Damiano Italian Restaurant (Boca Raton)

Posted on October 6th, 2012 · Boca Raton Italian Pizza

Damiano Italian Restaurant, 3011 Yamato Road, Boca Raton, Florida 33434, (561) 613-6460.

Damiano Italian Restaurant is a “semi-upscale” Italian joint which opened in Boca Raton something like 4-days ago.

Look! I know that new restaurants have to “have” shakeout periods, during which they try and get their service–food up to certain acceptable levels.

With that in mind, “maybe” Damiano Italian Restaurant- sometime in the future will have its service and food up to acceptable levels…but I will tell you, that the dinner that I had there this evening was a totally unacceptable disaster. I’m gonna let you do the “google” on the joint’s owner– his connection to Frank & Dino’s Restaurant in Deerfield Beach and how the restaurant’s location hasn’t been the luckiest spot for other eateries. To get your search started you can check

Let me tell you a bit about Jeff Eats’ outing.

Last night at 7:30pm–the joint was very busy and the noise level was beyond absurd…you could barely hear yourself talk. What really amazed me, was that in addition to the restaurant’s “regular” noise level, the general manager allowed some female lounge singer with pre-recorded tracks to belt out song after song…maybe the guy is deaf or something.

The food ordered–fried calamari, fried zucchini, grilled pork chops, filet of sole, chicken scarpariello on the bone, ziti pompodoro were all second rate…and over priced. I would rate the calamari, zuchinni and ziti right up there with some of the worse that Jeff Eats has ever had–that is unless you like oversalted/hard, rubbery/tasteless and cold/tasteless…the two thin grilled pork chops had no taste whatsoever and were as tough as could be…The filet of sole and chicken scarpariello were barely passable–. Two other items, a chopped house salad for 10 bucks was good but way too small…and the pasta fagioli soups that arrived “after” the entrees were on the table weren’t touched. Now I’m no fancy guy, but Damiano should know that when you SERVE SOUP THE SOUP BOWL IS SUPPOSE TO BE ON TOP OF AN UNDERPLATE—so Damiano, go and buy some underplates…and while your out buying those plates, find a baker or distributor who can make you some decent bread–the stuff you had was lousy and had absolutely no taste whatsoever.

As for the wait-staff, confused—but you could definitely see that they were trying.

For those of you guys who like more “particulars”–trust me, this was 192 bucks for four people, just pissed away.

Just for the record, Damiano is in my “neighborhood.”…as a matter of fact, it’s maybe 2 minutes from my home. Last night, I spotted at least 14 people that I personally know—and everyone one of them wasn’t too thrilled with their Damiano outing.

The owner of this mess should be ashamed of himself.

I’m not going to beat a dead horse…for right now Damiano Italian Restaurant is a DISASTER…so you’ve been warned!

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  1. KNEY says...

    Hey Jeff,
    Critic in Sun Sentinel gave it 3/4 stars. The critic must have been on the take because I ate there and the food was terrible and the service even worse.

    • CLOWNIE says...

      Laughing my ass off.
      The reviewer is so full of sheet that it isnt even funny.
      Just read the review and he really is saying that the place is fair at best. Yet he gives it 3 stars.
      I guess because the owners own other restaurants and must do some advertising, he was forced to give it 3 stars.
      I have eaten there at it isnt very good. The place is too loud, the waiters suck and the food is crap.
      This reviewer should be ashamed of himself.

  2. ed k says...

    this is a 3 star joint like i’m a 3 headed cow.
    this joint is a disaster.
    the noise level alone could deafen you.
    try it and youll cancel your sun sentinel subscription.

  3. lkh says...

    For a joint that’s suppose to be so lousy, it sure was jammed last night at 7;30pm when I walked passed it.

    • Dellarosa says...

      Believe me, it’s lousy.
      Wait to season ends.

  4. MG says...

    Just finished eating there. That will be the first and last time I set foot in this restaurant. Terrible food and incompetent service. Stay away.

  5. WCC says...

    I live in the Woodfield Country Club which is right next door to Damiano. Since it opened, I haven’t heard even one positive comment from any of my Woodfield neighbors. That says something as to what’s going on there.

  6. Chris Forbes says...

    In you f-ing face! Damiano gets 3 out of 4 stars in the sun sentinel. Your blog is sh-t!,0,2790149.story

    • Dave W says...

