Chef Chen Chinese Restaurant (Miami/Kendall)

Posted on October 9th, 2013 · Chinese Kendall Miami


***** Chef Chen Chinese Restaurant, 11557 North Kendall Drive, Miami, Florida 33176, (305) 274-6799.

Who in a million years would’a figured…Kendall has one of the best Chinese restaurants in all of South Florida!

Now nothing for nothing…Jeff Eats is talking “1950’s Brooklyn-Jewish stuff” and not the “authentic” Chinese (whatever the hell that is?) that many of you food experts fancy…no seasoned squid or spiced jelly fish for this 1966 Erasmus Hall High School alumnus.

Jeff Eats is talking…wonton soup, egg rolls, pan fried dumplings, spare ribs, roast pork fried rice, pepper steak, sweet & sour pork, shrimp with black bean sauce, chicken chow mein, honey garlic chicken, vanilla/chocolate/strawberry ice cream, pineapple chunks dessert.

The other night, Jeff Eats, Mrs. Jeff Eats and another couple gave Chef Chen a shot for dinner…Like I said 19 seconds ago, some of the best Chinese food that Jeff Eats has eaten in South Florida.

Just so you know, everything we had was delicious…That said, knowing my crowd- I know that some of you need a pecking-order…let’s just say, that if-when– you eat at at Chef Chen’s. make sure you get the ribs and shrimp with black been sauce…hope that helps you out!

Neighborhood Chinese restaurant prices and service…Your shorts/tee shirt/sneaker ensemble will work well there.

Just a quick comment, many YELPERS out there have to learn, that limited knowledge of a foreign language (in this case English) doesn’t necessarily mean that the Chinese “help” is indifferent, rude, nasty—it just means, that the “person” can’t be as engaging or witty or endearing as your 25 year old minds think they should be!

You can check menu/prices at

Chef Chen Chinese Restaurant is open Sunday-Thursday 11:30am-10pm, Friday-Saturday 11:30am-10:30pm.

7 Comments to “Chef Chen Chinese Restaurant (Miami/Kendall)”

  1. Ed F. says...

    good social comment.

  2. mkj says...

    That Yelp comment is oh-so true.

  3. Lou Wilson says...

    I have never eaten in Chef Chen.
    I must have driven past it at least 1,000 times.
    I am going to try it this weekend.

  4. Rob Greene says...

    jeff, my favorite American Chinese is Chef Chen.
    my favorite Authentic Chinese is Silver Palace in Miami.

  5. Jon G says...

    Jeff which do you think is better Lee’s or Chef Chen?
    Aslo I’m not a fan of the black bean sauce so did you ever try the shrimp in lobster sauce? And if you did is it good? Thanks,<

  6. Jon G says...

    Jon G:

    It’s a toss-up as to which one is better!
    If forced to pick- Lee’s.
    Shrimp in lobster sauce at both joints, right on the money.

    Thanks for the reading…

  7. Jon G says...

    From: Jon G
    Subject: Chinese

    Message Body:
    Hi Jeff,

    I saw your reviews on Chef Chen and Lee’s Chinese restaurants both in the Kendall area. In your opinion which is better and how is the shrimp and lobster sauce at both places?


    Jon G

    This mail is sent via contact form on Jeff Eats

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