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DiY Frozen Yogurt (Boynton Beach)

Posted on June 25th, 2013 · American Boynton Beach Desserts Fast Food


***** DiY Frozen Yogurt, 524 East Woolbright Road, Boynton Beach, Florida 33435, (561)733-8221.

Got a real-good… self-serve yogurt/sorbet joint for you—DiY Frozen Yogurt in Boynton Beach. Something like 14 different yogurt/sorbet flavors, all kinds of toppings, 42 cents an ounce.

Checks DiY’s menu/photos at website

Between you-me and the bedpost, these self-serve yogurt joints are literally a dime-a-dozen down here in South Florida…In Jeff Eats’ case, they are kinda a huge blur—like, they are all basically the same…remember that Bill Murray movie “Groundhog Day?”


Mrs. Jeff Eats wanted to give this one a shot, soooo a couple of nights ago- we gave it a shot. Clean as a whistle…great looking setup…loads of flavors (chocolate and vanilla were delicious), tons of toppings and a very-very upbeat and pleasant staff.

Nothing for nothing…

The way Jeff Eats sees it—if I’m gonna eat this stuff, I might as well get-it at a joint that seemingly wants my business.

DiY is open Monday-Saturday 10am-11pm, Sunday 11am-10pm.

4 Comments to “DiY Frozen Yogurt (Boynton Beach)”

  1. gina sanchez says...
    place looks great.
    it’s 5 minutes from my house.
    definitely will try it.

  2. JOE ROB says...

    jeff, you hit the nail on the head. they are all basically the same. so décor, cleanliness, staff are important factors to tip the scale (pun intended)

  3. gary says...

    Has anyone done this concept with REAL ice cream or frozen custard? I was in Mizner Park last week and heard a young girl ask her mom if she could go to Orange Leaf. Her mom said “no, but you can go to Sloans, I would rather you eat real ice cream rather than chemicals”.
    I believe that it was back in the 90’s when all the local ice cream parlors became dominated by the yogurt shops, after a couple of years the yogurt shops went out and the ice cream shops sprung back up.
    The self serve yogurt shops are a great concept but I think real ice cream is what the general population really wants.

    • JeffEats says...


      Just had a chance to read your comments.

      Like your ideas.

      How about a combo yogurt-ice cream store?

      Seven yogurt flavors and seven soft serve ice cream flavors.

      Thanks for reading…

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