Twisted Tomato (Delray Beach)

Posted on July 31st, 2023 · American Delray Beach Italian Pizza Seafood Subs/Salads

***** Twisted Tomato, 6600 West Atlantic Avenue, Delray Beach, Florida 33446, (561) 808-8120.

Got a a real good pizza/family restaurant for you guys to check-out, Twisted Tomato in Delray Beach.

Simple tale to tell, a few weeks ago, Jeff Eats and Mrs. Jeff Eats saw a TV news story on WPTV ( about a young fireman, Jordan Thomas who had beaten cancer- but unfortunately, the battle had cost him his eyesight! The story revealed- that the fireman’s life long passion was cooking and how he and his wife had recently opened a pizza/family restaurant named Twisted Tomato in Delray Beach with Jordan serving as head-chef/ his wife as receptionist & general manager/ several family members as waiters & waitresses.

The other night, Jeff Eats and Mrs. Jeff Eats checked the joint out and I gotta tell you that its food was absolute dynamite! Inside table/booth seating, outside covered patio table seating, reasonably priced menu of appetizers/ pizzas/ pastas/ hot & cold subs/ sandwiches/ Italian entrees/ wings/ burgers/ soups/ salads/ cheesesteaks/ seafood baskets. Trust Jeff Eats on this one, everyone in your party will “find what to eat.”

Old Forge Style Pizza is the speciality of the house!

Let’s wrap Twisted Tomato up by saying, this joint is an absolute must try! The joint is open Tuesday-Thursday 11m-9pm/ Friday-Saturday 11am-10pm/ closed Sunday-Monday. And- you guys can check the WPTV ( news story that tipped-off Jeff Eats and Mrs. Jeff Eats about Twisted Tomato on YOUTUBE! Check menu/prices/info at

One final thought, for you guys who have never heard of Old Forge Style Pizza, Google! Just between us, Google worked for me!

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  1. Rose Ettinger says...


    My husband and I also saw on tv and read in the local papers about Twisted Tomato’s owner. We tried the restaurant three weeks ago and really enjoyed the experience. As you mentioned, husband is in the kitchen, wife at the front and other relatives working as waiters etc.

    The Old Forge Pizza that we started with was delicious. Like you and others we were unfamiliar with this type of pizza. We also ordered chicken parm and a baked salmon stuffed with crabmeat that were also delicious.

    We highly recommend that your readers try this restaurant. They won’t be disappointed.

  2. Gloria DeMarco says...

    I saw the tv segment that you mentioned when it first aired. My bf and I ate there a few weeks later and loved the food. The night we were there they had a guitar player outside singing. The restaurant was very busy and during our meal we noticed that almost every table ordered the Old Forge Pizza. We had the red pizza and it was delicious. The pizza is sort of like a Sicilian pie but the crust is more like a piece of white bread. You have to try it, to understand the difference. We also had a Cheesesteak and it was really good.

    We loved the restaurant and we will definitely be back many times.

  3. Lo Lo says...

    Ate there last week.
    Loved the food and the family that owns/runs the joint.
    Had the white pizza and Chicken parm. Both were delicious.

    • Anna Herzog says...

      Last night, a friend of mine had a few people over for a casual dinner. She had takeout from Twisted Tomato. Her order include pizzas, pastas. subs, salads. The gusts including me brought wine anD desserts.

      Since we are talking here about Twisted Tomato, everything that it prepared was terrific. The real standout dish for me was the the red sauce Old Forge Style Pizza.

      By the way, the wines and desserts all came from The Boys Farmers Market in Delray. Terrific selection, priced right and ALL WERE DELICIOUS.

  4. Brian Samuels (Delray Beach, Florida) says...

    Took out a 12 cut red sauce pizza topped with pepperoni last week and it was fabulous.

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