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Posted on November 27th, 2009 · Boca Raton Hallandale Italian Jupiter

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***** Matteo’s Restaurant, 233 South Federal Highway, Boca Raton Florida 33432, (561) 392-0773—&—1825 East Hallandale Boulevard, Hallandale, Florida 33009, (954) 455-4050.

Certain things in life bear repeating…

Matteo’s with locations in Boca Raton, Hallandale is one of the best Italian restaurants in South Florida.

If you check…Back on March 19, 2008, I did a writeup on Matteo’s. I absolutely love this joint.You can check Matteo’s menu/prices at

Matteo’s has 2 South Florida locations…Boca Raton, Hallandale…on average, I am probably in either the Boca or Hallandale joints at least once a month.

Matteo’s food is delicious. Matteo’s service is outstanding. Matteo’s prices are not-exactly “cheap,” but if you’re sensible when ordering, you won’t need a second job to pay the bill…Matteo’s features both family-style and individual portions. Matteo’s is a “white-tablecloth” joint, but your tee shirt/shorts ensemble will work.

Matteo’s started out as a Long Island joint…check the website for NY locations etc…Not exactly sure when its first S. Florida location (Boca Raton) opened, but from day-one Matteo’s has been a “homerun”…its enormous NY following, translated into an enormous South Florida following.

Look…I could go on and on about this joint…

I am telling you, that if you want terrific Italian food, served by a professional staff…with a management team that makes you feel like you are family…then you want to absolutely positively eat at Matteo’s.

You now know “again” about a sensational Italian joint that is not to be missed.


Matteo’s Restaurant (Boca Raton & Hallandale)
Posted on March 19th, 2008 · Boca Raton Hallandale Beach Italian · [edit]

***** Matteo’s Restaurant, 233 South Federal Highway, Boca Raton Florida 33432, (561) 392-0773—&—1825 East Hallandale Boulevard, Hallandale, Florida 33009, (954) 455-4050.

Matteo’s is a Southern Italian Restaurant. Matteo’s has 2 South Florida locations. Matteo’s is not cheap, but you won’t go to the poor-house, if you order sensibly. Matteo’s serves both family-style and individual sized portions. Matteo’s food is absolutely sensational. Matteo’s wait-staff is probably the best in all of South Florida. Matteo’s is always jammed.

Check Matteo’s website for menu/pricing/details.

Matteo’s is one of my favorite Italian Restaurants.

End of story.

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  1. UPO9467 says...

    By far and away the best Italian restaurant in s fl.
    Ive eaten in Boca store for years and never had anything but great food and service.
    The baked clams are outrageousy good.
    The chopped salad is delicious.
    The fried zuchinni is amazing.
    I could go on and on.
    If you haven’t eaten at Matteo’s GO, you wont be disappointed.

  2. steve shiner says...

    Jeff we went to Matteos for the first time on Saturday night on yours and some of our friends say so. I will tell you we were not dissappointed. I could not believe how crowded the place was, the food was outstanding, we had baked clams, veal and chicken and dessert. I was amazed how good the staff was and we met Peter the G.M. who came over to our table and took the time to tell us about Matteos when he found out we were first time diners. Jeff thanks for a great pick

  3. Anthony A says...

    My wife and I have been eating by Matteo’s for years here in Boca and on LI.
    We seriously doubt that there is a more consistent Italian restaurant here in Florida.
    We have always found the food and service to be terrific.

    • I owe you says...

      Have to agree with you, consistently good.

  4. JR says...

    Matteo’s is the best Italian restaurant that my wife and I have eaten in since moving to Boca Raton from Chicago some 9 years ago. There are others that are good but nowhere in the league of the Boca location.

  5. HV says...

    Cant think of a better Italian restaurant than the Boca location.
    Food is alway good same for the service.Love their baked clams. As good as Don Peppe’s in Queens.

