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* Which One Would It Be? ( Freddy’s Frozen Custard & Steakburgers- Bradenton, Jacksonville, Ocala, Orlando Sarasota)

Posted on October 29th, 2015 · American Desserts Fast Food Jacksonville Orlando

This story first appeared on July 2, 2013. Just a quick update…down below the “status” of Freddy’s Frozen Custard & Steakburgers’ Florida “build-out.” Trust Jeff Eats when I tell you- that if you like fast food burgers/fries/custard- then you gotta try Freddy”s stuff! Absolutely delicious! Mark my words, this fast food burger chain which currently has 150 joints- is destined to become an absolute giant in the next few years!


1. Bradenton
7376 52nd Place East
Bradenton, FL 34203

2. Jacksonville –
14016 Beach Blvd
Jacksonville, FL 32250

3. Ocala-
3558 SW College Road
Ocala, FL 34474

4. Orlando – Orange Ave – Coming Soon!
3200 South Orange Ave
Orlando, FL 32806

5. Orlando – Vineland Ave
8107 Vineland Ave
Orlando, FL 32821

6. Sarasota –
6224 N Lockwood Ridge Rd
Sarasota, FL 34243
Which One Would It Be?
Posted on July 2, 2013 · American Desserts Fast Food Music/Events/Other


* Which One Would It Be?

If you “had” to eat in–just one…Which One Would It Be?

Burger King

By the way, here’s a tip for you guys…Freddy’s Frozen Custard & Steakburgers (fast food chain with locations primarily in the western states) is planning a major “push” into Florida starting in late 2013. For right now, Freddy’s has no Florida locations.

Trust Jeff Eats on this one, Freddy’s food is dynamite—better than all of the guys listed above, though I will tell you, that it’s a real close call with Sonic. Just for the record, Jeff Eats “thinks” that Sonic is heads-and-shoulders above McDonald’s, Wendy’s, Burger King and Checkers…but please! don’t let my pick-color your picks. For what it’s worth, Jeff Eats thinks of Sonic as being the “child” that Burger King and Dairy Queen always wanted.

Check Freddy’s out at

Anyway…until Freddy’s arrives-to save the day (“line” courtesy of Mighty Mouse)-pick one from the list. If you got nothing better to do, feel free to elaborate on your pick.

61 Comments to “* Which One Would It Be? ( Freddy’s Frozen Custard & Steakburgers- Bradenton, Jacksonville, Ocala, Orlando Sarasota)”

  1. RFRE says...

    Burger King

  2. Anna Klein says...


  3. Joe E. says...

    Sonic in Greenacres hands down.

  4. Larry Kramer says...

    Wendy’s, Sonic, Burger King, Checkers, McDonald’s.

  5. DudleyR says...

    Burger King

  6. HJY says...

    SONIC is surprising good.
    Jeff, Ive been to a Freddy’s and it had great burgers and ff.
    They will do very well here in Florida.

  7. Angie2310 says...

    I’d go with the Sonic burger and soft serve and McDonald’s fries.

  8. SportsmanMike says...

    I recently became a huge fan of SONIC in Boynton Beach. Delicious burgers, fries, onion rings and its ice cream shakes and soft serve are terrific.
    The others on the list don’t even come close. to Sonic.

  9. Dean A says...

    Burger King Whopper and McDonald’s fries.

  10. Ed Jones says...

    Sonic’s nugget ice is amazing. Look it up its got a cult like following.
    Sonic’s food is the best of those on Jeff’s list.

  11. Iou Money says...

    If I had to I’d do BK

  12. HerbK says...

    I wouldn’t eat a burger at any of them but Wendy’s Asiago Ranch Chicken Club is real chicken and tastes good

  13. TG55 says...

    Their soft serve is delicious.

  14. Asner says...

    The burgers and fries and shakes are very good at Sonic. The problem is that there aren’t that many of them here in Palm Beach County.
    McDonald’s burgers are gross but its fries are the best on the list.
    I just looked Freddy’s and it looks like it could be pretty good. Big problem I see is that it maybe coming to the burger party way too late.

    • Andy W says...

      Burger King would be the pick here.

