Ocala’s Downtown Diner (Ocala)

Posted on April 25th, 2024 · American Breakfast Desserts Subs/Salads

***** Ocala’s Downtown Diner, 816 South Magnolia Avenue, Ocala, Florida 34471,
(352) 816-0022.

Got a real good “mom & pop” diner for you guys to checkout, Ocala’s Downtown Diner in Ocala.

Real simple tale to tell, last week Jeff Eats and Mrs. Jeff Eats along with real-good friends Angie and Bruno “discovered” Ocala’s Downtown Diner and the joint’s food absolutely killed! Straight up, let me tell you, the four of us are huge fans of “mom & pop” diners and Ocala’s Downtown Diner could literally be the poster child for the- concept! Inside table and counter seating, no frills decor, super pleasant service, reasonably priced All Day breakfast & lunch/vegan menus.

Let’s wrap-up Ocala’s Downtown Diner by saying, I met Bruno in September, 1970 while attending Brooklyn Law School. Since then, we have been real-good friends and both Angie and the now Mrs. Jeff Eats joined our party in 1972. Over the past 52 years, we have eaten in more “mom & pop” diners than you can shake a stick at!

If you “eat” like Jeff Eats, Mrs. Jeff Eats, Angie and Bruno do, you will absolutely positively love Ocala’s Downtown Diner which is open Monday-Saturday 6am-3pm and Sunday 8am-2pm.

You guys can check menu/prices/info at

4 Comments to “Ocala’s Downtown Diner (Ocala)”

  1. Ken Margolin says...

    You hit the nailed on the head on this one.
    This joint is literally the perfect mom & pop diner.
    Before moving to Ocala in 2006 I resided in Oswego, NY. In that region there were and still are tons of mom & pop diners. Nothing fancy, no frills, just solid food and terrific waiters/waitresses.

    Like you and Mrs. Jeff Eats I love eating in joints like this.

  2. PARDO says...

    The only difference between this diner and the one in my old Brooklyn neighborhood which by the way has been in business 75 years, is that the Brooklyn diner is open 24 hours.

  3. SEROTA says...

    My accounting practice has a handful of corporate accounts in the Ocala area. Although I live in West Palm Beach, every year I find myself in Ocala on business and this diner is one of my favorite restaurants to eat both breakfast and lunch at. The food is what I call real diner food which I have loved my whole lifetime.

    Great recommendation.

  4. Larry Edwards says...

    I love diners like this.
    Never got into the IHOPS of this world.
    I have eaten at this diner for years.
    Great food and wonderful service.

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