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Wendy’s BOGO $1 deal

* Wendy’s BOGO $1 deal.

Just heard about this “deal”…If it works for you…Don’t say I never did anything for you!

You guys can check the “deals’” details out at


Love is in the Pair
Your tongue has been searching for the one. And now it can find the two for just a dollar more, because love is in the pair. Introduce your tastebuds to Wendy’s Bogo $1 deal.

Find your pair by getting a Dave’s Single, Spicy Chicken sandwich, 10pc Nuggs or Medium Frosty, and double date with another one for just $1 more. You’ll love it, your tongue will love it, and your wallet will too.

So come to Wendy’s and fall in love with our BOGO $1 deal.

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