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National Cheese Day

* National Cheese Day.

Bet you guys a nickel that until 2 seconds ago-not one of you had any idea that this coming Monday, June 4th was National Cheese Day!

While we’re on the subject of- making a big deal out of nothing, here’s a recent e-mail which Jeff Eats received from Boar’s Head about this very special “day” 😂…

Hi, I hope you had a great holiday weekend!

Now that we’re back to work, I wanted to see if you had a chance to review my last email? National Cheese Day is June 4th, a day where Americans will indulge in cheesy goodness! Boar’s Head has shared a few key statistics about Americans love for cheese and even discovered that 9 out of 10 respondents would eat multiple servings of cheese every day if they could! Please consider using the infographic (attached) and statistics in my previous email in any stories surrounding cheese in the future.


From: Demarquis McIntyre
Sent: Thursday, May 24, 2018 11:12 AM
To: Demarquis McIntyre
Subject: 87% Americans Prefer Cheese Over Coffee, Chocolate, & Alcohol!

Hello – June 4 marks National Cheese Day, so I’m sending around information and data points surrounding America’s love for cheese on behalf of Boars’ Head. I hope you find these intriguing!

America’s love for cheese is undeniable, from sandwiches, to salads, to wedding cakes; cheese can be paired with almost any food group. To help celebrate National Cheese Day, Boar’s Head Brand® surveyed Americans on their overall feelings towards cheese and uncovered some interesting findings. It turns out, America’s love for cheese is so deep that 87 percent of respondents noted that they would give up either coffee, chocolate, or alcohol before giving up cheese! Some additional findings included the following:

67 percent noted that they could name more than 5 cheese varieties if asked
If they could, nine out of ten respondents would eat multiple servings of cheese every day
When asked if cheese were banned where they live, 2/3 of respondents (66 percent) would either definitely move, strongly consider it, or possibly move.

Boar’s Head also compiled online cheese-related data in the Southern region of the U.S. – here are their findings:
It’s Unanimous: Cheddar Cheese holds the largest online cheese audience in the South.
Texas Stands Out: Mozzarella cheese is the 3rd largest online cheese in every state except Texas, where Swiss comes 3rd.
Dallas & Houston Separate from Texas: Proportionally, Swiss Cheese holds the largest online audience in Texas, but Cheddar Cheese holds the crown in Houston and Dallas.

Boar’s Head cheeses use the same exacting standards for quality as its premium meats. Boar’s Head Brand® travels the globe to find the most passionate, artisan cheesemakers who employ these standards to ensure exceptional taste.

For additional information, please see Boar’s Head cheese infographic (attached) or refer to the official press release linked below.

Boar’s Head Cheese Press Release

Please don’t hesitate with any questions, we hope you consider Boar’s Head in your Cheese Day coverage.

On Behalf of Boar’s Head

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