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Don McLean: Starry Starry Night Tour 2024 / Saturday, November 30th, 2024 (7:30pm) @ Lillian S. Wells Hall at The Parker (Fort Lauderdale)

Originally posted on May 15th, 2024.

* Don McLean: Starry Starry Night Tour.

Here’s a heads-up for you guys…

TICKETS GO ON SALE on Thursday, May 23rd, 2024 at 10:00am @

Don McLean: Starry Starry Night Tour 2024

Saturday, November 30th, 2024 (7:30pm)

Lillian S. Wells Hall at The Parker
707 Northeast 8th Street
Fort Lauderdale, FL 33304
Box Office: 954.462.0222
Tickets Online:

Just between me and you guys, “seeing” Don McLean in concert is on my bucket list…

Personally, I think that McLean’s song American Pie is one of the greatest folk songs ever written!

Over the years, I’ve seen many of the greatest folk singers/songwriters of all time. In no particular order, just for starters, the list includes, Peter Paul & Mary, Simon & Garfunkel, Cohen, Baez, Dylan, Woody Guthrie, Arlo Guthrie, Mitchell, Collins, Seeger, Taylor, Crosby Stills Nash & Young, The Weavers, Cash, Lightfoot, Donovan, The Byrds, Chapin, Denver, King, Simon, Ronstadt, Chad Mitchell Trio.

On November 30th, 2024 I’m gonna add McLean to that list!


Don McLean ‘s debut album, “Tapestry,” marked his emergence as an underground sensation, earning praise and commercial success. His magnum opus, “American Pie,” catapulted McLean to international stardom making history as the longest song to top the charts. Its profound impact solidified his status as a musical luminary, and he continued to captivate audiences with timeless classics like “Vincent,” and his versatility crossed over various genres, from folk to country, garnering widespread acclaim.

McLean’s influence transcended generations, with artists like Madonna and George Michael paying homage to his work through covers and interpretations. His enduring legacy was further cemented with inductions into the Grammy Hall of Fame and the Library of Congress’ National Recording Registry. He continues to inspire new generations of artists and enchant audiences with timeless melodies as his legacy as a musical trailblazer endures, leaving an indelible mark on the fabric of American music.

4 Comments to “Don McLean: Starry Starry Night Tour 2024 / Saturday, November 30th, 2024 (7:30pm) @ Lillian S. Wells Hall at The Parker (Fort Lauderdale)”

  1. FGT says...


    Anna and I are still living in Marlboro.

    I can’t believe that we first met at Ithaca College in August, 1966.

    I remember seeing Baez with you in 67 at Cornell and the tickets cost $2.25,

    I also remember seeing Simon & Garfunkel in 67 at Cornell and the tickets cost us $2.50.

    I also remember seeing the Chad Mitchell Trio at Ithaca in 67. Don’t recall what we paid for that show.

    I also remember us hanging out with Flip Wilson. Katrina & The Waves and Chicago backstage at Ithaca.

    The best memory for me was when Bobby Comstock & the Counts let you sing lead on Let’s Stomp at a Frat party at Ithaca.

    We will see you guys at Parker for Don McLean.


    • JeffEats says...

      Just had a chance to read your comment.
      Good to hear from you.
      Next thing I know, you’ll be telling the guys here about my meeting and then sitting and chatting with Jimi Hendrix at the Cafe Wha? In NYC a few days after I met you in August, 1966.
      Looking forward to seeing you,
      Jeff Eats

  2. Peter. Garin says...

    Have to agree with you, American Pie is a great song.

  3. Larry Walker says...

    I think you goy a bit carried away about how great a song American Pie is. It’s good, but hardly great.
    McLean had one other hit Vincent and that was it.

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