Fleming’s Prime Steakhouse & Wine Bar (Coral Gables, Orlando, Naples, Tampa)

Posted on September 12th, 2011 · American Coral Gables Naples Orlando Tampa


Fleming’s Prime Steakhouse, 2525 Pone de Leon Boulevard, Coral Gables, Florida 33134, (305) 569-7995.

Flemings’ Prime Steakhouse is a “national” upscale steakhouse chain. For our purposes, it has 1 location in Coral Gables, 2 Orlando joints, 1 in Naples and 1 in Tampa. For a complete list of locations and menu/prices check

Recently had dinner in the Coral Gables’ location. Dinner for 4—no drinks, 1-house salad, 1 chicken-1 prime rib-2 steaks–4 side dishes–no desserts–no coffee…..the bill with tax and tip $259.

Let me make this one real simple, Fleming’s Prime Steakhouse is an UPSCALE STEAKHOUSE like I’m the great grandson of Abe Lincoln and trust me, there are and never were any Lincolns in our family. Fleming’s has the requisite dark wood look and decent enough professional service—but the the food–each and every entree and side (fries/onion rings, creamed corn, string beans, mac & cheese) was second rate. My bone-in-ribeye was no better than the ones you get in joints like Longhorn and Lonestar. The mac & cheese was over-spiced, same for the corn.

Rather than knocking you and me out here…

The joint is open Monday-Saturday 5pm-10pm and Sunday 5pm-9pm.

Personally, I won’t be back. There is absolutely-positively nothing special about the food. Why this stuff commands “go for your lungs” prices is beyond me.

4 Comments to “Fleming’s Prime Steakhouse & Wine Bar (Coral Gables, Orlando, Naples, Tampa)”

  1. EB says...

    Ate in Coral Gables.
    This is strictly chain food.
    Overpriced for mediocre stuff.

  2. camels says...

    same goes for tucson location. not good. amateur service. over priced.

  3. Liz Damashek says...

    Coral Gables was ok but nothing really special.

  4. EDM says...

    A couple of years ago our son attended the U of A. A bunch of his frat and their mothers ate at Flemings and it wasn’t a very good outing. I wrote to you at that time and because of you contacted Flemings in Tucson for me. As a result the District Manager very kindly issued my son a $900 credit which he and he friends used at a later date. Just got around to writing you on that.

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