Damiano Italian Restaurant (Boca Raton)

Posted on October 6th, 2012 · Boca Raton Italian Pizza

Damiano Italian Restaurant, 3011 Yamato Road, Boca Raton, Florida 33434, (561) 613-6460.

Damiano Italian Restaurant is a “semi-upscale” Italian joint which opened in Boca Raton something like 4-days ago.

Look! I know that new restaurants have to “have” shakeout periods, during which they try and get their service–food up to certain acceptable levels.

With that in mind, “maybe” Damiano Italian Restaurant- sometime in the future will have its service and food up to acceptable levels…but I will tell you, that the dinner that I had there this evening was a totally unacceptable disaster. I’m gonna let you do the “google” on the joint’s owner– his connection to Frank & Dino’s Restaurant in Deerfield Beach and how the restaurant’s location hasn’t been the luckiest spot for other eateries. To get your search started you can check

Let me tell you a bit about Jeff Eats’ outing.

Last night at 7:30pm–the joint was very busy and the noise level was beyond absurd…you could barely hear yourself talk. What really amazed me, was that in addition to the restaurant’s “regular” noise level, the general manager allowed some female lounge singer with pre-recorded tracks to belt out song after song…maybe the guy is deaf or something.

The food ordered–fried calamari, fried zucchini, grilled pork chops, filet of sole, chicken scarpariello on the bone, ziti pompodoro were all second rate…and over priced. I would rate the calamari, zuchinni and ziti right up there with some of the worse that Jeff Eats has ever had–that is unless you like oversalted/hard, rubbery/tasteless and cold/tasteless…the two thin grilled pork chops had no taste whatsoever and were as tough as could be…The filet of sole and chicken scarpariello were barely passable–. Two other items, a chopped house salad for 10 bucks was good but way too small…and the pasta fagioli soups that arrived “after” the entrees were on the table weren’t touched. Now I’m no fancy guy, but Damiano should know that when you SERVE SOUP THE SOUP BOWL IS SUPPOSE TO BE ON TOP OF AN UNDERPLATE—so Damiano, go and buy some underplates…and while your out buying those plates, find a baker or distributor who can make you some decent bread–the stuff you had was lousy and had absolutely no taste whatsoever.

As for the wait-staff, confused—but you could definitely see that they were trying.

For those of you guys who like more “particulars”–trust me, this was 192 bucks for four people, just pissed away.

Just for the record, Damiano is in my “neighborhood.”…as a matter of fact, it’s maybe 2 minutes from my home. Last night, I spotted at least 14 people that I personally know—and everyone one of them wasn’t too thrilled with their Damiano outing.

The owner of this mess should be ashamed of himself.

I’m not going to beat a dead horse…for right now Damiano Italian Restaurant is a DISASTER…so you’ve been warned!

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  1. HN says...

    Like you I ate there last night.
    DISASTER is being kind.
    The food and service were terrible.
    This restaurant won’t last for very long. What a freaking mess.

  2. Robert K. says...

    The guy who owns this one is going to fail just like the guys before him the same spot.
    The restaurant is great looking but none of these guys knows anything about good food.
    I ate there Friday and it was bad news.

  3. YH says...

    Saw you at the restaurant.
    Not good.
    By the way the pasta fagiola soup is also tasteless and water down.

  4. Andy K. says...

    Good seeing you.
    My wife and I had the calamri and sausage & peppers. As life long Italians, we definitely won’t be back.

  5. MBC says...

    Hey Jeff,
    Great seeing you.
    I love your lounge singer comment. How the GM let that woman keep singing is beyond belief. I couldnt tell you if she sang good or bad the noise was incredible.
    My wife and I also noticed how the soup was just plopped on the table in the bowl.
    I give this one 6 months or until the free rent ends.
    What a waste of time and money.

  6. JF says...

    Real simple.
    One of the worst Italian restaurants in Florida.

  7. Carlo says...

    From: carlo
    Subject: Damiano

    Message Body:
    I read your comments and I thank you for those comments, we will address all those issues ASAP.
    Music will be terminated or bring late at night, also we will correct menu issues.
    I hope you will give us anither chance, I promiss you will not be disappointed again.
    You are free to call me at (561) 714-6019


    • MKJ says...