      Sun Sentinel said it was good.
      Most others, me included thought just the opposite.
      The joint won’t last too much longer.

    • MJ49 says...

      Food and service stink.
      Don’t believe everything you read in the Sun Sentinel.

    • Mrs L says...

      If you really think that Damiano has good food, you really have no taste or idea as to what good Italian food is all about. The Sun Sentinel critic is laughingly wrong.

    • Donald F says...

      Obviously Jeff Eats knows a whole lot more as to what good Italian food is all about than the Sun Sentinel critic. My wife and I and another couple ate there a few weeks ago and the food and service were extremely bad news.
      We definitely crossed this one off our list.

    • FRED CARP says...

      the food sucks.
      the fool at the sun sentinel knows dick.
      jeff’s the man.
      he calls it just like it is and isn’t beholden to advertisers like the sun sentinel is.

  7. Mike g says...


    Every restaurant in the Sun-Sentinel gets 3 stars.

    Damiano makes a sugar laden Tomato sauce on top of crappy meatballs( try using a little pork and egg with ground beef and a little seasoning as well)

    Their pizza also bland and boring

  8. Ronnie Gold says...

    Damiano is a joke of a restaurant.
    The food sucks.
    End Of Story.

  9. Ron G says...

    Food was great, service was ok. Overall its a great local spot.

  10. Gregg L. Friedman MD says...

    Damiano’s restaurant was very good. I enjoyed my meal and the server was very nice. Overall I think that they have very good Italian food and I look forward to my next meal there. By Gregg L. Friedman MD, Psychiatrist, Hallandale Beach, FL

  11. foodman says...

    loud, lousy food, incompetent waiters.

  12. John C. says...

    Ate there last Wed. night. Food was pretty good. Service not the best. Very noisy.
    Based on there being so many better Italian restaurants in the area, I give this one maybe another 6 months before it’s history.

  13. DopeyJohn says...

    I live in the Broken Sound Country Club. I am very familiar with the shopping center and where Damiano is located.
    From what I can tell, Damiano is probably doing very steady business since it opened. Whenever I walk by at night it’s always pretty busy.
    My wife and I ate there when it first opened and it wasnt too good. The food and service weren’t what we expected. And talk about noise, brutal!
    Haven’t been back, that first and only visit was enough for us.
    Only time will tell if this place lasts.

  14. HBG says...

    The food here is so so. Not much more can be said.

  15. Matt says...

    We went there for the first time. The food was ok. The service was great though. Everyone was friendly. Well, everyone but the manager. He put us in the back away from everyone because we had our children with us. (Yes, I heard him say that to the hostess). Hey, if you want to be the neighborhood Italian restaurant you have to cater to the neighborhood. This isn’t a fancy place. No need for that attitude. The same manager dropped bread at our table without even stopping, smiling or making eye contact. This was unfortunate because as I said the 5 other staff members we interacted with where friendly and great.

  16. carson t says...

    is this joint still open?
    food stinks.
    very noisy.

  17. Sid L. Turner says...

    terrible food. service is even worse. noisy as hell. won’t last.

  18. TATAFORNOW says...

    Ate there with 5 others two nights ago. Everyone enjoyed the food.
    Maybe they got better from your first review.

  19. RAD 33496 says...

    If you want to eat here you’d better hurry because based on the lousy food my wife and I had the other night I’m figuring this restaurant has a short time to go before it closes for good.

  20. BC says...

    The worse service.
    Total disaster.

  21. Ta1832 says...

    Can’t believe that this one is still in business.

  22. JeffStein says...

    Reliable sources told me the joint has been up for sale for the past 30 days.

  23. LA says...

    Took out last night for a small group. All of the pizzas and pastas were delicious.
    Jeff, try it again.

  24. Carlo says...

    Thank you for all your help,restaurant sold for high 6 figures, tell all your cronies to enjoy the new restaurant as per me Im laughing all the way to the bank.
    I hope i do not see west boca ever again. Restaurnat make money during the season and Im gone.

    • AW12 says...

