President George H.W. Bush

Posted on December 5th, 2018 · Music/Events/Other

* President George H.W. Bush.

All I can tell you guys- is that I voted for him twice!

If he had won a second term…

I’m thinking…

Just for starters:

Dan Quayle followed Bush, was elected President and to this very day- no American knows how to correctly spell.

No President Bill Clinton
No Monica Lewinsky
No Almost President Al Gore
No President George W. Bush
No War In Iraq
No War In Afghanistan
No President Barack Obama
No Almost President Hillary Clinton
No President Donald Trump

11 Comments to “President George H.W. Bush”

  1. Andy Gold says...

    Right on the money.

  2. Fred W says...

    Very interesting.

    He was a very special man.

  3. LA G says...

    I also voted for him 2x.
    You are right, things would look a lot different now if he had been re-elected.
    For sure, his son would never have been President who ended up destabilizing the whole Middle East by starting the Iraq War.

  4. Hank D says...

    No question about it, most of the events you mentioned would never have happened.

  5. TURNER says...

    He was a terrific man.

  6. Azureblue says...

    Jeff, you are right on the money my friend. He was an incredible man and our country lost a true patriot.

  7. Tom Henry says...

    He was a great man.

  8. KLEINMAN says...

    He was a great president.

  9. Anthony Franza says...

    Really appreciate your take on things.

  10. Ron Gold says...

    Love that Dan Quayle line.

    • js says...

      Ron – you always been a douche bag?

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