      I think that it’s a step in the right direction that Damiano wrote to you and promises to make things better.

    • Carl E. says...

      I believe the guy will try and get this restrauant straight.

      • Jim H says...

        I also believe that I will be elected Pope next year. You are just guessing.

    • LR (North Miami) says...

      I and my wife wish you the best with your new restaurant venture. We have been in the restaurant business for over 55 years so we know how hard it is to make it.
      Not too many people would write to a critic as you did. Shows me that you are open to suggestions and change. That’s really good.
      I am very familar with the center you are in. I am also very familar with the area that you are in.
      I’ve known Jeff for over 40 years.
      Here is a heads up for you, get together with him and see what he thinks of your operation and your location. Not to talk out of school, but I am willing to bet you, that he knows more about what works and what doesn’t work in the pocket you are in than you and all the guys who own this restaurant put together. I’ll also bet you he knows 85% of the people in the Woodfield Country Club which is literally right next door to your door. I’ll also bet you he could give you great ideas as to how to give your restaurant a shot at being a winner.
      Once again, good luck!

    • Steve A says...

      You got a mish mosh going on. Pizzas, fancy dishes. Total confusion. You got to limit the menu to one theme.

  8. WK says...

    Jeff – as always, a true fan of yours. I usually just skim by your articles as we’re typically on the same page. However, I had a slightly different experience. You’re right, the restaurant does has a nice decor that my wife loved. However, we thought the food was good. We ordered some wine and pizza as an appetizer. The pizzas were perfect portions and better than any other coal fire joint in the area. We also had the eggplant parm which was a winner amongst all at the table. (We typically share all entrees when a restaurant first opens.) We also had the chicken scarp that was right off the line, hot, and flavorful. The server did however bring the soup a bit late (things could be worse) Service was just as expected, overstaffed and very helpful at the turn of your head. The prices seemed fair for the area and the high quality of food. Oh yes! how can I forget? We had the cannolis for dessert which were quiet delightful and not too sweet. Overall I would definitely go back. Thanks Jeff!

  9. Allan R says...

    My wife and I ate there last night.
    We got there around 8pm and the restaurant was very busy.
    I have to agree with you that the owner needs to get a handle on this joint,
    The bread and pasta fagiola soup were as bland as can be. And yes as you point out the soup bowl was delivered without an underplate. That’s the first time I’ve ever seen that.
    I had the veal parm and my wife had the filet of sole. They were okay but most mom & pop joints in the area do them better. The pasta side was a small bland dish.
    The noise level was deafening and I saw the female singer singing away. It was so loud in the restaurant that you couldn’t even hear her.

  10. MJ says...

    Our meal wasn’t too bad. They didn’t bring the soup until we had already finished our entrees and the pasta side never showed up.

  11. jhj says...

    For crying out loud. The guy before and this guy are trying to succeed with a restaurant concept that nobody in the area wants or could give to good craps about.
    They are trying to make this restaurant into a cougar bar with a bunch of losers sitting at a bar or table listening to some clown sing Sweet Caroline.
    Nobody wants that crap.
    Maybe it works at Frank & Dino’s but it isnt going to work here.
    What the people want is good solid food and reasonable prices. Nothing fancy.
    Matteo’s has the right formula.
    Nick’s Pizza in Boca has the right formula.
    Nino’s in Boca has the right formula.
    Barone’s in Coral Springs has the right formula.
    The new guy has to lose the fancy bar with its shaded lighting. Nobody wants that crap.
    Take the place down a notch. Make it user friendly.
    Too bad guys get into this area without knowing a freaking thing about their audience.
    You could straighten this guy out in something like 1/2 hour. You know what people like and you also know what does well and what doesnt do well in different areas.
    Help them please!

    • ED F. says...

