Campi Italian (Delray Beach)

Posted on March 31st, 2024 · Delray Beach Desserts Italian

**** Campi Italian, 233 Northeast 2nd Avenue, Delray Beach, Florida 33444, (561) 576-8366.

Got a real good Italian joint for you guys to checkout, Campi Italian in Delray Beach.

Real simple tale to tell, last night, Jeff Eats, Mrs. Jeff Eats, Daughter Jeff Eats and Son Jeff Eats “discovered” Campi Italian (which recently opened) in Delray Beach and the joint’s food and service blew us away! Inside table/booth seating/ outdoor patio table seating, eat-at full liquor bar, reasonably priced appetizers/salads/pastas/entrees/desserts menu.

Just between you guys and me, Campi Italain is owned/operated by the same guy who owns/operates the iconic 40 year old Campagnola restaurant in New York City. The best way to describe Campi Italian, swanky looking white table cloth decor, hip super competent wait/management team, delicious food and a vibe that makes you feel as if you’re eating in an Italian grandma’s kitchen! Sounds- confusing? Go eat there and just maybe- you’ll “see” what I am talking about! By the way, the joint’s desserts are off the chart dynamite!

Let’s wrap-up Campi Italian by saying that its food killed, that it’s open, Monday-Thursday 5 pm-10 pm/ Friday-Saturday 5 pm-11 pm/ Sunday 5 pm-9 pm, that you can check menu/prices/info at and make sure that you leave room for dessert!

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  1. Ira Katz says...

    Ate there last week.
    Good call on this one.
    Food and service were terrific and the desserts were amazing.

  2. Vinny D says...

    My wife and I ate at Campi a couple of weeks ago and really enjoyed the food. The joint had only been open a few months, and service wise needed a bit of tweaking. The waiter was good but he was also ‘playing’ bus boy.

    We had the mozzarella carrozza, chicken parm, lasagna and rigatoni alla vodka. Loved the lasagna, mozzarella and chicken parm, thought the pasta needed more flavor.

    The desserts were terrific. We really enjoyed the salted caramel budino and bomboloni.

    We definitely will be back.

  3. Randy Marinez says...


    Your review says it all, it looks like a high class joint, but it has a cool vibe like a neighborhood restaurant Food was delicious and the staff was really good,
    You hit the nail on the head, its desserts are outrageously delicious.

    It’s got a ton of competition, but once the locals discover it, it’s going to be the place to eat.

  4. Anne McCoy says...

    My family and I have lived in Delray Beach for 40 years.
    We literally have eaten in every Italian restaurant from Miami Beach to Jupiter.
    Except for a small handful, all the restaurants ‘taste’ the same.
    My husband and I ate at Campi in late February and really enjoyed the food.

    It is now on our list as one of our favorites.

  5. Gary Winston says...

    My bf and I ate there a couple of weeks ago.
    Its Caesar salad, veal parmigiana and lasagna were good but we’ve had better.
    I will tell you that the best part of our meal was the bomboloni for dessert. Its was delicious.

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