  15. Soon P says...

    McDonald’s soft serve for a buck and its ff are the only reasons to go there.
    Burger King’s Whopper loaded with everything is good and messy.
    Never been to Sonic.
    Wendy’s is nothing same for Checkers.

  16. Dwight James says...

    Sonic has all the bases covered.
    The others are no match.

  17. mark says...

    I only do the value menu so for me its Wendys then BK and never the rest

  18. ZINCO says...

    SONIC is definitely the best.
    The only problem is that there is no place inside to eat and there are no refills on soda. But the food is the best.

  19. Sobe says...

    Sonic will always be my first choice. Then Wendy’s if I am desperate. I ate at Freddy’s in Springfield MO back in April & I just remember it being OK nothing great.

  20. Sobe says...

    oh & if you do go to Sonic make sure you get the Cinabites. They are out of this world.

  21. Danny Boy Jones says...

    All though it doesn’t have that many outlets in our area my choice is SONIC. The burgers are delicious as are the ff and onion rings. Their shakes are also delicious.

  22. no competition here Sonic is heads and shoulders over the others. next is BK.

  23. Bob Korn says...

    Last night I and my wife and two kids (8 and 10) went to Sonic in Greenacres. We had never eaten in a Sonic before. We loved the drive in effect and how the waitress brings the food out on rollerskates. The burgers, fries, tacos we had were very good. The vanilla and chocolate shakes were also very good.
    Glad you mentioned Sonic because it had never even entered our minds to try it. As a matter of fact we didn’t even know that there was one in Greenacres.
    By the way, it was more fun and a whole lot cheaper than our usual outing to Five Guys.
    Bob K.

    • Sobe says...

      tacos? I didn’t know they had Tacos

  24. Glassman says...

    Jeff, found this press release for Freddy’s coming to florida.

    Freddy’s Preparing to Open First Florida Location in Bradenton
    Bradenton, FL—Freddy’s Bradenton is under construction in the 15th state to welcome the growing concept. The new restaurant is sure to please residents young and old alike with Freddy’s famous cooked-to-order steakburgers, piping hot shoestring fries and creamy custard treats.
    “We are extremely excited to bring Freddy’s great tastes and quality food to Bradenton”, commented franchise operator Cash Shelton. “With construction progressing, we are now focusing on the recruitment of high energy individuals to build our team around. We plan to hire about 75 new team members from the area.” The retrofitted building located at 7376 52nd Place East is a free-standing facility with indoor and patio seating as well as drive-thru service. Additional sites are planned for the region in the coming years.
    Freddy’s opening in Florida will bring the nationwide count nearer to 100 for the concept founded in Wichita, KS during 2002 and first franchised in 2004. “We are very grateful for this level of growth and for the guests who have such a strong affinity for our food,” commented COO Scott Redler. “It is so gratifying for me to walk into one of our locations and see families and friends enjoying their steakburgers and Chicago Dogs together or smiling and discussing their day over a Signature Turtle Sundae. We are honored to be a place that means enough to our guests to be included in their family time and life’s celebrations.”
    Co-founded by Scott Redler and Bill, Randy and Freddy Simon, Freddy’s opened its first location in Wichita during 2002, offering a unique combination of cooked-to-order steakburgers, Chicago dogs, and other savory items along with its signature desserts prepared with premium frozen custard made fresh throughout the day. Freddy’s founders operate six locations in the Wichita Metro area and three in the Kansas City market. Eighty franchise units serve other areas of Kansas and Missouri as well as Arizona, California, Colorado, Illinois, Iowa, Nebraska, Nevada, New Mexico, Oklahoma, Pennsylvania, Texas and Virginia. For 2013, Freddy’s was again named among Entrepreneur Magazine’s “Franchise 500®”. In 2012, besides Entrepreneur Magazine’s recognition for that year, Freddy’s was included among Inc. Magazine’s 500/5000 list of “Fastest Growing Private Companies”, QSR® Magazine’s “10 Best Franchise Deals”, Franchise Times® Magazine’s “Next 300 Franchise Chains”, and Business Insider’s “8 Better Burger Chains Poised to Conquer America”. Freddy’s has also been listed as the Fifth Fastest Growing Chain Restaurant in the United States and Canada by Chain Store Guide, a sister publication to Nation’s Restaurant News. Recently, Freddy’s was recognized by Technomics as the 5th fastest growing burger concept in the country. In the local community of the company’s founding, Freddy’s has repeatedly won first place Readers’ Choice Awards in multiple categories, including Best Burger, Best Fries and Best Hot Dog, from the Wichita Eagle newspaper and was a recipient of the 2011 Best in Business Award from the Wichita Business Journal