      Got to agree with you.
      Ive eaten in this one and the one before it and the formula is all wrong.
      First of all, the layout is very uncomfortable.
      The acquostics stink.
      The tables are too close to each other.
      The bar looks like as you say a cougar bar.
      What they need is a real family style operation. For sure Matteo’s has the formula but its being doing it for 30 years and has top operators.
      The outside patio should be used more.
      The right guy could turn this around in a flash because you have a great young population that would support the right concept.
      All the new guy did was change the food figuring it would work.

  12. Mr. Florida33496 says...

    Like a wildfire. The word is spreading that Regency has another disaster.
    Dont any of these guys know what the word
    SIMPLE means?

  13. Jon Greenberg says...

    From: Jon Greenberg
    Subject: good places to eat

    Message Body:
    I just went to a new place in Hollywood called Cafe Volare at 2033 Harrison St. This place is excellent!!! You will really enjoy it.

    Also Jeff I’ve told you about Blue Willies BBQ THIS PLACE YOU MUST TRY!!!

  14. Joe & Joe says...

    We ate there last Saturday night. Food, service were not good. The noise level was beyond bad. Won’t be back.

  15. carlo says...

    We made some serious changes since your article was published.
    Some servers are no longer here, we made some changes on the menu and we are not offering pasta fagiole anymore with your entree.
    Also we add potato puree and sauteed spinach on most of our entrees with the exceptions of shrimp and calamari sishes that we are serving on a bed of linguini.
    As per your comment about the music,we are going to try music only on Wednesdays and Thursday and will be tone down, we hire a music accoustic person to try to buff the sound.
    The sound carries very strong here with concrete floors, hard wood ceiling, store front glass and stainless steel open kitchen.
    We take any comment very seriously, and we are triving to please everyone on our neighborhood.
    I know that issues will arise in the future but I will try to correct them as soon as popssible.

  16. Mikegboca says...

    Heres a suggestion for the next restaurant to waste this space

    Call it Crappio then your customers won’t be so disappointed

    Had the meatball appetizer. Boring,tasteless

    Had the Friied Calimari. Boring

    Had a sausage pizza.disgraceful.

    Lounge singer a la Bill Murray.

    Completecwasteoftime. We scouted this out fora large party next Saturday, cancelled as we left

  17. Gary says...

    Carlo, your timing is exceptional, especially if you are willing and have the ability to make positive change.

    I don’t know your background, but I can tell you from my experience, that Boca is one of the toughest markets for a new business, even if you have succeeded in other locations.

    The season is 4-6 weeks away, even with some bad publicity generating, you will be mobbed come season. Your location is great and the demand from snow birds and yearly residents with their guests will pack your restaurant.

    Your 2 posts(without attitude) show you’re willing to make change, the question is, do you have the ability?

    I wish you good luck and look forward to enjoying dinner at your restaurant.

    • EM says...

      I say the guy flops on his ass.
      From what he has written he has made some minor changes but not even close to what is needed.
      He is treating this restaurant as if were one that people from all over the place will travel to get to.
      This is a neighborhood center. A convenience center.
      The only people he will get is those who live in the immediate area.
      I live in this area and nobody wants a COUGAR BAR ITALIAN RESTAURANT.
      If he opened a place like Anthony’s, or Nick’s or like Nino’s, or like Dominic’s he would have a chance.
      He is shooting for a crowd that doesnt exist.
      He’ll soon find out the hard way.

    • David C says...

      Good luck.
      I live in Broken Sound CC which is five minutes from you.
      Change this thing to a pizza, pasta, salad, wing place ASAP.

  18. Richard H says...

    I’m a true fan of your site, but I respectfully disagree regarding your comments about Damiano.
    First of all I am a resident of Broken Sound CC , and I never see someone review a restaurant on opening night, Sun Sentinel, Jan Norris, Susan Bryant and Palm Beach Post wait at least 3 or 4 months before they write a review.
    Now let me tell you about my experience at Damiano, I went there with a group of six Wednesday night,and Chenzo was playing,we had a great time and the food at the bar was exceptional and believe was a bargain 2×1 on all drinks (very hard to find) most happy hours are well drinks, here the entire bar is 2×1. Also the $4 bar menu is a great deal.
    We had so such of good time that we came back last night, place was pack and full of energy, (no live music), but again great time at bar, then we sat and we have a wonderful meal, great meatballs, fried calamari, and fritto misto,then veal chop valdostana, sole francese and linguine with clams, all great and great prices.

