Rappy’s & Junior’s Restaurant (Boca Raton)

* Rappy’s & Junior’s Restaurant.

A recent e-mail received by Jeff Eats…


Long time reader and long time Boca Raton resident.

Just curious as to why you haven’t yet reviewed either Rappy’s or Junior’s Restaurant both New York Kosher Style Delis which recently opened in Boca Raton?

Both joints seem absolutely perfect for Jeff Eats’ thoughts.

Thanks for the great blog site,




Both Rappy’s and Junior’s are on Jeff Eats’ radar- eventually I’ll get to them!

To be perfectly honest with you, both Rappy’s and Junior’s had “friends & family” and other pre-opening “tasting” events- none of which Jeff Eats was invited to attend!

Trust me when I tell you, I really don’t need Rappy’s or for that matter Junior’s free-offerings to “eat”- that said, I do consider it a bit of an insult- to Jeff Eats (and all of you-readers) for us not to have had the opportunity to “get” the story at first-light! By the way, Jeff Eats has “looked” at both restaurants and I gotta tell you, I was very impressed with Rappy’s build-out/location- an absolutely gorgeous store…as for Junior’s, sorry to say it looks-like your “run of the mill” Florida bagel joint/lousy location (with a separate liquor bar thrown in for good measure)!

Like I said 2-seconds ago, Jeff Eats will eventually get to both Rappy’s and Junior’s- and good or bad “tell” Jeff Eats’ readers the real Skinny!

Thanks for reading…

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  1. Allan G says...

    I attended LIU which is right across Flatbush Ave from the original Junior’s. Must have eaten there over 100 times.
    Ate in Boca store yesterday and the food doesn’t even come close to the Brooklyn’s store.

  2. Jean Wein says...

    How could 2 such experienced restaurant operators come up with 2 mediocre restaurants is beyond me!

  3. Peter David says...

    Ate in Junior’s last night and I must say as a born and bred New Yorker some of the worse overpriced shit I’ve ever been served.

  4. Michael E says...

    My wife and I ate in Rappy’s last night and I really enjoyed my philly cheese steak sandwich and she enjoyed her bacon cheeseburger. The ff we split were also delicious.

  5. Mary R says...

    The turkey sandwich was small, dry and overpriced.

  6. Tali Jacobson says...

    Maybe for breakfast but that’s about it. Overpriced just average food.

  7. Ruth S says...

    Rappy’s now has a cheaper menu with the same crappy food.

  8. Jeff,
    The reason why Rappy’s didn’t invite you to any pre-opening events was because they know that you are the only straight shooting food blogger/reviewer out there. You call things for what they are. The rest of these food bloggers/reviewers are in this blogging business for the free meals. They never say anything bad about the guy who gave them the free meal.
    Last night my wife and I ate at Rappy’s. What a freaking disaster. Tasteless chicken soup, bland overpriced tasteless corned beef and pastrami sandwiches, delivered to the table cold french fries. Waiter who was clueless and a manager who thinks that an arrogant smirk goes unnoticed. If Rappy’s wasn”t in such a good location, it would have closed-up by now.

  9. Dr. Heinz says...


  10. Bobby Berkowitz says...

    Great locations. That’s about it for both Junior’s and Rappy’s. Ben’s and, Zinger’s run circles around both joints when it comes to food.

  11. Abe Resnick says...

    I can’t believe that either one of these joints is still in business. Overpriced crap.

  12. Bug eye says...

    Did you see what this joint is doing?Rappy’s shit house.
    There saying they have a Passover dinner for 29.95 a person, minimum 10people.
    Go to Ben’s and get real kosher food for less money and the quilts is about 74 times better.
    Made on premises.
    And if don’t need kosher go to Fresh Market and get the same thing for about $16. per person made there.

  13. Danny T says...

    Not sure if anyone else has used this one for both Junior’s and Rappy’s but here goes

    What’s the difference between Rappy’s and Junior’s and the Titanic?

    The Titanic had a band.

  14. Denise G says...

    Had a Turkey Reuben and it wasn’t good. Rappy’s should be ashamed of itself.