      Jeff sure did call this one.
      What were they in business 6 months?
      When your food isn’t very good, your servers very amateurish, your prices high, your restauaurant is noisy and you pay $30000 a month in rent. The odds say that you will not make it.
      As for sale price, who knows but I seriously doubt anyone would pay top dollar for this loser.
      Good luck to the new guy.
      Not sure what kind of food he has but that rent right off the bat is a huge cross to bear.
      I live 10 minutes from this restaurant. I have seen a number or restaurants come and go in the exact same location. I think the primary problem with the location is that the rent is too high. I have been told by several shopkeepers in the center that the rent is about $30000 a month. That is an an absolutely absurd rent to pay. The center use to have Campagnola’s in another spot and it failed, I think the rent also killed it off.
      Maybe the new guy coming in got a better rent deal.

    • sadman says...

      Show us the check you phony.

  25. Gerard says...

    Jeff seem that you have dozen of email addresses.
    All that BS that those scums wannabe write seem to came from you.
    So happy that I move and left this wannabe’s rich scums, they all live in a 3 million home and they all drive Bentleys and leave the valet parker $0.75 cents. These are the scums that follow you.
    Trailer park wannabees Country Club with two cents on their pockets, they try to be like East Boca.

    • JeffEats says...

      Gerard, Carlo or whatever your name is:

      Just had a chance to read your comments.

      Jeff Eats has one email address.

      Since Jeff Eats had no skin in the restaurant, he could really have cared less whether it made it or not.

      There are 3 “old” sayings that you might like to always keep in mind:

      1. “The Buck Stops Here.”
      2. “If it’s too hot get out of the kitchen.”
      3. “Don’t burn your bridges.”

      Jeff Eats knows three things for sure—lousy food, lousy service and high rent usually guarantees that a restaurant is gonna fail…

      If you think that a-little old blog-site review “took down” a restaurant, Jeff Eats got a bridge in Brooklyn he would like to sell you. Using your logic–a 3 star Sun Sentinel review should have made the joint a winner—apparently it didn’t.

      Your blaming the people of Boca Raton for your failure is absurd… Look in the mirror, that guy you see, blame him. The people didn’t cook the crappy overpriced food. The people didn’t hire and train the incompetent waiters. The people didn’t hire the noisy lounge singer. The people didn’t sign the lease that was too high. You my friend- did it all to your little old-self.

      When you got involved in this thing, did it ever enter your mind to question why 3 restaurants before you- in the identical spot had failed? What in the world made you think that you had the magical formula and they didn’t? What I do know, is that the rent in that spot from the day the center opened has been obscene and almost insures failure.

      By the way, Carlo doesn’t sound like a guy who is “laughing all the way to the bank.”

      Now you take care.

      And, thanks for reading…

    • mr big says...

      Jeff just showed me your comments.
      I own one of the biggest and most famous Italian restaurants in NYC.
      I ate at your place several months ago and for what it’s worth it sucked.
      I happen to have a Winter home in Boca so I get to check out the comings and goings of guys like you.
      When you leave don’t let the door hit you in the ass, you piker.

    • JohnLuciano says...

      Just had breakfast with Jeff Eats.
      He mentioned that Damiano was either closing or was sold.
      Read your e-mail and Carlo’s e-mail and you boys got it all wrong.
      If some clown paid high 6 figures for this restaurant good luck to him.
      I live right next door and no matter what he opens he aint got a chance.
      I know the center and I know the rents and I know the people and the spot can’t handle a restaurant.
      Don’t blame anyone for your failure except yourself.

    • Ron G says...

      You are a loser.
      How do I know?
      You went out of business, that’s how.
      See Ya!

  26. KLU says...

    My wife and I ate there about a week or so ago and the food and service were very good.
    Sorry to hear about the change in ownership or whatever is going on there.
    We liked it.

  27. LO says...

    Just heard its closing.
    Ate there one time and it was terrible.
    Won’t be missed.

  28. WD says...

    Drove by last night.
    As predicted by some didnt even last 6 months.
    Saw where the owner said he sold the business.
    I wouldn’t bet on that.
    It just failed.
    Crap food always does joints in.

  29. John Y says...

    was in the regency center last night. saw that damiano is closed. ate there when it first opened and didn’t care for it. never paid it much attention after that. this one didn’t last long. what was it 7- months? I see that the owner is pretty nasty about his failure. amazing he doesn’t see that he only has himself to blame for the failure. not sure what’s coming to the spot. hopefully a good restaurant will come in.

  30. RC says...

    Heard the place is no more. Good riddance.
    We ate there when it first opened and it was disgusting. It was so bad that when I got home I actually called the owner and told him what a terrible meal my party had had.

  31. jasd says...

    this place was horrendous.

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