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* Humor!

A journalist and a young actor were sitting in a bar atop a luxury apartment building, drinking heavily and making wagers. After 7–8 rounds of shots the journalist says to the young actor “let’s make this interesting” and walks to the window looking far above the city. The journalist continued, “if you jump from this window to the ground below, using my newspaper connections I will make you more famous than you could ever imagine”. The young man thought about it and replied that “it would be crazy to attempt such a feat and would mean certain death”. The journalist assured him that it was safe and could prove it by jumping himself. “Let’s see..” said the actor. So the journalist promptly lifted the bottom window frame and lept gracefully, almost floating out of the window down to the ground below miraculously completely unharmed. The young actor seeing movie deals and adoring fans convinces himself that there must be some trick maybe an air vent block air to cushion the blow so when the journalist returned the young man finally agreed. Counting to three the actor jumped, plummeting to the ground with an awful thud, instantly dying. The journalist returned to the bar where the bartender, while pouring a shot said “ you’re a real jerk when you’re drunk Superman”!

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    Good one!

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