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Posted on May 1st, 2023 · American Boca Raton Breakfast

Skillets Boca, 7036 West Palmetto Park Road, Boca Raton, Florida 33433, (561) 931-2883.

Real simple tale to tell, this past Saturday morning Jeff Eats and a couple of old friends ate breakfast at Skillets- a breakfast/lunch American diner in Boca Raton and I gotta tell you guys- this joint won’t be seeing Jeff Eats again!

Let me set the stage for you guys…breakfast/lunch diner open 7 days a week 7am-2:30pm, inside counter and table seating/ handful of outside tables, hillbilly wood decor, large breakfast-lunch egg/ pancake/ waffle/ soup/ salad/ wrap/ sandwich (think IHOP and you’ll be on the right page!) menu, very pleasant service! Just so you know, Skillets currently has 16 Florida joints!

Long Story short, our order consisted of:

1 Western Omelet ($13.50) (Jeff Eats’ order)
2 Corned Beef Hash Skillets ($29.90) (Couple Of Old Friends’ orders)
2 Regular Coffees ($6.50)
Total With Tax ($53.41)
Total With Tax & Tip ($64)

Straight up I am telling you guys that the western omelet that was delivered to me- ranks right up there with the worst western omelets I have ever eaten! Picture if you can, a virtually colorless super thin flat omelet witch had absolutely no taste whatsoever! It was so bad, that after two bites, I was done! Now I’m no expert on facial expressions, but when the waitress came to clear the table, the look on her face (at least to me) as she took my plate away was saying WTF? Now as for Jeff Eats’ couple of old friends, let’s just say that I didn’t hear any rave reviews from them while they were eating nor after we had left Skillets! We all agreed that for 64 bucks- we could have done much better price and eating wise at most of the tons of other American breakfast-lunch joints that dot the Boca Raton landscape!

Let me wrap Skillets up by saying- what I like you may hate and vice versa…

You can check menu/prices/locations/info at

14 Comments to “Skillets (Boca Raton)”

  1. ITZLER says...

    If you are into chain breakfast lunch joints, IHOP, PERKINS, FIRST WATCH, ANOTHER BROKEN EGG are much better.

    Stick with Florida’s local bagel joints. Better food. Better prices.

  2. Mark Cutler says...

    Skillets is a joke.
    Ive eaten in the Boca location and you’ve pegged its food right on the money.
    The joint looks good and the staff tries hard but the food is lousy.

    Denny’s is better and its food is horrendous.

  3. My family has not eaten at the Skillets in Boca Raton. We have eaten in the Skillets in Naples.
    Short and simple, its food is overpriced and not very good.
    How Skillets has so many locations is beyond me.

  4. Mediocre overpriced food.

    Decor is pretty cool. Service is decent.

  5. Jack Lesser says...

    Funny that you should mention that you ordered a western. Last week I ordered the same omelet with jack cheddar cheese and after one bite I told the waitress that it was terrible and I ordered just some scrambled eggs with bacon. The western I got was literally as flat as a pancake, had a few colored dots of food on its top and had absolutely no taste. I am wondering if they saved my reject and then served it to you.

    I work in the shopping center where Skillets is. That’s how I ended up there for a quick early lunch.

    That’s it for me.

  6. MARY FRANK says...

    IHOP dressed up as a country western joint.

    Food is passable.
    Prices were high.
    Staff very personable and pleasant.

  7. I’v eaten at Skillets locations a handful of times.

    Ok but nothing great.

  8. Frank Esposito says...

    Menu is WAY to big for a breakfast place, stick to the basics. Corned beef hash is garbage. It’s like pulled pork in vomit. How do you screw up breakfast this bad? Biscuit is as hard as a rock. Potatoes are flavorless. EVERYTHING needs seasoning. I get this place is a chain but you guys might as well close now. Bad location and below mediocre food. You guys might as well close now. There are tons of better breakfast locations in Boca Raton.

  9. Lorraine D says...

    My bf and I have eaten in the Boca as well as other Skillets locations and always found the food to be good, same for the service.

  10. SELTZER says...

    It’s better than Denny’s but not by much.

  11. Gene Romano says...

    I ate in Boca location which is a lousy l spot.
    I know where they are opening in Delray Beach, another lousy spot.

    Based on the food and prices they are charging, I’ll bet that neither restaurant is around for too long.

  12. Ben Jordan says...

    Skillets’ owners got it all wrong.

    The trick to IHOP’s success is to serve good food at reasonable prices.

    Serving just average at best food at ridiculously high prices spells failure.

  13. JOEL G says...

    I tried Skillets a couple of weeks ago with my wife and we both thought that it was serving overpriced garbage. There are so many terrific bagel joints in Boca Raton that I can’t see how Skillets will survive here.

  14. KLEINMAN says...

    I have eaten breakfast 2xx at Skillets in Boca Raton.
    It’s food is ok, buy nothing amazing.
    As others have mentioned, it’s sort of like IHOP.
    My barbershop where I’ve been going for 25 years is right across from Skillets so I know the center pretty good. The location isn’t great as it’s lost in the center where no one can see it.

    For sure there are better joints in Boca for breakfast/lunch.

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