  6. Ricky G says...

    best italian food in fl.
    great baked clams, chopped salad, the list goes on and on.
    the service is also excellent.

  7. NR says...

    Ate in Hallandale. Food was very good. Service a bit sketchy.

    • GREENMAN says...

      Last weekend my wife and I ate at Matteo’s in Hallandale. We sat outside. The food was just fine but the service stunk. The waiter served us our main dishes on salad plates. The plates were so small that it was ridiculous. After we complained he brough out full sized plates. He was also very in attentive, not refilling water glasses or soda glasses. We have eaten numerous times in both Matteos here in Hallandale and in Boca Raton and this by far and aay was the worse service of any of the outings. Matteo’s usually doesn’t miss but last weekend it missed big time.

  8. RLN says...

    I am a huge matteo’s fan. Food and service are always good.

    • Dr. Glenn says...

      I agree with you. Food and service always good.
      Their baked clams and fried zuchnni are amazing.

  9. FG says...

    My favorite Italian restaurant in Florida. Food and service always just right.

  10. IW says...

    Matteo’s food is excellent as is its service.
    My wife and I try and get to Boca location at least once a month.

  11. Lou G says...

    I live in Woodmere NY. I also have a home in Boca Raton. Matteo’s on LI is terrific as is the Boca restaurant. The food is consistenly good and the service as professional as can be. From what I understand the Long Beach store was destroyed by Sandy. Hopefully it will be back in the near future.

  12. Mr. & Mrs. Jay Gleason says...

    Jeff Eats:
    We recently moved to Boca Raton, Florida. Last Sunday night we tried Matteo’s based on your glowing report. Must tell you, this restaurant was everything and even more than you described it. The food and service were sensational. What we especially appreciated was that our witer didn’t let us order too much food. His suggestions of chopped salad, baked clams, shrimp Weny and penne alla vodka were great picks.
    We just started reading Jeff Eats and look forward to trying some of your other picks.
    The Gleasons

  13. Gene R. says...

    Matteo’s is top shelf.
    I also like Casa DAngelo in Boca.

  14. John D. says...

    Matteos in Boca is my favorite Italian restaurant in Florida. Always good food and good service.

  15. bbr says...

    ate there last night and the food was terrific. we have nothing even close to this in chicago where we are visiting from. we also tried your tucci’s pizza and really enjyed that pick as well.

  16. TheWanderer says...

    Love the food in Boca. Great service.

  17. TG says...

    Matteo’s is my favorite Italian Florida.

  18. TheTannenbaums says...

    Matteo’s Boca location is fabulous. The food and service never miss. It is one of our favorite places to eat. We haven’t gotten down to the Hallandale location but friends tells us it’s just as good but much smaller.

  19. KIRSCH says...

    I love Matteo’s.
    Peter the GM runs a great restaurant.
    My family is always treated wonderfully and we appreciate the outstanding service and food.

  20. EFR says...

    Matteo’s in Boca is my favorite Italian restaurant in Florida.
    Food and service are always excellent.

  21. RFA says...

    Boca Matteo’s has both terrific food and service.

  22. Jeff In Boca says...

    baked clams are amazing.

  23. Robert G. says...

    My go to place for great Italian food is Matteo’s in
    Boca Raton.
    The food and service always terrific.

  24. Steve Weinstein says...

    Boca last night.
    Baked clams are the best Ive ever had.
    Love its chopped salad.
    Veal parm and penne ala vodka were delicious.
    Visiting from LI and Boca loc is right up there with our Matteo’s.

  25. JOeyR says...

    Don’t think Matto’s is all that good.

  26. Cate says...

    Didn’t care for the food and service in Boca was very unprofessional.

  27. AS says...

    We eat in Hallandale at least once a month.
    Terrific food and service.

  28. Rob K says...

    Ate in Boca Saturday night.
    Baked clams are amazing same for shrimp Wendy.