    I hope this was not a witch hunt, since you are a good friend of Dennis Max (no longer involved with John Williams and Carlo) at Frank and Dino’s and Damiano.

    If you write something please be fair, never review a restaurant on its first night.

    • JeffEats says...

      Richard H:

      Just had a chance to read your comments.

      First of all, the reviewed meal was not opening night.

      The outing I had was lousy. If you take the time you will find that Carlo one of the owners wrote to Jeff Eats. Apparently it was this blog that got him to make changes.

      Next, so if in fact things are now better…just maybe Jeff Eats had something to do with it.

      Finally, you “reviewed” the joint in its second week of business. So if we follow your formula for reviewers, you shouldn’t be issuing reviews just yet.

      Thanks for reading…

    • Leeman says...

      If I got this right,
      You loved the joint
      It seems that Jeff’s review got the owner to change things
      Therefore Jeff is basically why you had a good time
      Now if he hadn’t reviewed the joint when he did and did what you think he should do and wait 3 or 4 months the food would still be lousy and you wouldn’t have had a good time
      You should now be thanking Jeff.

      • Rgh says...

        This makes sense to me.
        Jeff caused the change.

    • Andy Devine says...

      You are dead wrong, the sun sentinel and others often don’t wait 3 or 4 months after a restaurant opens to review it. Check your facts and you’ll find I’m right.

  19. Carlo says...

    Hey guys stop bickering about Damiano, Jeff was here the second night and he point some very valid issues that we correct immediately,are we perfect, NO, nobody is in the restaurant business, somobody loves vanilla and others like chocolate.
    But we try to please everyone, and any constructive remark is always welcome.
    Regarding Richard H comments, I agree with him, no restaurant should be review on the second night.
    But it’s is what it’s is.
    Hope Jeff will stop by soon and try us again.

    Thank you

    • Linkie says...

      Hope you got things going.
      Your restaurant should be as good the first day it opens as it is 10 years later.
      If it wasn’t on day one then you shouldn’t hae charged your customers full price.
      Jeff just woke you up to get things better.
      Assuming that things are now good Jeff’s review was a blessing.

  20. SSF says...

    I live in the Woodfield Country Club and I heard that the food is terrible.
    I’ll wait and see if the report gets better.

  21. Gary says...

    The Association of Food Journalists published a list of restaurant critic guidelines, included is:

    “To be fair to a new restaurant, reviewers should wait at least one month after the restaurant starts serving before visiting”

    The first few weeks of service are never a good indicator of what the experience will be like in the long run…

    To many customers, the thrill of newness makes it worthwhile to eat in those first tumultuous few weeks. But to go and expect a smooth operation from day one is unrealistic..

    • Zipperman says...

      Aren’t you the same clown who bought into Obama’s bs that some You Tube video caused 4 Americans’ deaths.
      You. fell for that lie and you were giving up our right to freedom of speech.
      Now you want Jeff to be like other reviewer hacks.
      Let Jeff do it his way.

      • Gary says...


        What I did say was that the unrest in the Middle East was a reaction to an independent film makers video…….

        A well respected food critics review is quite powerful. Based on Jeff’s following, I put him in that category.

        I believe that before he does some real damage to an independent operator, he should give them adequate time to get the kinks out.

        After working for a food company for 12 years, with every dollar I had I decided to go out on my own.
        I invested in a new Deli restaurant. Grand opening day, my Deli manager walked off the job 15 minutes before we opened the door for business.

        My head chef, myself and partners jumped in to fill the void. The next day we had a new Deli manager.

        3 days later my head chef got a call that a family member had been in a fatal car accident. He ran out the door in the middle of dinner service. We panicked but had a new chef in place within a few days.

        My dining room manager left when she got news that her father was shot in a robbery, and a handful of my staff were inconsistent, and addicted to drugs.

        I had problems with my A/C and refrigeration, cooking equipment and food suppliers.

