Black Eyed Pig BBQ (Naples)

Posted on August 30th, 2012 · American BBQ Naples




***** Black Eyed Pig BBQ, 5307 Shirley Street, Naples, Florida 34109, (239) 593-5006.

By now…”regular” Jeff Eats’ readers know, that I’m not huge fan of smoked bbq stuff. With that in mind–if I tell you that you gotta try a particular smoked bbq joint- it must be dishing out some really delicious stuff. YOU GOTTA TRY BLACK EYED PIG IN NAPLES, FLORIDA!

At this stage of the game, check for menu/prices and loads of photos.

Just a guess here…but if you hadn’t read or heard about Black Eyed Pig BBQ—based on its roadside look, you wouldn’t just stop and walk-in. When you check Black Eye’s website, you’ll find pictures–so you’ll appreciate what I’m yapping about.

Dumpy looking joints…are what Jeff Jeff Eats is all about.

Let’s talk food…”tried” pulled pork on Texas toast—St. Louis smoked ribs in a sweet-tangy sauce—beef brisket on a kaiser roll—beer battered onion rings—sweet potato french fries. Do you know what “like a pig in sh@t” means? Well, when I was “trying” this stuff, Jeff Eats was “like a pig in sh@t.” Everything was absolutely delicious. If I got one bitch here, it’s that Black Eyed Pig which has loads of appetizers, salads, burgers, bbq stuff, sides—doesn’t have mac & cheese.

Anyway…if divey–cool–reasonably priced delicious smoked bbq is your bag…then, you gotta try Black Eyed Pig.

Black Eyed Pig BBQ is open Monday-Friday 11am-8pm, Saturday noon-8pm, closed on Sunday.

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  1. jeff, i check and you are right, based on photos most of us would never just walk into this place. by the way, you super dave’s diner was a great pick. like black eyed it looks like nothing from the street but has fabulous food. thanks, jeff and keep up the great fun blog.

  2. Jon Greenberg says...

    Hi Jeff, Jeff I realize you don’t care for smoked bbq but I’ve told you about Blue Willies BBQ right here in our backyard which has the best bbq(this according to burger beast and me) but you go all the way to Naples before you try the best place especially when you said you would…oh well you don’t know what you are missing!!!

  3. Gregg L. Friedman MD says...

    Black Eyed Pig offers some of the best Barbeque in the Naples area. I recommend the chicken which was excellent. By Gregg L. Friedman MD, Psychiatrist, Hallandale Beach, FL

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