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Great Value- Cinnamon French Toast Sticks

Posted on October 5th, 2015 · American Breakfast Desserts Fast Food


***** Great Value- Cinnamon French Toast Sticks.

I don’t know about you guys, but Jeff Eats is always on the look-out for something to stuff my face with while watching tv in my house…

Last week I “discovered” Great Value- Cinnamon French Toast Sticks at Walmart.

These sticks are absolute dynamite (pun intended).

The box goes for $2.74- and all you gotta do is throw the sticks in a microwave or toaster oven for 60 seconds and they are good to go!

In case you didn’t know- Great Value, is Walmart’s “house brand”…and I gotta tell you, Walmart has come-up with a real winner!

Trust Jeff Eats on this one, Great Value- Cinnamon French Toast Sticks are amazing-delicious. I am telling you to try them-you will love them!

3 Comments to “Great Value- Cinnamon French Toast Sticks”

  1. ksr says...

    Bought a box this afternoon.
    Will let you know what I think tomorrow.

    • ksr says...

      Good call.
      I microwaved 4 of them and they were delicious. A bit soft, so next time I’m going to toaster oven them.

  2. Lynn R says...

    Tried them this morning. Put them in toaster oven.
    Really delicious.

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