        We got off to a rough start and certainly pissed off many customers along the way. The problems kept coming and we did what we needed to do.

        Nobody, except us knew what was happening behind the scenes. It would have been justified for somebody to say that we didn’t know what we were doing and that we would be out of business in 6 months.

        4 years later I sold out for 10 times my initial investment.

        I have opened several places since then, and NONE have been glitch free from the start. New location, new staff, different customers, different circumstances.

        I have hit big on some and failed miserably on others.

        The big chains have far fewer challenges than the independent when opening a new location. They have the funds and resources that most independents don’t have.

        Chains are built on the creative concept developed by the independent restauranteur.

        If Jeff’s review was posted several months or even weeks after opening day, I would believe it to be a fair review, and not step foot into this restaurant.

        • Zipperman says...


          If Jeff hadn’t written that review, the restaurant wouldn’t have made changes. Just read what the owner wrote to him. So Jeff may have actually saved the restaurant from failure.

          • Gary says...


            I’m sure the owner didn’t need to read Jeff’s review to know he had problems.

            I respect the owner for responding to Jeff’s post. He obviously respects Jeff and understands the power of the Internet, and knows that Jeff has a strong and devoted local following.

            I do not credit Jeff if changes have been made, I credit the owner.

            If Walmart corrects their customer service, would you credit Jeff as well?

  22. Gigi says...

    Omg u people are all nuts all u want are Jewish delis in this neighborhood get over it if the place is fun and to young for the country club folks it’s no good stay at the clubhouse and eat lmao

  23. SC says...

    Six of us ate there last Saturday night. All three couples thought the food was VILE.
    If this is what this guy Carlo thinks is now an improved restaurant he is in for a big shock when he goes bust.

  24. TTH says...

    Here’s Open Table Reviews. Not good.

    Reviews from OpenTable DinersLearn More






    9 reviews since June 17, 2012


    2.4 .


    2.7 .


    3.1 .


    2.7 .

    Noise Level


    Filter Reviews By:

    fit for foodies(1)
    good for groups(1)
    great for brunch(1)

    see more

    Sort By Featured Reviews Top Contributors Newest Oldest Highest Rating Lowest Rating Longest Shortest


    We were hoping for the menu

    OpenTable Diner Since


    Dined on 10/07/2012







    Noise Level


    We were hoping for the menu to reflect the previous one but instead, it is all pretty generic without anything unusual or unique. So, this is just another generic italian and while the atmosphere offers so much potential, the menu should be adjusted so that it highlights items that can be specifically associated with Damiano and not just basic items available anywhere.


    Report inappropriate content.


    so much noise we couldn’t

    OpenTable Diner Since


    Dined on 10/13/2012







    Noise Level


    so much noise we couldn’t wait to get out of there.
    salad was served after a wait…then dinner dumped on the table……
    table was too small for four adults (kept getting jostled by passing waiters.

    Would not plan on returning…


    Report inappropriate content.


    Although food was good for

    OpenTable Diner Since


    Dined on 10/13/2012







    Noise Level


    Although food was good for me it wasn’t for my wife! It is very noisy on a Saturday night and we felt rushed. Not a relaxing place to dine unless you eat outside. Tables are very close.


    Report inappropriate content.


    Service was very slow! chicken….

    OpenTable Diner Since


    Dined on 10/12/2012







    Noise Level


    Service was very slow!
    Bread…….needs improvement

  25. RB says...

    I ate there sat nite had a great meal place was very busy just because you had a bad experience which every meal was vile hard to believe give these guys a chance they have a great track record. Only open a week we need a place like this in area hopefully people will try for themselves definitely worth a try!

    • jane g. says...

      rb, i live in the woodfield country club.
      we dont need this type of restaurant .
      this restaurant as a few others mentioned is nothing but a cougar restaurant.
      i ate there last saturday night and the place was jammed, noisy and the food wasnt very good.
      what we need is an anthony’s or a nick’s type place not some semi upscale place.
      it wont last.
      loads of my friends have eaten there and not one of them liked it.
      i definitely wont be back.

  26. mark says...

