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Master Impersonators The Edwards Twins & National Headline Touring Comedian- Sarge (Coral Springs Center For The Arts- Coral Springs)

Posted on March 26th, 2019 · American Coral Springs Fast Food Music/Events/Other

This article first appeared on October 3, 2018. Just checked the Coral Springs Center For The Arts’ box office ( and there are a handful of really good tickets left to see Sarge and The Edwards Twins. Trust Jeff Eats on this one, this is gonna be a killer show! The bet here is that Sarge and The Edwards Twins is gonna be a SRO affair, so if you wanna go and don’t yet have tickets- I’d suggest that you get busy!

Posted on October 3rd, 2018.

* Master Impersonators The Edwards Twins & National Headline Touring Comedian – Sarge.
Tickets just went on sale…

Trust Jeff Eats on this one- awesome and I do mean AWESOME show!

The bet here- SRO! So if you wanna go, buy tickets NOW!

The Skinny:

Master Impersonators The Edwards Twins & National Headline Touring Comedian – Sarge

Friday, March 29, 2019 at 8:00 pm

Coral Springs Center For The Arts
2855 Coral Springs Drive
Coral Springs, Florida 33065
Box Office: (954) 344-5990

from the

Direct from Las Vegas, The Edwards Twins, The Brothers Who Look and Sound Like The Stars, is the Number 1 Identical twin and impersonation show in the world. The most unique show you will ever see. People Magazine Raved, “Flawless vocals & visuals, the Edwards Twins in many ways are better than watching the real thing.” -EXTRAORDINARY TALENT!- THE NBC TODAY SHOW

No lip-syncing to the original Stars. To hear and see them go to

Anthony & Eddie Edwards are considered by most of the major newspapers, magazine and TV shows in the country as the most talented twins in the world today. Whether it’s playing piano, dancing, acting, singing or doing over 100 impressions of the top super stars in the world, The Edwards Twins will WOW all age groups from 5 years old to 100.

The host of THE NBC TODAY SHOW said,”it’s the most phenomenal act I have ever seen in my lifetime.”

If you love Vocal impressionists like Rich little or Danny Ganz or shows like La Cage or Legends In Concert, You will love The Edwards Twins and their DEAD ON impressions of Barbra Streisand, Andrea Bocelli Bette Midler, Elton John, Neil Diamond, Billy Joel, Tina Turner, Cher, Rod Stewart, Pavarotti, Diana Ross, Elvis, Stevie Wonder, and Ray Charles just to name a few all in one show. You can see the live at

The Boston Globe amazingly wrote, The Look-a-likes are startling and amazing! These Celebrities illusionists will make you forget that you’re watching a pair of identical twins, and make you think you’re in Las Vegas watching a night of 100 Stars.

Now in their 20th year, The Edwards twins will be one of the best show you will ever see in your life time.

Sarge is an extraordinary entertainer. A triple threat. A musical piano savant and amazing improvisational comedian and singer.

He is an entertainer who has performed worldwide to adoring audiences. His sidesplitting comedy, touching vocals and stunning display of dexterity as a pianist have wowed crowds for decades.

He is one of the highest energy, multi-talented acts in show business today. Not only a hysterical stand-up comedian, Sarge sings in his own voice and in a dozen others including Harry Connick Jr, Sammy Davis Jr, Lionel Richie and Stevie Wonder. Additionally, his dead on impressions of Marv Albert, Mike Tyson, Kermit the Frog and Gilbert Gottfried leave audiences howling and clamoring for more.

Triple threats who don’t dance are hard to find in show business today. With his mix of comedy, singing and piano playing, SARGE is a legitimate triple threat and a rare find.

8 Comments to “Master Impersonators The Edwards Twins & National Headline Touring Comedian- Sarge (Coral Springs Center For The Arts- Coral Springs)”

  1. Ellen Kaplowitz says...

    Ive seen both The Edwards Twins and Sarge twice and they both put on a fabulous show. You are right, this show will be awesome.

  2. Lo Lo says...

    Two very entertaining acts. saw both last year at the Boca Black Box and loved both shows.

  3. Sarge alone is worth the price of admission.
    He is hilarious.

  4. Drew G says...

    Saw the show last night.
    The Edwards Twins are strictly for blue collar Branson Crowd. Really not very good.

    Sarge is very funny, that is if you’re Jewish. If not, nothing to him. Now i know why he is such a big hit in s Florida.

  5. Linda Rosen says...

    My husband and I saw the show. Sarge was very funny, The Edwards Twins were very disappointing. Very corny act. They were a waste of time.

  6. Fran T says...

    6 of us in the second row left at intermission. The Edwards Twins were an embarrassment as to how amateurish their act is. Can’t understand how they have such a huge following.

  7. Carl W says...

    My wife and I saw the show. We had great seats in the 3rd row dead center. Sarge was terrific. The Edwards Twins sucked. Being so close, you can really see the lousy makeup they use and that they look nothing like the people they impersonate. The brother who does the female characters is much better than the brother who does the men. If it wasn’t for Sarge we would have walked out.

  8. Beth Robinson says...

    The Edwards Twins are one of the corniest acts I have ever seen. Unless you’re a hillbilly from Tenn. you will be bored out of your mind from their amateurish show. On the other hand, if your Jewish you would have pissed your pants from laughing when Sarge was on. The guy saved the show.

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