Plastic Straws!

Posted on July 24th, 2018 · Music/Events/Other

* Plastic Straws!

Just read the below article at

I say- there are way too many doomsayers running around this country…


How many years does it take to decompose a…
-plastic bag: 10-500 years
-plastic straw: up to 200 years
-plastic water bottle: 450 years
-plastic beverage container: 500+ years
-plastic 6 pack holder: 450 years

-pop can: about 50 years
-hairspray bottle: 200-500 years
-Aluminum can: 200 years

-glass bottles- possibly over 1,000,000 years
-wine bottle- (considered a glass bottle)- over 1,000,000

-styrofoam cup- will never decompose
-wax milk carton- up to 50 years
-tinfoil- will never decompose
-cardboard- 2 months

13 Comments to “Plastic Straws!”

  1. Lo Lo says...

    I’m with you, I think this pollution hysteria is nothing but a load of nonsense.

  2. Joey D says...

    You guys remember when NYC Mayor Bloomberg tried to limit soda cup sizes so you wouldn’t drink soda?

    This country is freaking out of control with liberal do goiders.

  3. TURNER says...

    BS as usual.

  4. mark says...

    Visit mount trashmore or google plastic in our oceans. I always tell my server not to bring as straw i don’t use them anyway so its a waste of money for them and they don’t end up in mount trashmore

  5. Carl Furillo says...

    Banning plastic straws ABSURD!

    Amazing what people come up. FOOLS!

  6. Ken Danson says...

    Banning straws.
    Dumb is dumb!

  7. Ellen G says...

    This is why sensible people put Trump in the WH.
    This country has so many crazy people running around that it’s actually scary.

    Banning plastic straws isnt going to change anything.

  8. MS says...

    Straws used to be paper, back when cups were paper with wax coating.

    Also not sure how glass can decompose … I donn’t get it but I sure like candy bars 🙂

  9. Why don’t these nut jobs leave the American alone? As if banning plastic straws will change anything.

  10. Tom says...

    I’m going to hoard plastic straws to show these tree huggers that they can’t infringe upon my right to bear plastic straws.

  11. Leslie says...

    I am gob smacked by the lack of concern for the environment in the oceans shown in the comments on this website… I would prefer this website would be about food and entertainment, but since it ventures into politics, I am shocked at the cavalier attitude regarding the effect of plastics on the oceans. We live in South Florida, people… We have to care about our Ocean. The ocean isn’t conservative or liberal, it’s not Democrat or Republican. Do you really want endangered turtles swallowing plastic straws? Would you be OK with your domestic pets swallowing classic straws? Why are you OK if it happens with turtles, or fish? Geez.

    • Gina L says...

      I say screw the turtles.

    • Andy Brown says...

      You obviously don’t appreciate how Jeff Eats works.

      Jeff throws out a topic and our Comments write the story.

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