  15. Jeff,
    Yesterday I heard that a new partner was now involved with Rappy’s and he has been telling customers to look for big menu changes as well as price changes. According to what I heard, he said that more diversified deli foods were being added.

  16. Ellen G says...

    Jeff, Lance who was running Brighton Beach Bagel is now running Rappy’s. We’ll see if he can save this Titanic from sinking.

    • Andrew Gold says...

      Ellen G
      Look for Rappy’s real soon to undergo a name change to Park Place Deli.

      Park Place Deli, a all-new, authentic, New York Style Deli, will be opening soon in the recently opened Park Place plaza in Boca Raton, is looking for Bussers, Food Runners and Deli Counter Personnel to join our team.

      Operated by “Deli-Man” Lance Hirschhorn, Park Place Deli will be the ideal location for enjoying traditional, made from scratch, New York style delicacies. The restaurant will feature indoor and outdoor seating, an expansive menu, full liquor bar, and a takeout counter area. Park Place Deli will be open 7 days a week for Breakfast, Lunch, and Dinner.

      At Park Place Deli we offer a variety of employee benefits including, Competitive Salaries, Paid Time Off, Health Insurance, and an Energetic, Focused and Collaborative Work Environment with Opportunity for Career Growth.

      Join our team today and take advantage of our all we have to offer!

      Please apply in person at Park Place Deli (currently Rappy’s) located at 5560 N Military Trail #300 Boca Raton, FL 33496, Monday thru Saturday from 10:00am – 11:30am and 2:00pm to 5:00pm.

      Park Place Deli is part of the distinguished Rapoport’s Restaurant Group.

      Equal Opportunity Employer // Drug Free Workplace

      • Zed says...

        Another one bites the dust.

        • Tali Jacobson says...

          Rappy’s sucked.
          Crap food, expensive and waitstaff of incompetents.

          It didn’t even last 6 months.

          • Marshall Garner says...

            Actually the joint didn’t even last 4 months.
            That’s what happens when you serve overpriced shit and have morons running the restaurant.

  17. Jim C says...

    This guy Rapoport gets investors so he has no risk.
    Another loser for this clown.

  18. I can’t believe that it took this long for this joint to close up.
    Other than being a great looking joint in a great location Rappy’s had absolutely nothing going for it.
    You can’t charge big money for lousy food and service.
    I at there about a month ago and couldn’t believe how bad it was.
    Well, we’ll see if with a new name and a new guy running the joint it can be turned around.

  19. Jake V says...

    Lance did a good job setting up Brighton Beach Bagel. Maybe he can turn this Rappy’s abortion around.
    A new name, a new menu, better food, lower prices, better staff may work, but that’s what needs to be done to this mess.

  20. Goldie W says...

    What a fiasco Rappy’s was. From Day One anyone with any sense knew that the food sucked and was overpriced.

  21. Bug eye says...

    Rappy’s the worst shit is got a new guy!
    He does not no shit from shine Ola!
    Go over to Brighton nothing!
    Acts like he knows.
    Rapoport is so full of bull shit, he closed 3 places in the last year, it’s not his money.
    Bad people look them up. In another 4 months the place will be something else.

  22. Harold Bagelman says...

    The landlord knew Rappy’s was failing over 2 months ago. They were trying to sell Rappy’s but no takers. So new name and operator for Rappy’s we’ll see if the ship can be turned around.

  23. Marvin G says...

    I guess you didnt get a chance to try Rappy’s. Trust me, the food sucked.
    By the way, Junior’s is not much better, strictly for tourists.

  24. Bug eye says...

    Rappy’s had a general mgr. by the name of Darin.
    After helping to screw the place up and referring to Jews as pieces of shit he is back at Henry’s. On Jog.
    Rapoport covers him up I wonder why?

  25. Sammy G says...

    Ate there last night. Food not too good. Very overpriced.

  26. Stu G says...

    Rappy’s is a loser.
    Just read about new guys coming in.
    waiting to see if he can turn this sinking ship around.

