What Can You Say?

Posted on May 10th, 2017 · Music/Events/Other

* What Can You Say?

Actor Robert Blake (age 83) pictured above with his fiancé Pamela Hudak (age 55)!

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  1. Lo Lo says...

    I ate in Vitello’s Restauarnt in 2001 a few months after Blake was there with his wife Bonnie Lee Bakeely and the food was real good.

  2. Joe Kennedy says...

    All I can tell the lady is don’t sit in a parked car after you eat dinner with Blake.

  3. TURNER says...

    You know he didn’t pull the trigger. Although acquitted, my bet is he paid someone to do the hit. He was found liable in a civil suit which on appeal he owed Blakely’s children $15,00,000 for her death. That said, he’s a good actor.

  4. Ellen G says...

    I think that the lady has to be a certifiable nut.

  5. Jeff,
    Great picture.
    The woman is obviously a lunatic.
    How about your doing a review on Vitello’s for us?

  6. Jay Blackman says...

    They both have to be crackpots.

  7. John G says...

    What can You Say?

    We’ll soon be seeing another murder trial on tv.

  8. Lo Lo says...

    I just read that the Rock is thinking of running for President.

    You couldn’t make crazier shit up like this even if you tried.

    Trump, Blake, The Rock,

  9. Murray Strauss says...

    I guess he couldn’t find any 20 somethings to stupt.

  10. TURNER says...

    I read that the restaurant recently auctioned off the booth Blake and his wife sat in before someone 🤡 killed her in the car.

  11. Ellen G says...

    Two nuts.

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