Matteo’s Restaurant (Boca Raton, Hallandale)

Posted on November 27th, 2009 · Boca Raton Hallandale Italian Jupiter

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***** Matteo’s Restaurant, 233 South Federal Highway, Boca Raton Florida 33432, (561) 392-0773—&—1825 East Hallandale Boulevard, Hallandale, Florida 33009, (954) 455-4050.

Certain things in life bear repeating…

Matteo’s with locations in Boca Raton, Hallandale is one of the best Italian restaurants in South Florida.

If you check…Back on March 19, 2008, I did a writeup on Matteo’s. I absolutely love this joint.You can check Matteo’s menu/prices at

Matteo’s has 2 South Florida locations…Boca Raton, Hallandale…on average, I am probably in either the Boca or Hallandale joints at least once a month.

Matteo’s food is delicious. Matteo’s service is outstanding. Matteo’s prices are not-exactly “cheap,” but if you’re sensible when ordering, you won’t need a second job to pay the bill…Matteo’s features both family-style and individual portions. Matteo’s is a “white-tablecloth” joint, but your tee shirt/shorts ensemble will work.

Matteo’s started out as a Long Island joint…check the website for NY locations etc…Not exactly sure when its first S. Florida location (Boca Raton) opened, but from day-one Matteo’s has been a “homerun”…its enormous NY following, translated into an enormous South Florida following.

Look…I could go on and on about this joint…

I am telling you, that if you want terrific Italian food, served by a professional staff…with a management team that makes you feel like you are family…then you want to absolutely positively eat at Matteo’s.

You now know “again” about a sensational Italian joint that is not to be missed.


Matteo’s Restaurant (Boca Raton & Hallandale)
Posted on March 19th, 2008 · Boca Raton Hallandale Beach Italian · [edit]

***** Matteo’s Restaurant, 233 South Federal Highway, Boca Raton Florida 33432, (561) 392-0773—&—1825 East Hallandale Boulevard, Hallandale, Florida 33009, (954) 455-4050.

Matteo’s is a Southern Italian Restaurant. Matteo’s has 2 South Florida locations. Matteo’s is not cheap, but you won’t go to the poor-house, if you order sensibly. Matteo’s serves both family-style and individual sized portions. Matteo’s food is absolutely sensational. Matteo’s wait-staff is probably the best in all of South Florida. Matteo’s is always jammed.

Check Matteo’s website for menu/pricing/details.

Matteo’s is one of my favorite Italian Restaurants.

End of story.

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  1. HT says...

    Last Sunday night we need a last minute reservation for ten and Matteo’s handled everything perfectly. First time there and the food and service were outstanding.

  2. Victor Benson says...

    I was born in Brooklyn in 1953. Moved to Atlantic Beach in 1975. Moved to Boca in 1986. I have eaten in NY’s Matteo’s and both the Boca and Hallandale stores countless times. The food and service are always terrific. May sound crazy but Matteo’s in a good sense is like McDonald’s in that it’s always consistent and I and my family know as to exactly what we are going to get. The Boca location is always busy and is extremely well run. One bitch when it’s busy which is all the time it’s very noisy.
    My family really enjoys Matteo’s. This is a textbook example of how to run a restaurant and how to treat customers.
    Victor Benson

  3. Anna r says...

    Ate in Hallandale and loved the food.
    Baked clams were some of the best I’ve lever heard.

  4. GatZo says...

    Matteo’s in Boca. Terrific food and service.

  5. HelloThere says...

    Best food in Boca.

  6. Leo G says...

    They have an incredibly good wait staff.
    Some of them are so good that they don’t even have to write down your order. They never screw up.

  7. LAD says...

    Second time in Boca loc.
    Baked clams were to die for.
    Loved the Shrimp Wendy and the broiled pork chops.
    Service was perfect.

  8. Ron L. says...

    My wife and I met you and Mrs. Jeff Eats at the Festival Flea Market about a month ago. We really enjoyed talking to both of you.As you may remember we live in Montreal and were visiting relatives in Coral Springs for 2 weeks. We tried four of your recommendations, Zinger’s, Pizza Time, Charm City and Matteo’s and all of them were as good as you said they would be. We are back home and will be back in Florida around this time next year. We are really looking forward to trying many more of your picks. Thanks and take care.
    Ron L.

  9. Liz Kramer says...

    Boca is a great restaurant.
    Food and service are always great.

  10. GoodmanRonnie says...

    Had a pork chop in Hallandale that was simply amazing.

  11. WCCC342 says...

    Hands down either Matteo’s in Boca or Hallandale are two of the best Italian restaurants in Florida. Food is always delicious and the service excellent.

  12. Dunlap says...

    Love the food and service.
    Amazing baked clams.

  13. KSR says...

    Best Italian food in Boca.
    Nobody makes better clams oregento.

  14. Ellie F. says...

    Based on your glowing review we tried Matteo’s in Boca last night.
    We are originally from Cleveland and have been in Delray Beach having moved to Valencia Cove two weeks ago.
    We found the food and service to be very good. The restaurant was busy and we found the noise level to be quite high. Prices were very fair.
    All and all a very pleasant meal and night out.

  15. Alex W says...

    Have eaten in both Hallandale and Boca. For some reason I like the food better in Hallandale. Both are very good but’s that the call.

  16. Take says...

    Love the food and service.
    Both Boca and Hallandale are terrific.

  17. Louis F says...

    You got us here.
    Boca was terrific.

  18. shelly w says...

    I am gluten free. Ordered eggplant rollatini after waiter assured me no breading was used. Came cold and breaded. Not a very good thing!!

  19. Alex C says...

    Really don’t care for either Boca or Hallandale. Food is ok but nothing to go nuts over.

  20. CBT says...

    Jeff Eats,
    ,Know this restaurant from LI days.
    Food and service are consistently good.

  21. Elvis Duran says...

    Party of 6 ate in Boca for first time last night. Great service, huge portions, delicious food, reasonable prices. A drop noisy and very crowded.

  22. Judy G says...

    Baked clams, linguine and white clam sauce, veal chop valdstano everything was delicious.

  23. Louis Gentile says...

    From Pittsburgh. moved to Boca 3 weeks ago. Never heard of Matteo’s before reading your blog 2 weeks ago. Ate there last night, food was great as was the service.

  24. Al W says...

    Outstanding bake clams. Loved the Chicken Matteo and the Shrimp Wendy. Terrific penne ala vodka.

  25. CS says...

    Fabulous food.
    Great service.

  26. RRA says...

    Had seafood salad and lobster ravioli everything was delicious.
    Boca last night at 9pm was jammed.

  27. lou kramer says...

    best Italian food in boca

  28. Roger W says...

    They make delicious shrimp oreganata and veal valdastano

  29. I love Boca store. Food is great.
    Peter the GM runs a great ship.

  30. Joel Katz says...

    You can’t beat their food or service.
    Both locations are great.

  31. Diane Canton says...

    First time at Matteo’s in Boca for our family of 6 last night. Delicious food and great service.

  32. Tina Esposito says...

    Last night ate in Boca loc. First timers. Food was lousy as was the service.

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