  27. Bug eye says...

    Was at Fresh Market walk by Rappy’s.
    People out side with kids eating hot dogs.
    HOT DOGS! With milk shakes.
    Wow is that great?
    This is really a great concept HOT DOGS!
    Better then that MILK SHAKES!
    There going set the world on fire.
    Dumb ass!

  28. Kevin James says...

    Rappy’s out of business.
    Reopened with new name today Park Place Deli.
    That Rappy’s was some disaster.
    We’ll see how the new guy and menu do.

  29. Andy Gold says...

    This guy Rapoport is a faker. He loses other people’s’ money.

    • Arnold Golden says...

      That’s for sure.
      Count his winners and then count his losers.
      Net Net- LOSER…

  30. Andy Gold says...

    Remember this scam!

    ***** I Just Don’t Get It-Do You? *****
    Posted on May 1st, 2013 · American Delray Beach Music/Events/Other
    ***** I Just Don’t Get It-Do You? *****

    For your consideration, Jeff Eats has reprinted a PR piece that he recently received from Rapoport’s Restaurant Group.

    “Esteemed Restaurateur Burt Rapoport, founder of Rapoport’s Restaurant Group, is giving back to the local community and kicking off the summer season in South Florida by celebrating his 2013 ‘Dream Big Small Business of the Year’ recognition by the United States Chamber of Commerce with a fun filled community event for all ages from 7 to 10 p.m. Saturday, May 11th at the all new Delray Marketplace Amphitheater.
    Headlined by original Beach Boy Founder David Marks and the Surf City Allstars, the charity concert and evening of food, drink and live entertainment will directly benefit two local 501(c)(3) organizations, Boca Raton’s Golden Bell Education Foundation and the Achievement Centers of Delray Beach. The entire community is involved to “Surf into Summer” and enjoy the festivities. This will be the first official concert held at the amphitheater.
    The charity concert is a way for Rapoport to thank their loyal customers while giving back to the local community and The Greater Boca Raton Chamber of Commerce. Without their support, Rapoport’s Restaurant Group would not have been nominated and selected one of seven regional finalists out of over 1,000 applicants for the 2013 DREAM BIG Small Business of the Year.”
    Contact Rapoport’s at 561.826.1790 for sponsorship opportunities!
    For more information, please visit
    Now I maybe dead wrong here, but when I first read “this”…it seemed to me that Rapoport’s was throwing a FREE EVENT for the community. I figured that, Rapoport’s was really doing “this” to promote its brand new restaurant Burt & Max’s which recently opened in the Delray Marketplace in Delray Beach. Between you, me and the bedpost—it sounded like a great public event and a great way for Burt & Max’s to advertise itself.

    Low and behold as I later learned…this isn’t a free anything. Tickets are $30, $60, $100, Kids under 12 are $10…with a ticket you do get 2 drinks and some food samplings.

    Look, nothing for nothing…Jeff Eats has been in the entertainment/music industry for over 45 years. For what it’s worth, the Surf City Allstars are very good, but trust me, they ain’t The Beach Boys. This group is basically just a TRIBUTE BAND that for this date- is being fronted by David Marks who was an original member of The Beach Boys who was “fired” early on in their career.. What I’m trying to tell you is, that an act like this- (unless some booking agent totally robbed the sponsors of this “event”) is not an expensive band to book. Now, there are all kinds of “booking” considerations—but Jeff Eats has seen Beach Boys’ tribute acts in South Florida who play at the level of the Surf City All Stars (if not better) and they were priced in the $1,250-$2,500 range. Not that it really matters, the members of the Surf City Allstars use various configurations and band names such as Califonia Surf Inc. “cashing in” on their claimed Beach Boys’ connections.

    All Jeff Eats can say is…Rapoport’s Restaurant Group you really do yourself a disservice when you write and claim and I quote–“The charity concert is a way for Rapoport to thank their loyal customers while giving back to the local community…”

    The way you THANK LOYAL CUSTOMERS and GIVE BACK TO THE COMMUNITY is by throwing a FREE CONCERT…not charging $30-$60-$100-$10 to see a TRIBUTE BAND that- if you know what you are doing can be bought “dirt cheap.”–and you write a decent sized check to the charities you linked up with.

