***** Okey-Dokey Grocery Markets *****

***** Okey-Dokey Grocery Markets *****

If you’re like Mrs. Jeff Eats “grocery shopping” in South Florida is basically Publix, Target, Costco and Brothers Farmers Market in Boynton Beach. As far as she is concerned, Winn Dixie…too shabby-dirty looking. Walmart…too “bright-sterile looking. Whole Foods…too expensive and full of itself.

If you “are” on the same page as Mrs. Jeff Eats I got something that may interest you…Okey-Dokey Grocery Markets. A year or so-old chain with stores that run about 7,500 square feet. For those non-builders out there your “small” Publix probably runs about 30,00 square feet…

For right now, Okey has 11 South Florida locations…with 10 more scheduled to open in the next few months.

You can check for locations/products/daily specials.

I’m not going to kill time telling you guys about how compeitive/small margined the grocery business is. If you are interested you can “search” Okey-Dokey Grocery Markets and you’ll find a billion articles about this “new” chain and the Russian billionaires who are behind the business.

Now assuming that these “guys” aren’t washing-money or doing some other nefarious things…

Jeff Eats absolutely loved the “small” grocery store concept that he and Mrs. Jeff Eats just happened-into in Hollywood, Florida the other day. Now nothing for nothing, Coca Cola 2 liter sodas $.97 vs. Walmart’s Deerfield Beach store’s $1.38…Blue Bell chocolate ice cream 64oz. $4.99 vs. Walmart’s Deerfield Beach store’s $6.28.

Now, Jeff Eats knows and you know that…you get way more products into 30,000 sq. feet than you do in 7,500 sq. feet…and you get even more products in those “billion” sq. foot super stores that help make up the Publix, Walmart, Target, Costco empires—the point of this exercise, is that there is an alternative to the huge-box stores where you can find very competitive prices.

On a final note…Jeff Eats hasn’t yet figured out how this “newcomer” plans to successfully challenge the major grocery chains in South Florida. This one should be interesting to follow…

By the way…The savings on the above mentioned items almost paid for a 1/2 gallon of gas… You guys can run the numbers!

14 Comments to “***** Okey-Dokey Grocery Markets *****”

  1. Ed F says...

    Okey Dokey will check the store in Tamarac.

    • Tammy says...

      Okey Dokey no more……….South Florida stores are closed…..

  2. mark says...

    Looks like an Aldi but with more brand name products. Correct link is

  3. Colby G says...

    Jeff, I say they are washing money.
    Something like this was tried in Texas and they had about 250 stores and the whole thing collapsed.
    You can’t take on the big boys in the grocery business.
    The margins are way too small.

  4. robertw says...

    Jeffs comments crack me up. If they aren’t doing anything nefarious. LOL.

  5. ken w says...

    Russian investment group .

    read the news section of the site you will se the main guy does similar in Russia

  6. Youthguy says...

    This will fail big time.
    No way they can make the numbers work against the giant chains.

  7. Carls says...

    Aldis does a great job and these OKDokie guys will lose to them.

  8. John Doe says...

    I happen to work these people, no money washing, just big “fill in the blank” and believe we can take on Walmart and beat them. Check back in with us in 2 years when we have a 1000 stores.

  9. steven says...

    okey-dokey, Russian money went into these dumps.aldi is a much better choice with better quality FOOD AND CLEAN. This guys aren’t going to make it . there prices are to high and there specials are not available. something else is going on here. why throw your money into a dumpy store that are filthy and over priced. these people could not be that dumb..

  10. shalom says...

    ALDI & OKEY DOKEY Groceries sucks, they both fighting for their completion and reputation battle. Publix, Walmart, Kroger and Target basically have the best quality and the products availability as well as the cleaner stores. In other words you could get everything at one shot.

  11. robertw says...

    They are belly up. Okey-Dokey Grocery Markets may be closing




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    By Miriam Valverde, Sun Sentinel
    June 15, 2013

    After opening a dozen stores across South Florida within a few months and hosting several hiring events, Okey-Dokey Grocery Markets is now planning to close down its stores, according to a local commercial real estate broker and a trade publication.

    “We’ve heard from various sources that they’re looking to cease operations in the U.S.,” said Patxi Diaz, a Miami-based retail specialist with CBRE, a commercial real estate company. Diaz helped negotiate leases on behalf of landlords for two Okey-Dokey sites in Miami-Dade County, he said.

    The small-format grocery stores are backed by AgroTrade America Inc., a company established by AgroTrade International BV Investment Group, a Dutch investment firm focused on developing and managing international retail and real estate venture projects.

    The investment group is also known for opening other grocery concepts in Russia. AgroTrade did not return repeated calls and emails seeking comment.

    Jon Springer, associate editor at Supermarket News, a New York-based trade publication, said it’s hard to pinpoint what may have happened with the Okey-Dokey project. Citing local sources, the publication reported Okey-Dokey “has closed or will close all of its stores.”

    • H@3567 says...

      Jeff called it. He said that he couldn’t figure out how this little player could take on the big guys

  12. steven says...

    I said they wont make it. as per sun sentinel story

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