Halloween candy prices surge 13% — more than double inflation in other groceries

Posted on October 31st, 2023 · Music/Events/Other

* Halloween candy prices surge 13% — more than double inflation in other grocerie

The above New York Post headline (10/30/23) says it all!

Just keeping you guys (who may have been in a coma during the past 3 years) in the loop!

You guys can read the complete New York Post article at

11 Comments to “Halloween candy prices surge 13% — more than double inflation in other groceries”

  1. Sally Rosen says...

    President Biden has wrecked the economy.

    His stupid move to stop drilling for oil caused the US economy to tank.

    I could go on and on and on, but I won’t bother.

    We got a big mess on our hands.

  2. Jack Cohen says...

    President Trump was an egotistical fool.
    That said, his policies worked.
    We will never know, but if he had been reelected Ithink that the economy would be in great shape, there would not be a war in Ukraine, Hamas would never have started a a war with Israel and we wouldn’t have a southern border that is beyond out of control.

  3. Ed Walker says...

    I can’t believe how everything costs so much today.

    Something is very wrong.

    A house here in Boca Raton that 5 years ago sold for $1,200,,000 recently sold for $$3,1 million and nothing was done over that 5 year period to update the house.

  4. Larry M says...

    Not to talk out of school, but my cousin who lives in Delray Beach 2 months ago sold her house which she bought in 2019 for $550,000 for $2,400,000 two months ago.

  5. Ira Stoll says...

    That candy that now is up 13% year over year 22-23, was also up 20% in 21-22,

  6. Ralph Immerman says...

    Absolutely amazing what happened to the US economy in 3 short years.

    The other day no bs, I took my wife out for a simple breakfast in a bagel joint in Fort Lauderdale and the bill with the tip came out to $56.00. Imagine a simple breakfast, no liquor, just omelets, coffee $56 bucks.

  7. Henry G says...

    Inflation is out of control.
    My favorite Greek joint Chris’ before COVID got $27 for its Grecian platter. It now gets $40.

    I blame BIDEN for the inflation.

    The moment he stopped oil production, the economy literally collapsed.

  8. Andy Gold says...

    Last year my NY Post 7 days a week home delivery was $20. A year later it’s now $25.

  9. Larry Diamond says...

    Not to name names, my go to pizza joint get $26 for an 18” pizza.

    And some of you guys still don’t think that inflation is running wild!

  10. Marty Nadler says...

    The US economy is in total shambles.

    All you have to do is walk into any supermarket or restaurant and you will see that its prices are up HUGE from 3 years ago.

    It’s a fact.

  11. Hank N says...

    The candy story is just the tip of the iceberg.
    Have you guys seen the current price of a box of cereal?
    Try $8. 3 years ago it was $3.25.

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