“Zinger’s Delicatessen–1 Year Anniversary”

Posted on August 26th, 2012 · American Boca Raton Breakfast Delicatessen




* “Zinger’s Delicatessen–1 Year Anniversay”

About a year-ago, I told you guys about Zinger’s Delicatessen which had just opened in Boca Raton. One year later–some things bear repeating…

Zinger’s Delicatessen is one of the best, if not the best–New York Kosher Style Deli in South Florida.

I have “reprinted” Jeff Eats’ August 18, 2011 review…and it needs “only” three minor changes:
1: Zinger’s is open 7 days a week for lunch/dinner and for breakfast on Saturday-Sunday,
2: Zinger’s “current” potato knishes are as good as the pushcart-ones I mentioned.
3: Zinger’s website is up and running.

If real New York Kosher Style deli is you game, you gotta try Zinger’s Delicatessen!

***** Zinger’s Delicatessen, 7132 Beracasa Way, Boca Raton, Florida 33433, (561) 826-7323.

If, delicious- New York Kosher Style Deli is your game—you absolutely, positively have to give Zinger’s Delicatessen in Boca Raton a try.

For you fressers out there…Zinger’s in a “former” life, was Pastrami Queen (see 9/12/08 writeup)…to make a long story short, family “matters” resulted in Pastrami Queen closing in late 2010. This past Tuesday, Zinger’s opened for business—for our purposes, SAME OWNER!–NEW “NYC” DECOR!–SAME TERRIFIC FOOD!

Last night I ate dinner at Zinger’s.

Zinger’s is located in the exact-spot where Pastrami Queen was. Gary Zinger who owned Pastrami Queen is Zinger’s owner. The restaurant’s layout hasn’t changed, but the decor has…let’s just say, that stainless steel walls/ceiling and art-deco signage rival the best-deli decor here and in NYC. The joint has 3-flat screen tvs and a takeout counter that will make you want to quit Weight Watchers.

Let’s talk food…

To be perfectly honest with you, I seriously doubt that there is a better New York Kosher Style Deli down here in South Florida. I’ll even go so-far as to say, Zinger’s Delicatessen can easily hold its own with legendary players like NYC’s- Carneige, Stage, 2nd Avenue and Katz’s delis…if you aren’t a native Nooo Yoorker, please feel free to insert your hometown favorite delis’ names.

Just so you know, I was a Pastrami Queen “regular”…so, it was absolutely impossible to eat-at Zinger’s, shall we say incognito. The meal was “on the arm” with Gary Zinger literally having me “try” everything in the joint. Take it for what it’s worth, the pastrami, corned beef, brisket, turkey off the bone are as good as it gets. The joint also makes- delicious, potato pancakes-chopped liver-tuna salad-chicken salad-matzoh ball soup-smashed French fries-Italian beef sub.

Just so we are straight…don’t want you to think that I’m a Zinger’s shill—I’ve eaten better potato knishes—like the ones my father, brother Andy and I use to get in 1958 from the pushcart stationed right outside of Fortunoff on Livonia Avenue in Brooklyn while waiting for my mother to finish shopping.

Trust me on this…Zinger’s is a homerun.

Like I said before, I tried a load of stuff. I will tell you, that the sandwiches being delivered to the tables were nice-sized… I didn’t see one group leave without a doggy bag… and no one bitched to Gary about the service/prices.

Zinger’s website is www.zingersdelicom. The site is currently under construction, so give it some-time to get up and running.

Zinger’s does breakfast, lunch and dinner…The joint is open 7 days a week 7am-10pm.

101 Comments to ““Zinger’s Delicatessen–1 Year Anniversary””

  1. TED says...

    Best NY deli.
    Try it.
    You will agree.

  2. RalphF says...

    They make an amazing chicken in the pot soup.

  3. Glenda says...

    The pastrami is to die for.

  4. LindavG says...

    No fooling around, Zinger’s is the best deli in south Florida.
    If you don’t already know. Gary Zinger who is the owner, use to own the legendary Pastrami King in Ozone Park, Queens.
    Every lawyer, judge, politician and resident in Queens ate there on a regular basis. Pastrami King’s food was amazing. Gary has now brought the same great food to Boca.
    Just try Zinger’s and you’ll see what great deli is all about.

  5. TGA says...

    Best deli!

  6. Robbins says...

    I can’t believe that there are still people in this area who don’t appreciate how good Zinger’s is. Its food is in a whole nother league. The food served is as good as that served in the best NY Kosher Style delis. I would match Zinger’s pastrami and corned beef against anyone’s.
    If you haven’t tried Zinger’s I am telling you to give it a try. You won’t be disappointed.

  7. Lou Adler says...

    Jeff, thanks for telling me about Zinger’s. It is as good as you said it was.
    Thanks again,
    Lou Adler

  8. Sid L. Turner says...

    Zinger’s in addition to delicious deli meats has excellent hamburgers.

