Morton’s The Steakhouse (Boca Raton, Coral Gables, Miami, N. Miami Beach, Palm Beach, Orlando & Jacksonville)


       Morton’s The Steakhouse, 5050 Town Center Circle, Boca Raon, Florida 33486 (561)392-7724.

Morton’s is a national chain of “upscale-white-table cloth steakhouses.” There are currently 7 Florida locations.

I have eaten in the Boca Raton joint twice. The food is fair. The service is as phony as a 3-dollar bill. The prices…are upscale steakhouse prices, figure a complete meal runs somewhere around 100 bucks a head. Morton’s like every other upscale steakhouse prides itself on having tip-top service. Morton’s is also “big” on tableside presentation…having its wait-staff show/explain “raw cuts of meat” during the ordering process. The wait-staff also “shows” desserts before ordering.

In my most recent outing, the waiter during the meat-showing told my party, ” My personal favorite is the 24 oz porterhouse.” Amazingly…near the end of the meal, the very same waiter (I guess feeling a bit comfortable with our group) told me that he was “a vegetarian.”

Like the waiter, Morton’s is nothing but a scripited joint. The wait-staff could all work as tour-guides at Disney World…”watchout for that shark on the right side of the boat…boy that was sure close.”

If you still want details, Morton’s website is

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  1. JeffEats says...

    rob in coco creek: Just read your post. You are 100% correct that many of these upscale steakhouses are “hit and miss” propositions. Based on the prices that they charge, their food and service should be perfect each and every outing. As for the waitstaffs. I think that most of them as described in the writeup are nothing but “scripted” folks. They really have no idea what they are yapping about and are just following management’s script. Sometimes the waitstaff takes on an “air of superiority” that actually makes many people uncomfortable.

    Thanks for reading…

  2. rob in coco creek says...

    I have been to Mortons several times in Boca and in Vegas. Mortons does offer a reasonable priced promotion dinner certin times of the year. Basically dinner for 2-$100.00. Ruth Chris has a dinner for 2 right now at $89.00 which is quite good. Mortons meals have ranged from fair to good for me. One time in Boca I ordered the Porterhouse for two and it was sent to my table raw twice. That complete dinner was on the house. My general opinion is take them up when they have the dinner offer, otherwise its a pass.
    Mortons lava cake souffle is excellent. (trademark dessert) I had better meals at Ruth Chris and the Palm. Also I find many waiters in these “upscale” places to be way over the top.

  3. BOOBIE says...

    Morton’s got some good bar burgers real cheap. Good deal.

  4. LKI450 says...

    Morton’s in PB is terrific. For some reason the one in Boca isn’t as good.

  5. Mel T says...

    Mortons in Boca Raton is terrific.

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