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Posted on June 12th, 2010 · American Parkland

***** Good Eats Grill, 7525 North State Road 7, Parkland, Florida 33067, (954) 575-3287.

Three Times The Charm?

Good Eats is a casual-reasonably priced-American Style joint that opened 2-weeks ago in Parkland. A deli and a diner already “failed” in the location, so just maybe—Good Eats has a shot.

Good Eats is so new, that it doesn’t have a website, yet. Take a look at…this site “sells” restaurant-discount coupons. If you check, they have a $30 coupon for Good Eats for 15 bucks. In addition, Good Eats’ menu is there as well as a video which will give you some idea of what the joint looks like.

Just a bit of history…like I said before, Good Eats is the third “restaurant-tenant” trying to make a-go of it, in a large shopping center on State Road 7. Personally, I think that the location stinks…I never tried the deli or diner which were previously there, but I know the location…and like I said IT STINKS…the center although relatively new–isn’t all that strong—and Good Eats’ spot is “stuck” in a corner at the end of the center.

Anyway…I recently tried Good Eats and really enjoyed the food. The menu has loads of appetizers, salads, burgers, wings, sandwiches, pizzas, pastas and meat-seafood-chicken entrees. I did a roast beef-melted cheddar cheese-kaiser roll sandwich ($7.95) that was absolutely delicious… the same goes for 1/2lb hamburger & fries ($7.95), philly cheese steak hoagie ($9.95 they call it a hoagie I call it a sub…now I’m sounding like Maurice Chevalier or was it Fred Astaire?), individual grilled plain pizza ($6.95).

Trust me on this one, the food is really good. The service is as pleasant as can be. The prices are just right.

Hopefully, Three Times The Charm—because the folks that own this joint are turning out a real nice product.

Good Eats Grill is opened Monday-Thursday 11am-10:30pm, Friday-Saturday 11am-midnight, Sunday 11am-9pm.

6 Comments to “Good Eats Grill (Parkland)”

  1. HLR says...

    I am very familar with the shopping center where this restaurant just opened. You are correct that the location is horrendous. In my opinion the first tenant that failed Essen My deli failed not because of the food but because of the location. There is no foot traffic and the location is not visible from the road. There are loads of empty spots in the center and it is really dead. Based on that alone, I give this place no chance whatsoever of making it. LOCATION LOCATION LOCATION.

  2. GS says...

    This restaurant is in the same center as The Whale and Giovanni’s Pizza. You are so right that the location is bad news. I wish them well but I think that the owners haven’t got a snowball’s chance in hell that’s how bad the center is.

  3. dd says...

    Jeff, food was good. Nice family run operation. Not going to survive imho because of location.

  4. KLA says...

    I am very familiar with this place as i have been to Essen my Deli,and then that place shut down and then Grindhouse opened. I have known some of the waitresses that worked here and they werent happy because they weren’t getting paid. And then that went downhill and now it’s Good Eats. I wish the owners best of luck with Good Eats!

  5. Mark Richman says...

    THIS PLACE WAS DISGUSTING! I would not feed this garbage to my cats. It has NOTHING to do with the location. BAD FOOD is bad food PERIOD!

    • HerbK says...

      Apparently not enough people thought their “eats” were good because this place only lasted 4 months. That location is the kiss of death

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