Christopher Columbus Statue Controversy

Posted on August 22nd, 2017 · Music/Events/Other

* Christopher Columbus Statue Contriversy.

Jeff Eats is “reading & hearing” that a number of American cities are considering “removing” their respective Christopher Columbus’ statues because of the oppression they represent to native Americans!

Just a gut call here, but Jeff Eats is thinking that no statue- means no Columbus Day Holiday- which means no day off for school teachers etc.- so Jeff Eats says the statues stay!

20 Comments to “Christopher Columbus Statue Controversy”

  1. Zed says...

    Right you are.

    The United Teachers Federation union would scream bloody murder if its members were to lose a holiday day off.

    Nice observation.

  2. Lo Lo says...

    No union is going to let its members lose a paid holiday. With that in mind, there is no way that unions will support anything which wrecks Columbus Day.

    All of you guys know that everyone is a big shot when it costs them nothing, when they got something to lose, they’ll do everything to protect their pocketbooks.

  3. Jeff Cohen says...

    Jeff, spot on.

    Love your blog.

  4. ksr says...

    You guys do know that Washington and Jefferson were slave owners, sure you do!

  5. This crap about statues is pure crap.
    History is history.
    Move on.

  6. Fred Frumpkin says...

    JFK was a womanizer.
    Down with his statues.

    Same for FDR and LBJ.

  7. TURNER says...

    Ben Franklin ran pro slavery adv in his newspaper.

    Time to tear down his statues.

  8. Slip Mahoney says...

    Big talkers to it hits their pocketbooks. I say no Columbus statue, no Holiday, no days off. I’m sure all of the unions out there will back this one. Right.

  9. Ellen G says...

    So long FDR statues…


    Eleanor Roosevelt’s storied life of activity on the civil rights front could not save her husband from making this list. Neither could the storied life of activity on the racist front of his uncle Theodore Roosevelt save him. FDR’s racism was even more impactful that his uncle, Teddy. President Roosevelt’s executive order in 1942 that ended up rounding up and forcing more than 100,000 Japanese Americans into prisons during World War II is arguably the most racist executive order in American history (He thankfully spared German and Italian Americans from the military prisons, but that showed his racism).

    And while some of the White American competitors in the 1936 Berlin Olympics received invitations to the White House, Jesse Owens did not. President Roosevelt’s snub of the U.S. four-time gold medal winner came around the same time he was pushing through Congress all of the job benefits in his New Deal, like minimum wage, social security, unemployment insurance, and unionizing rights. Farmers and domestics—southern Blacks’ primary vocations—were excluded from the New Deal and federal relief was locally administered, satisfying southern segregationists. Northern segregationists were also satisfied by the housing discrimination in New Deal initiatives, like coding Black neighborhoods as unsuitable for the new mortgages. As such, Black communities remained buried in the Great Depression long after the 1930s while these New Deal policies (combined with the GI Bill) exploded the size of the White middle class.

  10. Lt Dave says...

    No Truman statues,

    He dropped 2 atomic bombs in the Japs.

  11. Gail Mennen says...

    So long George Custer statues.

  12. Carl Furillo says...

    Never concerned with pushing the envelope.


  13. JoyceEatsBagels says...

    Tonto worked for the Lone Ranger. So long Lone Ranger statues.

  14. Gregory T says...

    Going to miss those George Washington statues.

  15. Mike B says...

    No statues.
    No holidays.
    No days off.
    The Unions would shoot themselves

  16. Johnnie Q says...

    As usual always interesting.

    They are going to have to take every statue and monument down.

    So long Lincoln Monument. Hey! I hate guys with beards who got assinated.

  17. Steve Sullivan says...

    No way does UFT or any other union give up Columbus Day Holiday.

  18. Jeff, right on the money.

  19. Tom says...

    Why all of a sudden are certain statues highly offensive to certain groups?

  20. Jeff B says...

    Please Boycott and do NOT use the $1, $2, $10, $20, $50, & $100 bills, as they depict slave owners on them.
    Please send them to me, and I will see to it that they are disposed of properly. Thank you very much.
    I can give you my address upon request.

    $1 – George Washington
    $2 – Thomas Jefferson
    $10 – Alexander Hamilton
    $20 – Andrew Jackson
    $50 – Ulysses S. Grant
    $100 – Benjamin Franklin

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