    Jane what the heck is a Cougar restaurant? Also if he is hoping to stay open just to service Woodfield that yes he will fail he needs to draw from all over so whether woodfield needs this place is irrelevant. I have to agree with some of the other posters give the guy time to work out the kinks before you bad mouth the food and service.

    • Dan G says...

      Polo Club.
      Food not good.
      Service horrendous.
      Prices a drop too high.
      Ain’t going to work.

  27. Don M says...


    I’m on the same page as jane g. with respect to this restaurant.
    I ate there last weekend and was not impressed with it.
    The reason why the italian restaurant before it failed and the restaurant before that one failed is much more than lousy food.
    Others have pointed that this shopping center is a CONVENIENCE CENTER. Drugstore, supermarket, chinese takeout, shoemaker, bank. These are neighborhood businesses.
    Damiamo is trying to draw people not in the area.
    It won’t work as the others also found out.
    Do you really think that someone from Weston is going to drive to this restaurant? Get serious.
    Since this is a neighborhood deal, you need places like Anthony’s, Nick’s, etc. that cater to locals.
    As for the cougar comments.
    Just look at the crowd. 50s- 80s dolled up sitting at the bar. That’s a cougar bar.
    You believe what you’d like, but the crap food and the crap service and playing to a crowd that is very small is going to doom the place.

    • mark says...

      Thanks for the info on what a Cougar Restaurant now i understand. whats amazing in just 2 weeks this guy seems to have had all of Boca try it out so i guess they are starved for a good place to eat.

  28. finnermans says...

    i had the veal parm. my wife had chicken scarp.
    bad very bad.
    wont see us ever again.

  29. mark says...

    hmm are the geting better

    2 reviews in English
    Review from Steve T. 0 friends1 reviewSteve T.
    Boca Raton, FL

    Send Message

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    I went over the weekend with my kids. They loved the food and the servers were so friendly to my kids. Thanks Damiano!

    Was this review …?
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    Flag this review Review from William K. 0 friends1 reviewWilliam K.
    Boca Raton, FL

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    10/10/2012 3 photos First to Review
    Stopped by here with some coworkers after a long day. We had a few drinks at the bar while we waited for a few other coworkers to arrive. The service was top notch and very attentive. We all shared pizza, baked clams, calamari, eggplant parm and meatballs for appetizers. All were very good and definitely opened up our appetite for entrees. Then for entrees we had veal dishes, sausage and peppers, short rib dish and chicken scarpariello. The consensus from the table was that everything was delicious. We’re definitely coming back for more!

  30. Gigi's says...

    The whole cougar bar thing is hysterical because a cougar is a older woman who dates younger men where in gods name are these young men coming from certainly not wood field country club I think the whole cougar thing is a joke I guess there are a lot of insecure women in west boca lol

  31. mark says...

    One more question it seems everyone orders chicken or veal parm. As this is not italian but an american dish why do you use that as a measurement of good Itialan food?

  32. Hey Jeff, read this one on Yelp date 10/18/12.
    The person said the food was pretty good.
    Guess Carlo still got a ton of work to do.
    Clearly the reviews written below are from the owners because no one in their right mind would EVER think this place is good, let alone top notch. I am truly disgusted at the inefficiency of this place, to the point where I don’t even know where to begin. Our waiter was an absolute moron – crusty the clown would have done a better job. He had zero clue about the menu, brought out the wrong food, and then asked if we would just eat it. (True story, not even kidding). He took (again not kidding) 30 minutes to run the credit card for the table. After charging me 3 times for the meal because he didn’t know how to use the computer, and me literally chasing down every single employee in the place to help him, a chef (yes I even went to the kitchen in hopes someone would help me get the hell out of there), my check was comped. It’s a shame because the food is pretty good, but the people have no clue what they’re doing. I was so frustrated by the time i left, i literally felt like popping a xanax. (OK, maybe not that bad, but pretty close!) Unless you’re already on xanax or have nowhere to go in the foreseeable future, avoid this place at all costs. Terrible. I may start a betting pool to see how long they’ll stay open for. If you’re like me, and dumb enough to go, let me know if you want in.

