Council Oak Steaks & Seafood (Hard Rock Hotel & Casino- Hollywood)

Posted on March 5th, 2018 · American Hollywood Seafood

Council Oak Steaks & Seafood, 1 Seminole Way, Hollywood, Florida 33314, (954) 327-7501.

Jeff Eats first told you guys about Council Oak Steaks & Seafood back on January 9, 2007- that ‘review’ is down-below! Until last night’s dinner, Jeff Eats (as a guest of one of the Casino’s “players”) hadn’t been back!

Just a quick note, absolutely nothing whatsoever has changed at the Council Oak Steaks & Seafood with its food being just FAIR, its service just FAIR and its menu being OVERPRICED.

Let me go one step further and tell you guys that – free or not free, Council Oak Steaks & Seafood is an absolute waste of time and money!


Posted on January 9th, 2007

Council Oak Steaks & Seafood
1 Seminole Way
Seminole Hard Rock Hotel & Casino
Hollywood, Florida 33314
(954) 327-7501

This “upscale” steak-seafood joint is located in the Hard Rock Hotel & Casino in Hollywood, Florida. I had dinner there last Saturday night (January 6, 2007).

Council Oak’s food is FAIR. Council Oak’s wait-service is FAIR. Council Oak’s menu is OVERPRICED.

There is absolutely no reason whatsoever for you to eat at this restaurant, unless you are a guest of the Seminole Indians or some one else.

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  1. Joe Kennedy says...

    Council is a disaster. Everything about it is second rate. Way overpriced is an understatement.
    What amazes me is that NYY in the Seminole Coconut Creek is terrific.
    Anyone who really pays to eat in the Council is an idiot.

  2. Tom says...

    My wife and I tried Council Oak once. Nothing special at all from the service to the food and yes, WAY overpriced. Since then we had tickets for a show and went into the lounge for some soup & filet tidbits before the show. Service was slow and then Mick Fleetwood came in and sat down. It was magic, everyone else that was in the lounge became invisible to the waitstaff. We were not the only party that walked out after complaining to the Management. we’ve had much better meals at Chuck’s Steakhouse or Tropical Acres. Hell, the Flo’s Filet I had Saturday at Longhorn was way better than C.O.

  3. Carl Furillo says...

    Council Oak could not stay in business unless it was in the casino. Loads of people are comped. The food and service absolutely stink. As for prices totally outrageous.

  4. Dan S says...

    My wife and I ate there several years ago. Suffice it to say once was enough. A total ripoff.

  5. MS says...

    35 years ago in Atlantic City hey day. Watching comped players overeat on crap.

    If it’s free some folks will take it regardless of the poor quality, rushed service and cattle car atmosphere.

    I just don’t get it.

  6. Dennis W says...

    Absolute crap.

  7. Carmine Diaz says...

    This restaurant is a disaster.
    Lousy food.
    Lousy service.

  8. John Presley says...

    Four of us ate there about 2 months ago.
    The food was absolute garbage.
    As for service, not even once did the waiter refill water or drink glasses during the meal.

  9. SMITH says...

    Ate there last night for the first time. Sorry I didnt read your review before I wasted my time and money. LOUSY!

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