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Kings County Pizza (North Miami Beach)

Posted on March 24th, 2014 · Fast Food Italian North Miami Beach Pizza


***** Kings County Pizza, 18228 West Dixie Highway, North Miami Beach, Florida 33160, (305) 792-9455.

Kings County Pizza–real simple concept…basically a takeout/delivery joint doing pizza/subs/wings/salads/handful of entrees.

Jeff Eats and Mrs. Jeff Eats recently got to “try” Kings County’s stuff while watching some “March Madness Basketball” at our friends’ home in North Miami. Coming and going–I’m thinking about 25-30 people were enjoying the event. For the record, the Jeff Eats Family’s- dogs in the fight- are the University of Connecticut and the University of Arizona…and as of this morning, we are looking-good! Just in case you are wondering how we got those two “teams”–one of these days I’ll show you the student loans I’m still paying-off for Daughter Jeff Eats and Son Jeff Eats.


Our friends picked up a ton and I do mean a ton of food from Kings County Pizza–pizzas, calzones, stromboli, garlic knots, salads, subs, pastas.

Just so we are straight with each other…you guys do know- that “ITALIAN STUFF” always tastes good–at “events” like this…good friends, good sports, beer/liquor/soda–it’s all good!

Putting the excitement on the side burner…

“Tasted” items included–Caesar and caprese salads, margherita pizza, grandma pizza, chicken parm/meatball parm/sausage peppers subs, meat lasagna, baked ziti, garlic knots…and I gotta tell you, Kings County Pizza’s food was delicious. If this joint was by- my house, it would definitely be on my takeout/delivery list. For those of you who insist on “particulars”–the garlic knots were off the chart as were the margherita and grandma pizzas…I liked the Caesar better than the caprese, but Mrs. Jeff Eats saw it just the opposite way (see how stupid this micro-reviewing is?)…

Let me wrap this up for you…you guys in North Miami Beach got a winner! You can check menu/prices at

One final thought, Jeff Eats was born in Kings County, lived in Kings County from 1949-1979, went to elementary school/junior high school/high school/law school in Kings County and my first legal job was with the Kings County District Attorney’s Office–(you guys can now show your creativity and fill-in a cute tie-in with Kings County Pizza).

Kings County Pizza is open Tuesday-Saturday 11am-9:30pm, Sunday noon-9pm, closed on Monday.

8 Comments to “Kings County Pizza (North Miami Beach)”

  1. Mark Goodman says...

    Jeff, Good seeing you yesterday in N Miami. Great spread. The garlic rolls and pizza are amazing. That was some Kentucky v. Wichita game. Would have loved to seen Wichita go all the way undefeated, but it wasn’t meant to be. Personally I think that Kings County’s pizza is better than Steve’s which many people think is the top of the game. Take Care.

    Mark Goodman

  2. Melinda T. says...

    Jeff Eats:
    My husband and I have been reading Jeff Eats for years. You are definitely the real deal and we really enjoy your sense of humor. For years we were rooting for Duke and Syracuse. Probably for the same reason you have your two teams.

  3. Dean H. says...

    Their pizza is real NYC pizza.
    I lived in Ozone Park for 40 years and I know pizza.
    As good as the best slices I had in all 5 boros. No bs.

  4. FG1957 says...

    Get pizza delivery from them at least twice a month . They make delicious thin crust pizza.

  5. Jon G says...

    Went there and got 2 slices to go and it was a big mistake. The slices looked like they were sitting in the pan a long time but I got them anyway. Well I got sick later on and that was all I eat that day. Unlike Steve’s they don’t have a lot of walk in traffic so the pie they use for slices sits to long. I went back again just to see if it was a one time thing and I didn’t get sick this time but I also think Steve’s has a better pie.

    • lew d says...

      maybe u got sick from all that blue willies pastrami you eat. I get pizza from kings cty all the time and I think its terrific and never got sick even one time.

  6. Jon G says...

    Haven’t had the best pastrami ever in over 3 months. The pizza at this place is just okay not great.

  7. The Chowfather says...

    Jeff, I’ve been touting Kings County since they opened. One of the best NY Style pizza around

    You have to go and try their Grandma Pie. Their baked ziti is great too. So is the chicken parm hero.

    Great spot.

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