Legendary Comedian Don Rickles Dead At 90!

Posted on April 6th, 2017 · Music/Events/Other

* Legendary Comedian Don Rickles Dead At 90!

Jeff Eats and Mrs. Jeff Eats only met Don Rickles once- and that was in the lobby of the Casino Del Sol Resort in Tucson, Arizona on December, 7, 2012- maybe we chatted for 5 minutes! I will never forget how at the very end of the conversation he turned- and whispered (just loud enough for me to hear him) in Mrs. Jeff Eats’ ear- Where’d you find this loser.”

8 Comments to “Legendary Comedian Don Rickles Dead At 90!”

  1. Les S says...

    WOW…99 right up there with Zsa Zsa and Kirk Douglas

  2. Jason Alexander says...

    Don Rickles was simply the best. He created insult comedy & yet every 1 of his targets felt loved and honored. One of a kind. RIP!

  3. Gary Goldberg says...

    The man was an absolute genius.

  4. TURNER says...

    Rickles paid you the ultimate compliment.

  5. Murray Strauss says...

    Funny/nice/not mean/not filthy … a true loss

  6. Gary Goldberg says...

    I saw him twice in concert and I laughed my ass off.
    His appearances on Johnny Carson were always an event.
    So sorry that this legend has passed.
    You are so right when you urge your readers to go to shows in the area as these aging legendary performers come through our area.

    Everyone is getting older1

  7. ksr says...

    I saw Don Rickles a few years ago at FAU. He was a fabulous talent.

  8. Barry Yodor says...

    Watch You Tube. You will see that Don was one of the most brilliant comedians of all time.

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