Posted on May 13th, 2024 · Music/Events/Other

* Humor!

A American businessman had just arrived to the Dublin airport as he was in town for an important meeting. As he was walking through the airport, he stumbled across a stall. Where an Irishman was selling Irish souvenirs. Amongst the various things for sale. There was a small skull mounted on a piece of polished wood with a plaque saying “ The skull of St. Patrick “.

The businessman immediately ask the Irishman, is this for real ? Pointing at the skull.

Aye! Lad, to be sure to be sure. And I have the letter of authenticity to prove it.

The American was so impressed he bought the the souvenir immediately.

A few weeks later the same businessman was again in Dublin for another meeting and again whilst walking through the airport he came across the same stall of Irish souvenirs and the same Irish salesman. As the businessman was looking at the various souvenirs,he came across a larger skull mounted on a piece of polished wood and a plaque saying “ The skull of St. Patrick”.

The businessman in a rather distraught voice said to the salesman, excuse me? I purchased a smaller skull similar to this a few weeks ago with a letter of authenticity that it was the skull of St. Patrick.

The Irishman laughed and said,
Aye! Lad. That was the skull of St. Patrick when he was a boy.

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