388 Italian Restaurant By Mr. Sal (Boca Raton)

Posted on May 10th, 2024 · Boca Raton Desserts Italian Seafood

***** 388 Italian Restaurant By Mr Sal., 3360 North Federal Highway, Boca Raton, FL 33431, (561) 794-3888.

Got a real good Italian joint for you guys to checkout, 388 Italian Restaurant By Mr. Sal in Boca Raton.

Simple tale to tell, last night Jeff Eats, Mrs. Jeff Eats and our friends Erin and Marc “discovered” 388 Italian Restaurant By Mr. Sal and the joint’s food and service were right on the money! Inside white tablecloth table seating/ outside covered patio white tablecloth table seating, white & black modern decor, 2 full eat-at liquor bars, reasonably priced family style half and whole portion appetizers/ salads/ pastas/ entrees, desserts menu.

Let’s wrap-up 388 Italian Restaurant By Mr. Sal by saying, that its food was delicious, that you get plenty of food for your money, that its waitstaff is real good and as pleasant as can be, that you can check menu/ prices/ info at and that the joint is open Monday-Thursday 5pm-10pm/ Friday-Saturday 5pm-11pm/ Sunday 5:00pm-9pm.

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  1. Jack Cohen says...

    388 is owned by the original owners of Matteo’s that has locations in NY and Florida. The food and menu are very similar to Matteo’s current menu.

    388 also has a NY location.

    • Paul Bonsignore says...

      I have been eating at Matteo’s for years.
      Food and service has always been terrific.
      I ate in 388 a few months ago, food was very good, but I think that Matteo’s is better.

    • KSR says...

      Matteo’s food and service are better.

  2. My husband and I ate at 388 a few weeks ago. Food was excellent, same for the service.
    We thought that the prices were a bit on the high side.

  3. Fred Leslie says...


    My wife and I ate there about 3 months ago.

    We thought that the food was okay but nothing to go running back for. We thought that the service was decent. As for its prices, way too high. Give me a break, $28 for a meatball.

    The folks from Long Island are big fans. Same goes for being Matteo’s Boca fans.

    As for decor, the black and white walls look like something that Home Goods’ arts department sells.

    There are a ton of much better Italian restaurants in Florida that have really delicious food that is priced right.

    • Hey Fred,
      That $28 meatball appetizer is absolutely amazing and is big enough to feed 4 adults. My wife and I have had it several times here in Boca and in Long Island and it was terrific.

  4. Steven Teller says...

    My wife and I ate there 2 weeks ago and enjoyed our chopped salad, calamari appetizer, veal parm entree and penne ala vodka. For sure, not exactly cheap, but not too terrible.
    On decor, the black mural on white walls also reminded us of the white/black abstract paintings that Home Goods sells.

    All in all, we will definitely be back!

  5. Mark R says...

    Overpriced joint.
    Food is just ok.
    Service is average at best.

  6. Sandy Simon says...

    Big fan of both Matteo’s in Boca Raton and Hallandale. Love the food and service.

    I know the connection of 388 and Matteo’s.

    Ate at 388 a few weeks ago for the first time. Very similar menu to Matteo’s. Food was very good, same for the service.

  7. Since it opened late last year I’ve eaten there a handful of times. Food is excellent. Always busy.

  8. Liz Smythe says...

    My bf and I ate there l;ast night.
    Food was delicious.
    We will definitely be back.

  9. Harriet Gutheit says...

    My husband and our 2 college aged kids ate there last night, food was excellent.
    We have lived in Boca Raton for 14 years. We are very familiar with the area’s restaurants. 388 is a terrific addition to the Boca Raton restaurant landscape.

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