    Now, Jeff Eats hasn’t checked the “books”—but my money says that this “event” if all goes to (its) plan—won’t cost the Rapoport’s Restaurant Group one red cent.

    One final note…as you guys know–Jeff Eats wasn’t too impressed with the Delray Marketplace (2/26/13 Delray Marketplace)…for the record, I thought that its amphitheater was extremely amateurish looking. If I recall the setup correctly, I am almost positive that you can see the stage without sitting/standing on the theater’s grass. With that in mind, unless Rapoport’s constructs a huge-high barrier around the perimeter, you should, if you want-see the band from the “mall’s” general areas. For sure, you will definitely be able to hear the music from the general areas.

    To: Rapoport’s Restaurant Group:
    You should be ashamed of yourself promoting this event as being a community event.
    Call it what it really is.
    You are staging an event to promote your new restaurant…you are charging for tickets…you are tying a charity into the event.
    AND “your loyal customers” and “the community” who don’t pay for a ticket CAN’T COME!

    I Just Don’t Get It-Do You?

    **Between you and me, Jeff Eats GOT IT and I know you GOT IT.

    • TURNER says...

      Andy Gold,
      I recall this incident.
      Jeff spotted it.
      I understand that the event was a dud with very few people and little to no food being served.
      Rapoport uses investors’ money.
      Rappy’s is a prime example of the failures this guy has had.

  31. TURNER says...

    Not positive but based on the area the rent is going to eat the new guy’s operation alive. Rapoport’s still involved because no one in their right mind would have bought this place outright.

  32. Big eye says...

    Just a note to all the readers,he is a worthless ass.
    If you know him you’ll find out that his a creep.
    And all the people around him are the same.
    There are a lot good descent people the food biz he is not one of them.

  33. Larry F says...

    Ate at the new Park Place Deli (formerly Rappy’s) yesterday. The food was pretty decent. But the service was terrible.

  34. Diana Tabor says...

    I noticed not too many comments on Junior’s here. I ate there earlier in the week. Food is decent enough. The place seems more like a tourist place than anything else.

    • Calvin Johnson says...

      Junior’s is strictly for tourists. Overpriced crap cashing in on a famous name. The regular Boca Raton folks dont go there. there are much better delis in the area.

  35. Skip Mahoney says...

    Park Place Deli. Out of business.

  36. About time says...

    It’s about time!
    This is the best news I got about that shit hole!

  37. Ted Allen says...

    Junior’s food sucks.
    The joint wont last too much longer.
    Only know nothing tourists go there.

  38. Rudy Weiner says...

    Last night my wife and I ate at Junior’s.
    I had a corned beef on rye and she had a turkey on rye. We both had orders of French fries.
    Service was good.
    As for the sandwiches not good. Both sandwiches were literally tasteless. Just bland. The fries were decent but nothing great.
    We definitely won’t be back.

  39. Hal From Boca says...

    Last night I saw Turnstiles the Billy Joel tribute band at the Mizner Amp. They were sensational. Thousands were out there and Mizner Park was very busy with people. I noticed that at 8:30 PMish Junior’s was literally empty. That should be an indication that it’s not doing well. Last night it should have been jammed.

  40. Bugeye says...

    Are ready for this ?
    Rapoport who owns Rappy’s (DOA) Then Par Place Deli all so gone!
    He found a anther jerk that are going to reopen,different shit house.
    What a dumb person Rapoport your fool!

  41. Abe Kaufman says...

    Junior’s is an absolute joke.
    Big prices for bagel store quality crap.
    Strictly a tourist Spot.

  42. Ed Krause says...

    Both Rappy’s and Juniors are disasters. Rappy’s already out of business. Junior’s food sucks as does it’s service. It will be next to close.

  43. Andy Gold says...

    Junior’s closed.
    Both of these joints were terrible

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