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Great Value Fudge Graham Cookies (Walmart Supercenter- Delray Beach)

Posted on May 14th, 2018 · American Delray Beach Desserts Fast Food

Great Value Fudge Graham Cookies.

Real simple tale for you guys, yesterday afternoon Jeff Eats bought a package of Walmart’s house brand- Great Value Fudge Graham Cookies (13oz- $1.28) at the Walmart Supercenter, 16205 South Military Trail, Delray Beach, Florida 33484- and all I can tell you guys is that these cookies are Lousy and that’s Lousy with a capital “L”…

Look, I know I’m making a subjective call here- but in my day I’ve eaten my fair share of fudge graham cookies and I’m just telling you guys- L O U S Y is being kind! This may sound nuts, but the chocolate literally had no taste- at least to my tastebuds it didn’t!

For you guys who want to find-out for yourselves…

You can check for store locations/product information.

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