Gramercy Bagels and Deli (Delray Beach)

Posted on August 8th, 2009 · American Breakfast Delicatessen Delray Beach


***** Gramercy Bagels and Deli, 15200 Jog Road, Delray Beach, Florida 33446 (561) 496-5400.

The folks in Delray Beach, Boynton Beach and Boca Raton just got real lucky…About 2-weeks ago a “New York Style” bagel-deli joint named Gramercy Bagels opened in the Atlantic Plaza Shoppes…and I gotta tell you, based on today’s-lunch this place is going to be an absolute homerun.

At this juncture, I would suggest that you check Gramercy’s website for menu/prices/photos.

Today, I did lunch…first off, Gramercy Bagels is 5500 square feet…for the non-carpenters out there, that’s big. When you enter the store, there is an enormous and I do mean enormous area for takeout stuff…soups, salads, sandwiches, meats-smoked fish, pastries, bagels, bialys…you name it and its probably there. There is also a dining room which seats 155. To give you some idea of what we are talking about here, the owner Andy Hopta told me that all 26 types of bagels, bialys, breads, flagels, salads, soups…are prepared in-house. Just so you know, the bagels are made the “right way”…boiled and then baked.

Anyway…if you check Gramercy’s website you will find a handful of photos which really show the joint-off. Let’s just say, that this is one of the most attractive-looking bagel-deli joints that I have been to. When you look at the takeout-cases, you’ll be like a kid in a candy store…you are going to want to try everything.

As for the old food-test…matzo ball soup (A), pastrami (B), corned beef (B+), chopped liver (A), chicken salad (B+), potato salad (A), cole slaw (A), macaroni salad (A), Israeli salad (A), cucumber salad (A), french fries (B+ only Nathan’s gets an (A), everything bagel (A), pumpernickel bagel (A), rye bread (A), raspberry ruglah (B), cinammon ruglah (B+), coffee (A). For you weisenheimers out there, I just “tasted” a-drop of everything and there were 3-of us at the table. Also note, the (A) for coffee…one of the best cups I have had in a long long long time.

Prices are neighborhood bagel-deli prices. Service, you’d never know that this joint has only been open 2-weeks…real smooth operation.

There are a ton of bagel-deli joints in South Florida. This is one of the best ones that I have eaten in.

Gramercy Bagels is open 7 days a week 7am-4pm.

130 Comments to “Gramercy Bagels and Deli (Delray Beach)”

  1. GTS says...

    It’s bagels are fair. Food is average at best.

  2. Edelman says...

    Why do the owners have a Jewish Mezauh on the front door when they aren’t Jewish?
    I find this very offensive.

  3. winslow says...

    Sorry folks, the food isn’t very good here.
    Bagels etc are just ordinary Florida crap.
    This is for the old nursing home crowd.

    • DDF says...

      I agree. Second rate food.

  4. Ggh says...

    When it first opened food was good, not sure what happened but now food is mediocre as is the service.

  5. BagelBob1956 says...

    Bagels aren’t the best.
    I have eaten bkfst there several times and find the omeletes dry and with very little taste.

  6. Mister F says...

    Can you explain to me why the goys who own this joint have a mezuzah on the front door?
    I’m Jewish and I’m deeply offended.
    I don’t wear a cross around my neck and these guys shouldn’t be trying to fool people that they are Jews.

  7. SidRidesABike says...

    Picked up a mixed dozen of bagels this morning. Actually you get 15 for $9.95.
    Russian pump and everything whole wheat bagels were my favorites but all types were very good.

  8. Ralph A says...

    When Gramercy first opened it was terrific.
    Over the past several years it has become mediocre at best. The bagels are still pretty decent but all in all the glow is gone.

  9. Joe zavz maracas says...

    Food is okay. Bagels are average at best. Service is pretty good. Overall, not a bad joint. On a scale if 1-10, I give it a solid 6

  10. Leo P says...

    Four for breakfast this morning, $44.
    Ok eggs, bagels, pancakes, French toast.
    Nothing great but everything was ok.

  11. Lou Heller says...

    Had a western omelete which was as dry and bland as could be. The home fries had no taste. The bet here is that the toasted ET was a day old.
    Use to be good but yesterday’s breakfast has me saying adios for good.

  12. Ship In Dock says...

    Hadn’t been there in year or so.
    Friends and I ate breakfast and ok but nothing out of the ordinary.
    Restaurant had a moldy smell.
    Won’t be going back real soon.

  13. John Wasserman says...

    This place when it first opened was terrific. Every so often I and my golfing buddies eat breakfast there. It’s still okay but years ago it was much better. We ate breakfast there this morning and I’d swear that our toasted bagels and muffins were not freshly made that morning. Very pleasant help and reasonable prices but why eat at a place that isn’t pumping out fresh baked goods?

    Not really sure, but I think that we’ll find a new place to do breakfast.

  14. Had the $10.95 meat casserole for breakfast this morning and it was disgusting salty.

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