  29. SK33496 says...

    Last Tuesday night a group of us went to see the Lovin’ Spoonful at Mardi Gras Casino. Before the concert we had dinner at Matteo’s in Hallandale which is 5 minutes away from the casino. We usually eat in the Boca location but because of the concert we ate in Hallandale. Baked clams were superb and the chicken scarpariello was right up there with the best Ive had.
    Hallandale is as good as the Boca location which is terrific.

  30. MR. HELLMAN says...

    My wife and I ate in Matteo’s in Boca last week.
    It was our first time there.
    We had heard terrific things about it and we were definitely not disappointed.
    Baked clams and pork chops were outstanding.
    Loved the penne ala vodka and the service was as good as the food.

  31. RAQ says...

    Matteo’s in Boca is great.
    Try it.
    You will become a fan.

  32. HarryBurger says...

    They make baked clams that are incredible.
    The only place that is in the same league is Don Pepe’s in Ozone Park,NY. They also have great baked clams.

  33. steven says...

    Jeff, We were at Matteos Saturday night the place was packed. I was amazed to see such a big restaurant so busy in July. I know why the food was outstanding and Peter runs a top notch show. The service was excellent as was the entire evening. Bravo

  34. Joe R says...

    Ate there last Sunday for the first time. Very busy. The food was great and the service terrific. The waiter didn’t even have to write down the order and still got it perfect. Every positive thing you wrote about was true.
    We will definitely be back and when we are further south we’ll try the one in Hallandale.
    Loved the baked clams. We have never had better.

  35. Sid L. Turner says...

    Ate in Boca loc for the first time last Sat night.
    Food and service were excellent.

  36. T2121 says...

    Fabulous food.
    Terrific service.

  37. Al K says...

    Tried Boca for the first time last night.
    Food and service were super good. The waiter was extremely helpful picking dishes.
    Great recommendation.

  38. JW says...

    Best Italian food in Boca.

  39. JPE54 says...

    Love the food and service in Boca.

  40. DandyJoe says...

    Jeff, no question in my mind that Matteo’s is the one of the best if not the best Italian restaurant in Boca. I have eaten there numerous times and the food and service are always terrific. Their baked clams are worth the trip alone. I have eaten in the world famous Don Peppe loads of times and its baked clams don’t come even close to Matteo’s and people rave about Don’s clams.

  41. LinkyLynn says...

    Love this restaurant.
    Food is always terrific and the service great.

  42. SUsanG says...

    My husband and I ate at Matteo’s for the first time last night. We recently moved to Boca Raton from Bethel, New York and had never been to any of the Matteo’s in New York.
    The food and service were terrific. The chopped salad, baked clams and chicken cacciatore were perfect.

  43. Mp says...

    Packed tonight.
    Great food.

  44. Johnnie S says...

    If you want to see what a well run Italian restaurant with great food is all about, you eat in Matteo’s in Boca Raton and you’ll know how dining out is suppose to be.

  45. HG64 says...

    Loved the shrimp scampi and grilled pork chop dishes. The penne ala vodka was also excellent. As for service, couldn’t have been better.

    • Jay B says...

      Best Italian food in Boca.

  46. Howie Cramer says...

    Best run Italian restaurant in Boca Raton. GM Peter has this joint running as smooth as a baby’s behind. My family and i are down visiting from Long Beach so we know Matteo’s from up there. No matter which one you eat in the food is always fabulous and the service impeccable

  47. KlayT says...

    I love Matteo’s food.
    Boca looks like hotel boring lobby but food is amazing.
    Peter the GM knows how to really take care of the people.

  48. Dave G says...

    Try to get to Boca loc at least once a month.
    Soooo Goood!!!!

  49. Ronnie Dee says...

    Definitely my favorite Italian restaurant.

    • GoldenStanley says...

      Mine too.
      Love Matteo’s in Boca.

  50. LG says...

    You can’t find better food or service in Boca.

    • Gene K. says...

      Have to agree.
      Terrific restaurant.

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