literally-every day, old Jeff Eats gets asked…”What’s a really good Chinese restaurant down here.” For those of you who live or work in Hollywood–try China Hollywood.

At this stage of the proceedings check for menu/prices.

Recently did dinner at this joint–and I gotta tell you, the food was very-good. My outing netted me–egg rolls, bbq ribs, pan fried dumplings, wonton soup, roast pork fried rice, shrimp with black bean sauce, sweet and sour chicken, pepper steak with onions…like I just mentioned, the food was very-good.

I’m gonna go out on a limb here…China Hollywood’s food is probably better, that’s right better–than your favorite neighborhood joint. If this joint was in my neighborhood, it would definitely have me as a steady customer.

As you guys know, what consitutes good food is a very subjective thing. With that in mind, I’m telling you that China Hollywood passed Jeff Eats’ Brooklyn-taste test with flying colors.

China Hollywood is open Sunday-Thursday 11am-10pm and Friday-Saturday 11am-11pm.

31 Comments to “DISH OF THE WEEK (Sunday- 9/8/19- China Hollywood- Hollywood)”

  1. Elizabeth Hanlon says...

    Me and a friend went today because of this article. It was so gross we walked out without eating much of the food. It was disgusting. We paid but could not stomach this food. Also, several hours later my friend was in the toilet sick from food poisoning. I want the food critic that posted the article to pay us back the $34.00 we paid for lunch at this place. It was very gross.

    • Fred D says...

      My wife and I have been eating there for years with the last time being 2 weeks ago and the food was delicious.

    • Joe Kennedy says...

      Personally I think that your review is full of shit. On the chance that it’s legit, why don’t you ask the restaurant for your money back? Jeff just gives an opinion, and nothing more. As I said, you’re probably full of shit.

    • Calvin Robinson says...

      So now the reviewer is responsible for lousy food. You are out of your mind. Complain to the restaurant who made the food not the person who did a story on the restaurant.

    • Ted Feder says...

      You can’t be serious. You got a problem, go get your money back from the joint that served it to you, not the guy who wrote an article.

    • Gabby Robinson says...

      You sound like an idiot.
      If anyone owes you anything it’s the restaurant.

    • Nick E says...

      Photo of Benny N.
      Benny N.
      Honolulu, HI
      From Yelp
      I’ve been looking for a good Chinese food and this is the place!! They have the best BBQ spare ribs I’ve ever had and the rice is superb!!
      They give you good size portions and you definitely leave satisfied.
      I highly recommend this restaurant.

      Hey Liz,
      ————Go Sue Yelp.
      Nick E

    • Rose Golden says...

      You sound like a nut.
      If you had a problem with a restaurant’s food you should complain to the restaurant not a blog writer.

    • George C says...

      Are you crazy?

      You sound like a screwball.
      You got a problem with a restaurant’s food you complain to the restaurant not a writer of an article.

    • Ellen G says...

      Ive been eating there for years.
      The food has always been fresh and delicious.
      If you have a problem talk to the owner about a refund not Jeff Eats.
      Use some common sense, Jeff Eats didn’t make the food, the restaurant did.

    • Greg Hines says...

      Do you know how stupid you sound asking Jeff to refund you your money?
      Maybe the restaurant owes you something, but Jeff owes you nothing. For crying out loud, he didn’t cook the food. He didn’t get money from you. All he did was to write about the restaurant.

    • Roslyn Bender says...

      Here’s a recent Yelp review.
      See if Yelp will refund your money.

      Good quality for the price you pay. Very affordable and quick Chinese. I love the moo shu vegetables best. They also have good garlic string beans and broccoli.

    • Harry Gottlieb says...

      You’re a freaking dope.
      You got a bitch, go bitch at the restaurant, not Jeff.

    • Dodi says...

      You are an absolute moron.
      Get a md to put you on medication.

    • Kit Karson says...

      You are a dope.

    • Henry Taub says...

      You are dumb with a capital D.

    • Tom Costello says...

      Did you get Jeff’s check yet?
      You’re an idiot.
      Tom Ccstello

    • Young Court says...

      Did you get JEFF’s check yet?

      You are a dope.

  2. Azureblue says...

    Liz, you truly are an idiot.
    If you use shampoo and it gets in your eyes and you are temporarily blinded, are you going to sue Walmart or file suit on your friend that told you that it was a great shampoo?
    Sadly, we live in a culture that no one takes personal responsibility and they blame everyone else for their failures.
    Unreal just unreal, Azure

  3. Ivy K says...

    I ate in China Hollywood 2 weeks ago with my bf and we really enjoyed the food and neither one of us got food poisoning.

  4. From: Elizabeth Hanlon Subject: You owe us our money back’

    Message Body:
    Me and a friend went Hollywood China Hollywood today because of the article you wrote. It was so gross we walked out without eating much of the food. It was disgusting. We paid but could not stomach this food. Also, several hours later my friend was in the toilet sick from food poisoning. I want the food critic that posted the article to pay us back the $34.00 we paid for lunch at this place. It was very gross. We both got sick from it. You are not a good person for recommending this place to the general public. Is this so sick joke? Karma is real.

    • Brenda W says...

      First it was your friend who got sick, now you both got sick.
      Crazy as it sounds, but both of you really are sick, that’s sick in the head that you think a writer owes you money for food made by a restaurant. Time for you to get a life.

    • Andy Gold says...

      You need some very serious psychiatric care.

    • Anthony Franza says...

      I’ll bet you a buck that your one of those people out there who actually believes that Hillary Clinton really beat Trump.

    • Ken Goldner says...

      Are you on drugs or something? Get help.

    • TURNER says...

      Your nuts.
      So if I read you right, every food critic in the world and that means everyone in the world owes you money back if you don’t like their picks.
      Time for you to take your medications.

    • Carl Furillo says...

      Go away.

    • Arnold Stang says...

      Thanks for the laugh.

    • Pablo U says...

      Lady, you mucho loco.

    • Steve Sinclair says...

      I’m looking but I can’t find anyone here who doesn’t think you’re a fool.

      By the way I’ve eaten in/taken out from China Hollywood countless of times and the food has ALWAYS been delicious.

      See Ya!

  5. Schmen says...

    Liz, could bankrupt the Sun Sentinel with all of the restaurant reviews it has made over the years.
    What a hoot.

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