Villa Rose Pizza (Hollywood)

Posted on November 25th, 2017 · Hollywood Italian Pizza

***** Villa Rose Pizza, 1114 State Road 7, Hollywood, Florida 33021, (954) 983-7660.

Literally 2 minutes ago Jeff Eats received the below email…

My wife and I are staying at the Hard Rock Hotel & Casino in Hollywood. We arrived yesterday and we are scheduled to checkout and return to our home in Bonita Springs this coming Tuesday. Both of us are long time Jeff Eats’ readers and have enjoyed your various picks and thoughts. We were wondering if you could recommend a reasonably priced real casual mom & pop red sauce Italian joint to us which is close by the Hard Rock Hotel & Casino?

Thank you,

John Donaldson


John Donaldson,

Got the perfect joint for you and your wife, Villa Rose Pizza, 1114 State Road 7, Hollywood, Florida 33021, ((954) 983-7660, which is something like a 10 minute drive from the Seminole Hard Rock Hotel & Casino in Hollywood!

Delicious food. Great service. Reasonable prices. Cool 1950’s decor/vibe!

Take a look at Jeff Eats’ Villla Rose Pizza- June 22, 2017 story…

Trust Jeff Eats on this one, Villa Rose Pizza is off the chart good!


Thanks for reading!

Jeff Eats

20 Comments to “Villa Rose Pizza (Hollywood)”

  1. Boca_Tim says...

    My family has been going to this charming hole in the wall for years and we really like it

  2. Carl Furillo says...

    Great recommendation.
    Terrific pizza and red sauce food.
    My wife and I have been eating there for years.

  3. Joe Kennedy says...

    Definitely one of the best pizza joints in Florida.

  4. Anthony Franza says...

    You did this guy a real solid.
    Villa Rose Is an awesome joint.

  5. Scotty says...

    Jeff, Villa Rose is a destination for me. I’ve been going there since I was a young kid and the thin crust pizza is legendary. The eggplant parm and garlic rolls are a must…

  6. Lou Gold says...

    Best pizza in Florida.

  7. Lenny Taddonio says...

    Villa Rose has been in business for close to 60 years.
    When you walk in there other than for a handful of flat screen TVs you think you are back in the 1950s. Ive been eating there for over 28 years and its food has always been outrageously delicious. This joint is an absolute must try.

  8. Carlo D says...

    Jeff Eats,
    This recommendation proves that you know your stuff. Villa Rose Pizza is a one of a kind terrific red sauce Italian Restaurant. My family has been eating there for over 50 years and despite an ocassional culinary hiccup I can’t think of a restaurant that makes better pizza, meatballs, or chicken parm grinder.

  9. Donna Giana says...

    They make amazingly delicious ultra thin crisp pizza.

  10. Carl Epstein says...

    Ate there last night for the first time and all I can say is WOW!!!!

    Outrageously delicious pizza and its veal parm and chicken parm subs were off the chart delicious.

  11. John Donaldson says...

    Great recommendation.
    My wife and I loved the food and the 50’s decor/vibe.
    Thanks again,
    John Donaldson

  12. Norm says...

    Tried for the first time this evening and my wife and I both loved the thin pizza, minestrone soup, chicken parm and sausage & meatballs dishes we had, also loved the garlic rolls.

  13. Teddy A says...

    I love its minestrone soup.
    Combined with its delicious garlic rolls and I’m a really happy camper.

  14. TURNER says...

    You don’t stay in business for 60 years by serving lousy food.

  15. Larry F says...

    Picked up food this evening.
    Played at the casino and remembered your writeup.
    Got pizza, lasagna, chicken parm and meatballs and everything was delicious. Their garlic rolls and minestrone soup that came with the entrees were also delicious.
    Great recommendation.

  16. Allie Ford says...

    Ive been eating there for over 36 years. The food is always terrific.

  17. Henry Gross says...

    I love their thin crust pizza.

    Ate there last night and my wife and I loved the thin crust pizza which was amazing.

  19. Allan Gross says...

    Amazing pizza.

  20. Ron Costello says...

    My wife and I tried this evening. Awesome pizza, awesome eggplant parm and awesome lasagna . Great recommendation.

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