iPic Theaters- Thank You Teachers (Boca Raton, North Miami Beach)

* iPic Theaters- Thank You Teachers.

If I’m reading this one correctly, tomorrow (Tuesday, May 8th)- active teachers with (ID) receive a free ticket at the box-office!

Now, you guys and I know that we got a ton of retired teachers living here in Florida…

Now the question to be answered, do retired teachers who present an ID get a ticket? It would seem to me, that retired teachers don’t qualify- but then again, a well spun story- may work at the box-office!

Check for more information.

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  1. Donny M says...

    There are going to be a whole lot of burglaries in the Valencias on Tuesday. I think that every home there has a retired NYC school teacher living there. What I’d do is just show my NYC ID and I’m sure they’ll get a free ticket. The cashiers aren’t going to argue with anyone.

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