  9. TAQ31 says...

    They make amazing pastrami.

  10. JAWR says...

    jeff, had turkey and brisket as main items for Roshana dinner and the food was fabulous. All of the sides were delicious. No question in my mind that Zinger’s is the best NYC style in the area.

  11. Jeff In Boca says...

    Best corned beef and pastrami.

  12. Ed K says...

    They make a tuna salad that is fabulous.

  13. TWG says...

    Take it from this boy from the bx, best deli in fl.

  14. Jeff A says...

    Ate there this pm. Food is amazing.

  15. MK says...

    Just heard Jeff on 740am.
    He gave zingers a huge recommendation.

  16. Jon G says...

    No one has a clue of what they are talking about. The best Pastrami is made only on Thursdays and if you get there after 2pm your out of luck is at Blue at Blue Willies BBQ in Pompano. Zingers doesn’t come close, any of the New York Deli’s don’t come close and before any of you say anything stop stuffing your faces and try Blue Willies Pastrami and then we’ll talk!!

    • TAD87 says...

      Zinger’s pastrami is amazing.
      Blue Willies isn’t ny kosher style.

    • GBA says...

      What good is a restaurant that doesn’t have what you want when you want it?
      Zinger’s food is outstanding and you can get it 7 days a week.

  17. Jon G says...

    Try it you will never eat any other Pastrami again.

  18. Hal L says...

    I really enjoy good tuna salad and chicken salad.
    I have had Zinger’s and they were terrific.

  19. Bermans says...

    Jeff, Don’t know if you remember but my wife and I met you and Mrs. Eats at the Seminole Casino about 3 months ago. We met in the NYNY Lounge. You recommended Zinger’s to us and we finally got around to trying this past Friday night. Just wanted you to know that you were so right in that the food is the best NY Kosher Style DELI around. The pastrami and brisket were amazing and the French fries were some of the best Ive had in a very long time. After eating there we are really sorry that we didn’t get there sooner. Thanks for the heads up and maybe we’ll catch you another evening at NYNY Lounge.

  20. Janet G says...

    My husband and I really enjoy good NY deli food. Kind of hard to find it here in Florida as most places are just glorified bagel stores. For the past few years we have been eating at Ben’s in Boca which is good but not great. Both my husband and I were born in Queens and we are now well into our 70s so we are pretty familiar with what good deli is all about. We recently read about Zinger’s and although it was a bit of a drive from Delray Beach decided to give it a try. WOW! What a find. Zinger’s is a real deli. It’s just like the ones we grew up on in Queens etc. Its soups and meats are fabulous. To those who have never eaten there, GO! You won’t go anywhere else after the first try.

  21. gleason says...

    the place looks like a boring cafeteria, food is just ok.

  22. Mister Waiter says...

    Zinger’s is the best NYC Kosher Style deli in Florida.
    Have been eating there since it first opened and everything has always been delicious.

  23. Deliman says...

    Best pastrami in Florida.

  24. Newman43 says...

    Nobody makes pastrami like Zinger’s.
    Best in South Florida.
    Its tuna salad is also excellent.

  25. Ezra E. says...

    For years we ate at Pastrami King. Glad to see Gary down here in Boca. Top deli in Florida.

  26. Only deli we go to.
    The rest are amateurs.

  27. Alice K says...

    Just placed our holiday order with Zingers.
    No one comes close to their food.

  28. Mitch S says...

    Best deli in s Florida.
    Go in there any night and it’s filled with former Five Towners. They know delicious deli.

  29. Jon t says...

    Best restaurant for Jewish Holiday foods.

  30. Stella says...

    First time here.
    Excellent deli.
    Good recommendation.

  31. Johnny Stephens says...

    Best deli in Florida.
    Haven’t found one that even comes close.
    Been in Delray Beach since 1964.

  32. Lady Pearl says...

    First time eating there this pm and loved the corned beef, and French fries.

  33. ksr says...

    Ate there last night and they were celebrating their 5th anniversary.

    Like you, I’ve been eating there since Day 1.

    Definitely the best deli in South Florida.

  34. Ted A says...

    This is a terrific NY Style Deli.

  35. Carl F says...

    They make a delicious cabbage soup.

  36. Carson D says...

    Best deli in s Fl.

  37. Danny C says...

    I love their pastrami.

  38. Allan E says...

    Best pastrami, corned beef and brisket.

  39. Ed Krause says...

    There is no doubt in my mind whatsoever that ZINGER’S IS THE BEST DELI in s Florida.

  40. We are new to Boca. Just moved from Ken gardens, NY. 4 months ago.
    Based on your huge number of Zinger’s stories we figured we’d give the restaurant a shot.
    Real short and sweet, Zinger’s has some of the best deli that we have ever eaten.
    Amazingly delicious pastrami,. Brisket. Corned beef, matzo ball soup, french fries, etc.
    This deli ranks right up there with NY’s famous 2nd ave deli, Katz, stage etc.


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