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imageSouthside Johnny


Every “season” the Duncan Theatre at Palm Beach State College in Lake Worth produces the “Juke Box Generation Series.”

This year’s shows…

Thursday- Januray 31, 2013- Southside Johnny And The Asbury Jukes
Thursday- February 28, 2013- Jarrod Spector
Thursday- March 20, 2013- The Bronx Wanderers

Jeff Eats has seen all 3 “acts” and they are terrific.

The Duncan Theatre seats 700. Every seat is good.

The series costs $63 for all 3 shows. There are no service or additional fees.
By the way, you can buy individual shows for $29 a seat.


IF YOU WANT TICKETS, DON’T WAIT…call the box office at (561) 868-3309. This series is always a sell-out.

You can check for further details.

5 Comments to “***** JUKE BOX GENERATION SERIES *****”

  1. CCR says...

    ive also seen all three shows. you are right they are all excellent.
    southside johnny is a legendary nj band.
    spector was the star of jersey boys
    bronx wanderers play all over florida and put on one of the best oldies shows i’ve ever seen.
    for 21 bucks a show its a steal.
    ive been to duncan and every seat is good.
    this is a great series under written by the florida.

  2. VIC FROM DELRAY says...

    thx for the heads up, just called bx office and ordered 2 tkts which will be mailed in late october.
    thx again.

  3. Ron Edelman says...

    Haven’t seen the other two but The Bronx Wanderers are excellent. I’ve seen them twice and they put on a tremendous show.

  4. Mal S. says...

    Very good three show package.
    Bought 6 tkts yesterday.

  5. HY says...

    Thanks for this one.
    Hadn’t heard of this series until your column.
    My friends and I bought 12 seats for the series.
    Great lineup and reasonably priced seats.

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