  33. AK says...

    Ate there last Thursday night .
    The pizza was good. The chicken scarpriello was terrible.

  34. Ricky G says...

    ate in ovenella the other night. delicious italian food. give it a try when you get a chance.

  35. andrea k says...

    utter confusion.

    waiters have no idea whats going on

  36. JL says...

    I work in the same center where Damiamo is located.
    Over the years I’ve seen a number of restaurants come and go in the spot where it’s located. Zenith, Regency, Assiago.
    If I recall correctly, all three prior tenants looked basically as Damiamo now looks give or take a tweek here and there.
    I ate there two nights ago. I had the veal parm and my wife had a house salad and small pizza.
    The food was okay but nothing to rave about.
    Personally I think that there are many better restaurants in the immediate area.
    That’s my take on this one.

  37. JE says...

    My wife and I and another couple ate at Damiamo last night.
    We started with $4 bar appetizers at the bar. For 4 bucks they sure dont give you much for your money. We had meatballs and eggplant. Not very good. By the way, I think I got indigestion later that night from them.
    At the table we had veal parm, chicken scarpiello. Not the best that we have had. Not terrible but not something to excited about.
    At 9:15 pm we wanted to take a pizza homw for our kids. We were told that the oven had already been turned off so they couldnt make us a pizza. After talking to a few mgt people they agreed to turn the oven back on and make the pizza which took about 1/2 hour. Who turns off a pizza oven while the business is still open? Damiamo that’s who!
    This place still has a ton of issues to workout.

  38. DEE DEE says...

    jeff, all of the negative reviews have been removed from YELP. YELP is a fraud.

    • Arnie Gold says...

      I also noticed that.
      I guess YELP can be bought off!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  39. LOP says...

    Hey Jeff,
    I and my wife ate there last night. For the record, the restaurant was very busy.
    Rather than going into all type of detail, we found the food fair, the service fair, the prices a drop to high.
    This restaurant’s concept is all wrong for the neighborhood that’s in.
    This should be a real mom & pop red sauce joint, like Nino’s, Augy’s, Dominic’s. Or it should be like an Anthony’s or Tucci’s or Nick’s.
    For right now Damiano is trying to be a drop too upscale for what’s needed.
    Based on our initial outing we won’t be back.
    Personally, I think after Season this restaurant will be history unless it changes itself real fast.

  40. RRD says...

    Ate there Friday night. Enjoyed the food. The table of 4 next to mine were complaining and were disgusted with the food and service.

  41. JM says...

    Jeff, my wife and I ate there two nights ago. My veal piccata and her shrimp scampi were very good. Service was good. The only problem we had was that the female lounge singer was too loud and you couldn’t hear yourself talk. They should get rid of her or pick quiter songs which don’t make such noise.

  42. JY says...

    simple meatballs and spag. Not very good and 16 bucks to boot.

  43. DB says...

    Jeff, sorry we didn’t listen to you.

  44. TH says...

    This is a lousy Italian restaurant. Don’t waste your time or money.

  45. Gene R. says...

    My wife and i eat out a ton.
    The food in this one sucks. The service sucks.
    Can’t really figure this out because the other place they own Frank & Dino’s is pretty good.

  46. Barbra says...

    I should of taken your advise and never set foot in this place. We had the worst dining experience ever last night at the bar. The bartender was either drunk or just crazy but asked us 3 times what we wanted and kept forgetting. We left without eating after listening to her curse at the manager for 10 minutes. I give this place 3 months tops! What a mess!

  47. Foodie says...

    Agree with Barbra. Should have taken your advice. We actually gave the place two chances. Both times the bartender seemed to be intoxicated (same bartender, Christy or Crissy something like that). Could have been the fact that she was drinking wine while working. The food was tasteless and overprices. What an atrocity. We will not be back. 2 months and they’re gone.

  48. Maye Ling says...

    This restaurant is an absolute disaster. The food is terrible and so is the service.

  49. donatella says...

    as soon as the free rent runs out this one will close. the food sucks the big one.

  50. james c says...

    help these guys out.
    we need a barone’s or nino’s type place in the center, not this horrendous place.

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