  25. Zeke G says...

    Jeff, Originally from San Antonio. Been in Pompano for the past 3 years. Know Freddy’s chain very well. You are right it’s really good. When it gets to Florida it will do very well.

  26. teddybearjoe says...

    sonic is the best in this group.
    check its menu at
    they have delicious burgers. one of my favorites is the popcorn chicken nuggets they make.

  27. Sid K says...

    love sonic.

  28. Dee Dee Do says...

    McDonald’s burgers are horrendous.

  29. Lou Kyle says...

    Put me down for Sonic.

  30. gary says...

    Based on other comments I would have to say Sonic.
    Haven’t tried Sonic but I have tried the other 4.
    The only time I enjoyed any of these was when I was stoned.
    Occasionally I get sucked in from their commercials. After one or two bites of any of their burgers I end up throwing them in the garbage.
    What I find amusing is when you order a numbered meal from any of these places they respond with “medium or large” the listed meal price is for neither, it’s for a small…

  31. Ernie Wasserman says...

    Sonic has terrific burgers and ff. Also love it’s onion rings and shakes.

  32. lko87 says...

    love sonic. burgers, chicken, ice cream it’s all good.

  33. Eviljeffeats says...

    Hey Jeff Eats,
    Freddy got fingered.

    Did you hear McDonald killed Burger King in front of Five Guys over that skank Wendy? The funeral is at White Castle. I’m taking Dairy Queen.

  34. from your list it has to be sonic.
    they have a huge menu and the food is very good.

  35. robert w says...

    Wendys puts cheese on every single burger. I have to tell them 10 times no cheese. The cheese is more like glue anyway. So more me Wendys because no Sonic close to me. I dont remember their burgers being so great though.

    I still love White Castles! And in and Out Burger on the west coast, Otherwise its a toss up.

  36. DandyAndy says...

    I’ll go with BK

  37. ThreeBlindMice says...

    Sonic is a very good fast food restaurant.

  38. West or says...

    Sonic is great.

  39. Rob Rob says...

    First time at Sonic. Went to one in Greenacres. Had a cheeseburger, potato tots, vanilla shake. Love the eat in car concept. the food was good and the shake was as good as DQ.
    Will definitely be back.

  40. Lou G says...

    Jeff, have to agree with you, Sonic runs circles around the other listed fast food joints. I love the drive in setup and usually hit the store in Greenacres.

  41. BOBBY V. says...

    Im with you, Sonic is the best. Its like a combo of BK and Dairy Q. delicious burgers and fries and huge choice of ice creams , shakes and desserts.

  42. WALK (WPB) says...

    Personally I like Wendy’s burgers the best.

  43. Ed B says...

    Because of you I just ate at Sonic in Boynton Beach. I loved it.
    Had no idea that such a cool fast food hamburger joint was 5 minutes from my house.

  44. Matthew says...

    None of the above, I would drive till I hit Charhut, yes i prefer Charhut over 5guys… (All Kidding aside I would probably choose Wendy’s)

  45. duke of earl says...

    the others arent even close.

  46. KidF says...

    Sonic in Homestead.

  47. Anthony w. says...

    Ate in new Wendy’s on glades rd in Boca tonight. Food was good and its a great looking restaurant. But sonic is the best one out there.

  48. Mike Klein says...

    Sonic is the best. Too bad it doesn’t have that many locations in our area.

  49. AL B says...

    Never was in a Sonic until yesterday.
    Went to the one in Boynton Beach.
    Delicious cheeseburger, French fries and onion rings.
    Same for chocolate shake.

  50. Baxter says...

    Wasnt even aware that there was a Sonic in Greenacres.
    Had lunch there and loved it. Great retro concept.

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