Shorty’s Bar-B-Q Memorial Day Appreciation Offer (Miami (3), Davie)

Posted on May 26th, 2016 · American BBQ Davie Deals Doral Miami

* Shorty’s Bar-B-Q Memorial Day Appreciation Offer.

Jeff Eats has been “eating” at Shorty’s for years…delicious food, pleasant service, big portions, reasonable prices. Shorty’s currently has 4- South Florida locations.

If this story- applies to you, Jeff Eats is thinking that 15% is kinda on the light side- but as they say in Ithaca, New York- better in your pocket than theirs!

You can check for locations/menu/prices/info.

By the way, Shorty’s website has a bunch of coupons- this “way” everyone in your party can save a few bucks!-which when you really think about it, isn’t such a terrible thing!


Posted July 7, 2008
***** Shortys-Bar-B-Q, 9200 South Dixie Highway, Miami, Florida 33156 (305) 670-7732.

Shorty’s is a South Florida bbq-chain…Its original location on South Dixie Highway has been around since 1951…Shorty’s website is …check the site for locations/menu/pricing.

Shorty’s Bar-B-Q is a terrific-casual restaurant… the menu is loaded with delicious appetizers, sides and top-notch pork/beef/chicken bbq…big portions at really reasonable prices. In the South Dixie joint, “you” sit at long tables next to total strangers…at the other 6 locations, Shorty’s gives “you” your own table or booth…that’s called progress.

Over the years, I must have eaten in the Dixie Highway location at least 10 times. Most recently, I have been eating in Shorty’s Deerfield Beach store which opened about 1 year ago. Same delicious food…same portions…same prices…booth and table seating…By the way, the Deerfield Beach joint (if I have read all of the locations’ menus correctly) is the only Shorty’s that has bbq beef ribs…I have to tell you, that those beef ribs are not just good, but are fantastic…why Shorty’s doesn’t have them in its other stores is beyond me.

Like I said before, Shorty’s is a casual joint…be prepared to get really messy in this joint, because the bbq sauce is all over the place…Shorty’s has plenty of paper towels…

Shorty’s is open 7 days a week for lunch and dinner.

2 Comments to “Shorty’s Bar-B-Q Memorial Day Appreciation Offer (Miami (3), Davie)”

  1. gary says...

    Love Jeff Eats.
    You always call it like it is.
    15% is ‘nothing’.
    If a soldier used the 15% and had others with him, only his meal is 15%.
    Like you I have eaten at Shorty’s loads of time. The food is delicious. You are also right that the coupons on its site have some great deals.

  2. TURNER says...

    Shorty’s in Boca use to be great. It is now out of business.

    I have not been to any other location.

    Always enjoyed the food.

    You are right on the mark that 15 percent is way low. Maybe 50% maybe 100% but 15%, silly!

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