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Elevation Burger (Coral Springs, Miami, Miami Lakes, Pembroke Pines, Fort Myers)

image***** Elevation Burger, 2908 University Drive, Coral Springs, Florida (954) 796-1999.

Elevation Burger…for our purposes- small fast food “upscale” burger chain (currently in 10 states) with 5 Florida locations.

You know and I know that this burger-craze thing can’t go on forever. Literally, it seems that every day or so a new “brand” opens somewhere in South Florida. No need to list the major players, you know who they are.

Anyway…Elevation Burger’s “hook” is that its hamburger meat is “organic” and that its fries are done in olive oil. To be perfectly honest with you, Jeff Eats’ burger/fries game is based on TASTE—does the stuff taste good. Now for you guys who are into “eating healthy or at least healthier”—you can go to Elevation’s website and read its story/menu-prices.

Now let’s get down to brass tacks…

Last week I ate lunch at the Elevation Burger joint in Coral Springs. Did just a basic Jeff Eats’ lunch—cheeseburger/french fries/Coke. Now nothing for nothing, the burger and fries were as good, if not better than the stuff I’ve had at “players” like Five Guys, BurgerFi and Shake Shack. To be perfectly honest–I have absolutely no idea if Elevations’ delicious burger “resulted” because some cow in Nebraska was hand fed organic grass by some leprechaun-or whatever! What I do know, is that the cheeseburger was dynamite-same for the fries. I also know that I would definitely eat at Elevation Burger again…and unless I’m totally missing something, the Coral Springs’ franchisee has accomplished his mission here, that being having made Jeff Eats a satisfied customer.

Like I said a few seconds ago, my game in burger/fries is TASTE…and Eleavtion’s food tasted real-good.

Elevation Burger is open Sunday-Friday 11am-9pm, Saturday 11am-10pm.

13 Comments to “Elevation Burger (Coral Springs, Miami, Miami Lakes, Pembroke Pines, Fort Myers)”

  1. HerbK says...

    I’m not a fan of any of those places because I don’t like my burgers well done, and that’s all they serve, but from my observation the BurgerFi that opened down the block from that Elevation Burger location is cleaning their clock. I like the bakery that opened next to BurgerFi and that place is jamming every time I go there.

    • James says...

      I live in the area.
      I like both places.
      No question that BurgerFi is doing a much bigger business.
      If I had to pick one burger over the other I would pick Elevation.

  2. Scott says...

    Hey Jeff, I love your site and agree with most of your reviews. I too like Elevation Burger and I am a vegetarian! They have excellent veggie burgers, fantastic toppings and the fries are truly oustanding! You need to schedule a night where all your “subscribers” can get together and dine together! All the very best, Sott

    • robertw says...

      I think Scott had a great idea if there could be a a night where we get together at a casual place like Elevation or Burger Fi etc. I am not a vegetarian but will try the Veggie burger next time at elevation. I wasnt sure if it was any good.


      • JeffEats says...

        robertw and Scott:

        Just had a chance to read your comments.

        Let me give your idea some thought and see if something can be “cooked up.”

        Thanks for reading…

  3. POP says...

    HiWay Burger New burger joint getting ready to open in delray. Two or three booths. Looks like a Johnny rockets.

  4. Alfred G says...

    Hi Jeff. How would you compare them to Between The Bun?

    • JeffEats says...

      Alfred G:

      Just had a chance to read your comments.

      Elevation and Between The Bun two different things.

      If I have my facts correct, Elevation is made on a flat top grill, while Between is made on a gas grill. The tastes are totally different. The best way to describe Between’s burger, think- the bbq you make in your own backyard.

      Personally, I liked both burgers. What separates these two joints in my thinking, is the fries. Elevations were delicious. Between’s tasted just like Nathan’s which are to this very date my all time favorite.

      If I had to pick one joint over the other, assuming I was going for a burger/fries, I would pick Between because the fries tilt the wheel in its favor.

      Thanks for reading…

    • Ron Ron says...

      I’ve eaten in both.
      Elevation is good but Between is better on the burger front. As far as ff go, Between’s are da bomb. Hope this helps.

  5. GoingSouth says...

    Jeff, Elevation has good burgers and fries. Not so sure that the organic nature of the food makes anything better tasting or healthier. Probably just a marketing gimmick but wouldn’t swear to it.
    Have you ever tried Ann’s Snack Bar in Atlanta? Great burgers but it’s sort of like Le Tub in Hollywood, you wait forever and the owner can be pretty rough.

  6. Gregg L. Friedman MD says...

    Elevation Burger makes the best Hamburgers. By Gregg L. Friedman MD, Psychiatrist, Hallandale Beach, FL

  7. GNG says...

    This will be one of the chains that fails. The franchisee in s fl is already trying to unload its stores .

  8. WayneH says...

    Jeff you have a good gig, going to all these restaurants and critiquing them. And apparently you had a good job to be able to afford all those meals. Thank for the excellent job of blogging.

    Kind of mixed on Elevation Burger…I do like the concept of grass-fed beef–better for you and certainly better for the cows. Also fries drenched in olive oil are better than regular soybean oil drenched fries.
    However the fast-food joint is not exactly fast food…it took twenty minutes for our bugers and fries to come out last time–unacceptable. I could have gotten a sit down order at the Cheesecake Factory faster. Then there is the fact that there are no combos here.
    Since naturally people will get fries and a drink with their burger give some break on the price.
    As far as the food goes, I would say the burgers were good, and the fries were good as well–although it does take some getting used to olive oil soaked fries.

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